Philip Rosedale, creator of second life, on the metauniverse

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philip rosedale creator second life

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Philip Rosedale He is one of the few people in the world who can really be called the pioneer of the meta universe . He founded. " Second life " company , This can be said to be the closest thing we have to the metauniverse first described in science fiction : A three-dimensional world built by users , Residents play a custom avatar , Socialize , And run a real business . It has gone through nearly two decades , There is no direct competition , But all of a sudden , It feels like even the pigeons in Silicon Valley are selling metauniverse The creator economy ......

Rosedale Humorously accepted the prosperity of the meta universe ( Or foam ), But as you expected , His understanding of blockchain preachers and reshaping Facebook( Now it is "Meta") Skeptical of all the answers to the questions he has been thinking about for decades .

What I didn't expect ,Rosedale Some of my concerns are so serious . He is an entrepreneur --" Second life " But he is more like a scholar who spends a lot of time daydreaming , So when he said blockchain economy and mark - Zuckerberg's metauniverse can only lead to the decline of mankind , I believe he's not just looking for publicity .( His twitter account is full of things like " If a virtual world has no entropy , It cannot contain life " Ideas like that ).

The good news is ,Rosedale I don't think the end of the world of blockchain and metauniverse will come .Linden Executive chairman of the laboratory Bradford Oberwager Is a snack food entrepreneur and former investment banker , He is the more business oriented of the two , He has similar views on how to treat the meta universe , And that's not what most people in Silicon Valley do . A few weeks ago , I interviewed both of them .

Do we want a new metauniverse ?

Oberwager Think , stay 《 Second life 》 In this way 3D In the world , The primordial universe is first and foremost a social place . He said , you " play " A game , But you " live " In a metauniverse , He doesn't think a technology company can simply build a place where people want to live . Who wants to wear VR Helmets live in advertising , Or shopping in a virtual mall , It's easier to do the same thing on a normal screen ?

Oberwager say :" Residents must build a meta universe ".

Rosedale Want to know how many people in the world really want to pass 3D Avatars interact . Many children want to be here Minecraft and Roblox in . About a million people in their second life . I also pointed out VTubing The growing popularity of . however Rosedale I don't think ordinary adults are used to living in an animated avatar , This is especially true at work , There? 3D The world will only complicate tasks that do not need them .Rosedale Said he was dismissive of the issue early in his career , But in " Second life " In the existence of , He began to respect the problem .

Rosedale Recently founded company High Fidelity It was originally planned to build a new virtual world with blockchain economy -- It accepted the investment of cryptocurrency company , And launched a " Stable currency ", But then it was cancelled -- But the final choice is to focus on spatial audio , He thinks it's better than avatars created in a virtual environment " Natural dialogue " It is more important . in fact , He believes that an audio platform can be regarded as a " Meta universe ".

" If you really want to meditate on the metauniverse , Just use Discord Well ,"Rosedale say ." Well, I mean , That's the universe . That's one of its most concrete examples . I think for 3D In terms of space , Second life is the closest thing to an adult . For children , In my submission Roblox and Minecraft It's really interesting , It's worth pondering ."

Rosedale Still right 3D The world is excited , Although avatars are not really the difference between second life and Discord The biggest factor . On the list of basic elements of simulated reality ," Transferable goods " It will be higher .2004 year ,Rosedale From famous activists and law professors Lawrence Lessig I heard the word for the first time there .

"Lessig Said to me, ,' The way you want digital items to be real is to make them transferable ,' I don't know what the word means , This is totally funny ,"Rosedale say ." A transferable thing is something you can freely give to others without their approval ."

If transferable digital goods sound like NFT The same thing the sponsor is selling ,Rosedale I will agree to . He thinks that ," Second life " Created something similar to the original NFT Things that are . Virtual objects in the second life world are labeled , It says who created them , Who owns them , What's their price , And what buyers can do with them . There is no blockchain ledger recording all transactions , But it's not necessary , because " Second life " Everything in the remains there , It can be converted into US dollars .

Rosedale Very support the sale of virtual goods -- For him, , This makes the virtual world " real "-- And he thinks , The idea that people should own their digital property directly is mostly reasonable . However , He has serious concerns about the implementation of blockchain .

" Blockchain economy is very dangerous ,"Rosedale say ." They did some good things , But as a side effect of the way they are designed , In the long run , They are almost certainly fatal to humans ."

I thought Rosedale It refers to the calculation waste of blockchain accounting and the resulting environmental costs , This is a common criticism . He said , That's part of it , But he's actually talking about something more abstract . He thinks that , The problem lies in , Complete decentralization inevitably increases wealth inequality . He showed me a simulation he designed last year , Which proves " in any case , The rich are actually always richer " The theory of . He designed it after reading an article on this subject .

" What I did in the simulation was , I give 1000 Everyone 1000 A poker chip , So everyone starts with exactly the same number of poker chips , But that means a total of 100 Ten thousand poker chips ,"Rosedale say ." Now? , Let these people trade freely at random ."

These transactions are money transfers determined by the flip of a coin . If I collide with Philip in the simulation , He has 50% Give me some money , And I have 50% Give him some money .

" Most people think , If you wait a month , Everyone will still have 1000 About tokens , Because we just flip coins ,"Rosedale say ." Taylor is no smarter than Philip ; If 50% Time you get my money ,50% Time I get your money , What happens to personal wealth ? What happened was amazing , Of course, it's terrible . What happened was , There is a winner . There was a very rich man , Others have nothing ."

" Design around collapse "

Rosedale I don't really expect cryptocurrencies and NFT Become our decline -- It is more accurate to say , He did not expect this early free competition to continue . He said , Blockchain economy has not yet " The function of meeting human needs ", It seems that this is happening to us . The scene was full of fraud and robbery : for example ,6.17 Billion dollars just from NFT game Axie Infinity Stolen .

Rosedale Think of functional human life , Whether virtual or otherwise , Will be in " A middle point between perfect centralization and perfect decentralization ".

In the field of virtual real estate ,Rosedale San Francisco's famous 19 century 70 As an example, the readily available fence in the s , It shows that when the only thing people trust is money , What happens : A lot of dragging and extortion . by comparison ," Second life " Pay for their servers by renting land to users , At the same time, implement community standards and pay attention to misconduct such as fraud .Oberwager say ,Linden The laboratory also acts as " The Federal Reserve and the Treasury " Role , Make one Linden The value of a coin is equal to one dollar , Because a token based economy , The fluctuation of its value is uncoordinated . This means that the economic stability of second life depends on the stability of the American economy , But rosedning accepts this , Not willing to try " Design around collapse ".

" If you assume , such as , The United States is about to collapse , The dollar is going to disappear ', That was a very bad result ,"Rosedale say ." It will be a very difficult transition . You can say ,' You know, , Maybe if I buy the right token , I will be one of the lucky ones ,' But no one should design around this . All these Ponzi schemes , It's all based on the arrogance that everyone believes they are smarter than ordinary people , And they're not smart ."

More people are being watched

however ,Rosedale The biggest dissatisfaction is not with the decentralized team . He said , That's right Meta And Google's dissatisfaction , Their dependence on advertising is also human " Great danger ".

Zuckerberg said , The primordial universe is a " Tangible Internet , You experience , Not just looking at it ". This is right Rosedale It means that this is an Internet ,Meta And it's VR The helmet can be assumed to track facial expressions 、 heart rate 、 gait 、 posture 、 Body language and other aspects we don't even perceive , Then use this information to identify and influence us .

" Investigate people's information , Even if they are willing to give you , Then use this information to deal with them , It's definitely a threat to survival ,"Rosedale say .

" You know, ,Instagram Can let you do things ,TikTok It's addictive , Am I right? ?"Oberwager say .

" We all know , It's terrible to use behavior correction as a business model of the meta universe ."

This is another doomsday prophecy , but Rosedale and Oberwager Not the first person to think that large-scale data collection and algorithm impact are very dangerous . As report goes ,Meta The company itself is worried that it is hurting people . according to 《 Wall Street journal 》 Reports of , The company's internal research shows that ,Instagram It's bad for many teenagers , Especially girls .

stay 《 attachment 》 In a recent article in the magazine , researcher Katherine Cross take Meta The company's vision of the metauniverse is described as the ideal growth carrier of capitalism : A way to sell us useless but infinitely reproducible virtual goods , At the same time, we promote these products to each other through endless performances .

Maybe , stay Rosedale In the free market simulation of , Good intentions don't matter , But he and Oberwager Think second life is basically good , Or at least neutral , This is due to its moderate number of millions of users , Especially with 《 World of warcraft 》 And other large-scale online games or Facebook Compared with the billions of users boasted by social networks . Who has ever felt pressure to join second life ?

" I hope so 1000 ten thousand people [ In second life ] Do you ? Yes ,"Oberwager. say ." Do I want a billion people ? Of course , Do I want everyone to spend all their time here ? No , I don't think that's a good thing .