MESARI study: Polkadot ecosystem review

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mesari study polkadot ecosystem review

“ The belief in creating a parallel chain model is ,Web3 The future of will involve many different types of blockchain collaboration . Just as the current version of the Internet meets different needs , Blockchain needs to be able to provide various services . Parallel chains solve this problem .” —— Polkadot founder Gavin Wood

Key points

  • Polkadot Before 11 A parallel chain has been online

  • front 11 The parallel chain is locked in for a two-year lease 1.26 Billion DOT( Of the total supply 11%; value 21 Billion dollars )

  • Each parallel chain brings unique functions and use cases to the ecosystem

  • The next major technical task is to build a cross consensus message format (XCM)

brief introduction : Parallel chain is online

2021 year 12 month 17 Japan , Five years after the idea ,Polkadot Successfully completed multi-stage release , And released the first parallel chain . Now the parallel chain has been online , End users can finally Polkadot Trading on .

What is parallel chain ?

Parallel chains are used Polkadot Blockchain development framework Substrate Developed application specific 、 Highly customized second 1 layer . It has its own economy 、 Tokens, 、 Governance and user mechanisms , Like the traditional third 1 layer . However , With the traditional third 1 Different layers , Parallel chains are not isolated . contrary , It's connected to Polkadot Another major technical component of the relay chain .

What is a relay chain ?

The trunk link is Polkadot At the heart of . It contains all verifiers and is responsible for protecting 、 Managing and connecting parallel chains 0 Layer foundation chain . In addition to relay chain governance , Parallel chains also have sovereign governance , The following analogy will further explain . The trunk chain can support about 100 To 250 A parallel chain . The upper limit of parallel chain is mainly composed of and extension Polkadot Cross chain messaging (XCMP) Related cost drivers , And abide by the best 10:1 Verifier to parallel chain ratio to maintain decentralization and performance quality .

Analogy to the United States : The relay chain is the federal government , Parallel chains are States . The federal government protects 、 Manage and unite the States . If there is a dispute , The status of the federal government is higher than that of the state government .

Polkadot Tokens, (DOT) What's the role ?

 Polkadot Native token of DOT Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 Pay for the transaction 、 Obtain security and parallel chain slots through pledge . By 2022 year 3 month ,DOT Is the most commonly held asset in crypto funds .

Learn more about Polkadot, Please refer to our previous report Polkadot Primer One and Polkadot Primer 2:

In addition to venture capital ,Polkadot Unique architecture and Substrate Combined with flexibility , Attracted the second largest developer community . Now the parallel chain has been online and has obtained a lot of venture capital funds , The fruits of developers' labor can be used by the public . In this report , We'll go into that Polkadot Before 11 Parallel chains .

Ecosystem Overview - front 11 Parallel chains

As mentioned above , The relay chain can support estimation 100 To 250 A parallel chain . In order for the parallel chain to get the help provided by the relay chain , You must lock the maximum number of DOT To win the candle parallel chain slot auction .

Potential parallel chains are usually raised through their communities DOT, In exchange for their native tokens . Random time in candle auction , Have the most bindings DOT The parallel chain wins the slot . At the end of the lease term , Binding of credit DOT Will be returned to ( And they keep parallel chain tokens ).

after 11 The auction , Has pledged 1.26 Billion DOT( Of the total supply 11%; value 21 Billion dollars ). The first Winners ( The auction 1-5) On 2021 year 12 month 17 Join in Polkadot. The second batch of winners ( The auction 6-11) On 2022 year 3 month 11 Join in Polkadot. Each winner brings a unique Polkadot Ecosystem functions and use cases .

Please note that , Not all functions described below are active


Acala Won Polkadot The first auction of , raised 32,515,980 DOT.Acala It's a building on Polkadot Decentralized financial network on , by aUSD Stabilize the currency ecosystem and provide power .Acala Have a set to aUSD Centered financial function :

  • Acala Dollar (aUSD)

Acala Dollar (aUSD) By Honzon Stable currency generated by the agreement —— A subject Maker DAO (DAI) The mechanism of inspiration . By using the approved reserve assets ( Such as DOT、LDOT and ACA) Create excess collateralized debt positions to cast aUSD. The team plans to extend collateral to BTC、ETH And other parallel chains of native tokens .Acala With the original 9 individual Polkadot The parallel chain team and several supporting venture funds launched 2.5 $ aUSD Ecosystem Fund . By 2022 year 3 month 8 Japan , outstanding 617 Thousands of dollars .

  • Liquidity pledge (L-Token)

Acala adopt Homa The agreement has the function of current pledge . Users pledge their tokens and get L-Tokens( for example LDOT), Represents the main pledged assets plus the continuously generated pledge income .L-Token Can be used as ERC-20 And based on Substrate Token access , And can be used for Acala Of DeFi agreement .

  • Acala Swap

Acala Swap Is a constant product AMM DEX, Support ERC-20 And based on native Substrate Token of .Acala Swap A mobility orientation event is being held to celebrate its launch . Users can pay with any token Acala In exchange gas cost .

  • Acala Tokens, - ACA

Acala Tokens, (ACA) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 Transaction costs and incentives Acala Collection node .

Besides ,Acala And fintech unicorns Current、 Community operated Treasury and Acala EVM+ Partnership established , Realized EVM and Substrate Full stack composability between . By 2022 year 3 month ,Acala Have 5.28 $ TVL. You can find it here Acala The roadmap :


Moonbeam Won Polkadot The second auction of , raised 35,759,931 DOT.Moonbeam It's a compatible EVM Cross Chain Intelligent contract platform .Moonbeam Allow developers to migrate their projects with minimal or no code changes , It also provides a developer friendly environment for starting new projects :

Any parallel chain can be enabled by Parity and Moonbeam Designed front pallet to provide EVM Realization . however , have EVM The parallel chain implemented requires the user to have EVM and Substrate The private key of the account .Moonbeam Provide a unified account - The user only needs a private key (EVM Style key ) Can be with EVM and Substrate Interact . The unified account function allows users to use their accounts in Moonbeam Existing account on , And use Metamask wallet .

  • XC-20 assets

Moonbeam Introduced XC-20 Tokens , This is a new token class , Offer based on Substrate Native asset interoperability , At the same time, it allows users and developers to pass through familiar ERC-20 Interface to interact .

  • Moonbeam Tokens, - GLMR

Moonbeam Tokens, (GLMR) Is a utility and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost (80% Burned down ,20% Assigned to the Treasury on the chain )、 incentive Moonbeam Collection node , And support smart contract execution gas metering .

By 2022 year 3 month ,Moonbeam Have 1.41 $ TVL, The ecosystem continues to develop .Moonbeam Plans to support new projects through grants and bounty schemes .

Astar Network

Astar Network Won Polkadot The third auction , raised 10,333,552 DOT.Astar It's a support Web Assembly (WASM) and EVM Multi Chain Intelligent contract platform .Astar It provides a variety of solutions for developers to build smart contracts :

  • Across virtual machines (X-VM)

today , The virtual machine is disconnected and difficult to communicate , for example stay EVM Call in contract Substrate Ability to contract . In order to unify various smart contract engines ,Astar Developing cross virtual machine (X-VM).X-VM Allow smart contracts to perform calls and read stored data from different virtual machines and languages .

  • ZK Solution

Astar Has been developing zero knowledge expansion solutions . In the near future ,Astar Will implement ZK plonk Tray (plonk It is called universal ZK Snark).

  • dApp pledge

When building an application , Developers often face large costs that cannot offset revenue .dApp Pledge is a reward mechanism for smart contract developers or administrators .Astar Pledge rewards are sent to application developers based on the dynamic reward model . Final ,Astar Will 50% The pledge reward is distributed to developers .Astar There are also plans to introduce features , Allow developers to fund their projects directly from supporters .

  • Astar Tokens, - Astra

Astar Tokens, (ASTR) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost 、 incentive Astar Collection node 、dApp Pledge and tier 2 application support .

Besides ,Astar adopt TVL ArthSwap Support Polkadot maximal DEX, Recently raised by Polychain Led by 2200 Thousands of dollars , And has two Ethereum bridges . By 2022 year 3 month ,Astar Of TVL by 3.86 Billion dollars .Astar Planning and Cosmos Connect and add many additional features .

Parallel Finance

Parallel Finance Won Polkadot The fourth auction of , raised 10,751,519 DOT(79% Raise funds through parallel auction loan platform ).Parallel It's a DeFi platform , Have a set of functions :

  • Money market

Parallel The loan center provides the function of monetization and de mortgage . Users who choose to pledge can participate in leverage pledge . Leverage pledge allows users to borrow and pledge at the same time , So as to obtain double income . how ? When users pledge DOT when , They will receive a liquid derivative token xDOT. In addition to the current pledge income ,xDOT It can also be lent back to Parallel To charge a loan fee . Users can further choose to borrow xDOT To increase leverage .Parallel Finance The platform selects the node with the highest performance through the algorithm , To maximize the pledge income .

  • Auction loan platform

Auction lending platforms raise funds for potential parallel chains DOT. Contributors are encouraged to lend their money through auction loan platforms DOT, Because they're from Parallel And the expected parallel chain to get an additional bonus , And through liquid pledge derivatives cDOT Keep liquidity .cDOT Can be used for Parallel Of DeFi agreement .

  • Parallel Tokens, - PARA

Parallel tokens (PARA) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost 、 Motivate parallel collection nodes , And in the security module .

Besides ,Parallel The planned release has stable exchange function 、 Multi Chain Wallet and many additional functions AMM. By 2022 year 3 month ,Parallels Auction Loan Platform Raised 5.53 Billion dollars , occupy 22% Market share .

Clover Finance

Clover Finance Won Polkadot The fifth auction of , raised 9,752,487 DOT.Clover It's a compatible EVM Cross chain infrastructure platform , Provide developers with tools to migrate and expand their applications .Clover Have a range of products , Include :

  • General cross chain tools

Clover There are various wallets to realize , Used with Polkadot and Kusama Based on Substrate Chain 、EVM Chain and Solana Interact with applications on . Users can send messages across different networks 、 receive 、 Packaging and unpacking cross chain assets , Without having to navigate between them ( Be similar to Zapper).

  • Clover wallet

Clover Wallet It is an unmanaged Cross Chain Wallet , Can help users manage 、 track Polkadot and Kusama Based on Substrate Chain 、EVM Chain and Solana And interact with it .Clover Wallet Available on mobile devices 、 Extensions and use on the network .

  • Clover Cross chain browser

Clover Cross-Chain Explorer It is a cross chain block browser , stay Polkadot and Kusama Based on Substrate Chain 、EVM Chain and Solana Provide multi chain index on . Users can search for blocks 、 Transactions and accounts .

  • Clover Tokens, - CLV

Clover Tokens, (CLV) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost 、 incentive Clover Collection node and fund management .

Besides ,Clover Plan to release cross chain bridge 、 The cloud service API、gas Cost redistribution ( Share a certain proportion of transaction costs with developers )、 nothing gas End user experience and identity based fees , Provide lower prices for reputable users .


Efinity Won Polkadot The sixth auction of , raised 7,695,377 DOT.Efinity By Enjin Team developed NFT Private blockchain .Efinity Designed to support from any blockchain NFT:

  • Token standards

Efinity Introducing new standards for interoperable cross chain tokens . It will be based on Substrate Chain Polkadot and Kusama、ERC-20、ERC-1155、ERC-721 Compatible with other chains and their standards . The token standard supports alternative tokens 、 Irreplaceable tokens and groupings NFT.

  • Fuel Tanks

Fuel Tanks For transaction costs . Developers will EFI Into their fuel tanks , To subsidize their users / Player costs .

  • Independent account

Discrete Accounts No need for new users to have encrypted wallets , It's easy to get started . Items on the chain can be placed in the wallet controlled by the developer , Players can pick it up later when they are ready .

  • market

Efinity and Enjin We are developing a project called The new NFT market , Plans to 3 Closed test in January It's a cross chain NFT market , adopt Efinity Provide novel price discovery mechanism .

  • Efinity Tokens, - EFI

Efinity Tokens, (EFI) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost 、 Promote liquidity 、 Reward network participants 、 Funding fuel tanks and increasing Enjin Of JumpNet EVM Trading restrictions on the chain .

Besides ,Efinity New user-friendly features will be introduced and utilized Enjin Existing infrastructure .100 Several projects are dedicated to Efinity and Enjin Build apps and games on .

Composable Finance

Composable Finance Won Polkadot The seventh auction of , raised 6,075,487 DOT.Composable It is designed for cross chain interoperability DeFi Infrastructure platform .Composable A comprehensive stack technology is being built :

  • Cross chain virtual machine (X-VM)

Cross chain virtual machine (XCVM) It's a virtual machine , Provide an environment for developers to run cross chain smart contract functions .XCVM Through its innovation, the availability layer will Substrate Connect to other networks . It uses the routing layer to determine the best route for instructions .

  • Mosaic

Mosaic It is a cross chain transfer availability layer , And EVM Compatibility chain integration , Include Ethereum、Arbitrum、Avalanche、Polygon、Fantom、Moonriver etc. .Mosaic Use multiple guarantees to ensure the delivery of transfers , Including liquidity forecasts 、 Rebalancing of liquidity vaults and communities - Running mobile robot . Developers can use Mosaic SDK Use Mosaic Build .

  • Mural

Mural utilize Mosaic Promote NFT Cross chain transfer .

  • Composable Tokens, - LAYR

Composable tokens (LAYR) Is a utility and governance token , For participation in governance 、 Transaction costs and incentives can be combined .

Besides ,Composable In the year Electric Capital The developer's report is valued for the increase in the number of developers . You can find it here Composable Road map :


Centrifuge Won Polkadot The eighth auction of , raised 5,435,161 DOT.Centrifuge Is for DeFi Bring real-world asset financing , To reduce the capital cost of small enterprises , And for DeFi Investors provide a stable source of income unrelated to the encryption market .Centrifuge Using multi pronged technology stack :

  • P2P The Internet

Centrifuge Point to point networks provide a secure way to create 、 Exchange and verify asset data between partners , And mark the asset as NFT. Asset originators can optionally share asset details with service providers , Service providers can evaluate the data and contribute the information to the foundry NFT. You can use an encrypted signature to verify the data source .

  • Tinlake

Tinlake It's an application , Act as an open market for real-world assets . Enterprises token their financial assets into NFT, And will NFT As its Tinlake Collateral in the pool . Users can access all ore pools and invest in the ones they choose DAI. Each pool contains two parts with different risk return levels .

  • Centrifuge Tokens, - CFG

Centrifuge Tokens, (CFG) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost 、 incentive Centrifuge Collect nodes and reward network participants .

Besides ,Centrifuge Leverage existing legal and business frameworks to safely finance real-world assets . By 2022 year 3 month ,Centrifuge Of TVL by 7600 Thousands of dollars .


HydraDX Won Polkadot The ninth auction of , raised 2,462,543 DOT.HydraDX It is a cross chain liquidity agreement , Reduce liquidity fragmentation by accommodating many encrypted assets into one trading pool .

  • Omnipool

HydraDX Omnipool It is a working capital pool that serves all assets .Omnipool All transactions in are in the form of LERNA (LRNA) valuation , It means LRNA Allow assets to price each other . Available in pool LRNA Volume fluctuates relative to total liquidity - As liquidity increases ,LRNA Cast , And with the removal of liquidity ,LRNA Burned down . because Omnipool Casting LRNA To match each increase in liquidity ,LP Be able to provide liquidity for any asset they want , And incur transaction costs when purchasing these assets from the pool .

  • HydraDX Tokens, - HDX

HydraDX Tokens, (HDX) Is a practical and governance token , Used to participate in governance and stabilize LRNA value .

  • Interlay

Interlay Won Polkadot The tenth auction of , raised 2,751,954 DOT.Interlay Bring bitcoin into any blockchain .

  • InterBTC

InterBTC Is a fully secured and interoperable BTC Linked derivatives . To cast interBTC, Users put their BTC Locked in the vault . The vault can be an existing vault , It can also be BTC Vault created by owner operation . All vaults are over mortgaged with specific assets . If there is malicious activity in the vault , The excess mortgaged assets will act as insurance . If malicious activity does occur ,BTC Depositors will repay with reduced collateral at a premium . The first vault will use DOT Mortgage .

InterBTC It is a decentralized and trust free environment BTC Linked derivatives . Anyone can be InterBTC( De centralization ) The vault in , The vault cannot prevent users from casting InterBTC( Anti censorship ), The vault locks collateral into different assets ( Capital efficiency ), If BTC Lost or stolen , Users will receive collateral to repay at a preferential interest rate ( Distrust ).

  • Interlay Tokens, - INTR

Interlay Tokens, (INTR) Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 Transaction costs and incentives Interlay Collection node . The team plans to INTR Tightly integrated into interBTC in , To achieve advanced functions 、 Better rates and higher insurance coverage .

Besides ,Interlay Plans to add new vault collateral and work with, including Ethereum 、Cosmos and Solana Other blockchain connections including .Interlay Our goal is to become a decentralized bitcoin bank , Enable the vault to reuse managed BTC And deposit collateral for structured financial products .


Nodle Won Polkadot The eleventh auction of , raised 2,475,528 DOT.Nodle It's a decentralized wireless network , Provide security for Internet of things devices 、 Low cost connectivity and data mobility .Nodle The network uses low-power Bluetooth through millions of smartphones and routers (BLE), Enable enterprises and smart cities to connect IOT devices to the Internet at low cost , While maintaining privacy and security .

  • Nodle Cash App

Nodle Cash App It's a mobile app , Enable users to connect to Nodle The Internet , Citizen network . After downloading the application , Users must turn on Bluetooth and location services in mobile phone settings .Nodle Cash The application will detect sensors and smart devices and connect them anonymously . For the services provided , Application users will receive Nodle Cash, Also known as NODL Tokens, .

  • Nodle Tokens, - NODL

Nodle Tokens, (NODL), Also known as Nodle Cash, Is a practical and governance token , For participation in governance 、 transaction cost 、 Reward Nodle Network participants and incentives Nodle Collection node .NODL Every six seconds Nodle Participants in the network .

Besides ,Nodle Network Every day 500 Million active smartphones and 3000 Ten thousand units IoT The equipment is in... Every day 100 Several countries / Regional transmission is about 100 GB The data of .


Looking forward to the future ,Polkadot Plan in 2023 year 2 Months ago 30 A new slot machine auction ( Total number reached 41 Time ). so to speak , The most important technical task of this time will be to build Polkadot Cross consensus message format (XCM). today , Light client version HRMP is Kusama Test on .Polkadot The core purpose of the value proposition is to ensure successful launch XCM To achieve smooth cross parallel chain communication .Polkadot Will continue to build its unique modular architecture , And in 2022 Vigorously promote market share in and after .

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