The future of Web 3.0

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“ Because rarity is precious , And water is the cheapest , But the best .”

—— Plato ,《 Oside moss 》

30 Many years ago , The first web page was created at CERN , from Tim Berners-Lee Jazz and other scientists imagine building .

Their imagination of it at that time : The network should be an open standard system for everyone .Web 2.0 Transition the Internet from information sharing to the era of social media , Allow users to create 、 Sharing and collaboration , Without web design or technical skills .

Review the network iterations so far . stay Web 3.0 in , Everything is related to expensive business services and e-commerce , Only the strong survive . As in the simulation age , Information still flows from one to many .

stay Web 2.0 Time , stay Web It becomes very easy and cheap to create services on , Social networks are also taking off . The blog is Web 2.0 The first iteration of ,Twitter It's the first new social network .

Web3.0 Not going anywhere , This is the future

But now the online world is no longer through PC View a series of files on the server . It is a series of devices and objects . For us ,“ On-line ” From time to time, the brown package falls on the Amazon doormat 、iPod......., But stored there for a lifetime CD Collection 、Kindle wait .

And about the Web 3.0 What will it be , There is a lot of research about the future . There is a view that ,Web 3.0 Is a device driven version , instead of PC/ Browser driven Web 2.0 edition —— In this version , The ability to set up a business fence around information will eventually become socially acceptable users , Because they can no longer get what they want for free , You need to pay to get .

Web 3.0 A more radical vision is tim · berners · Li (Tim Berners Lee) Of “ Semantic Web ” idea , Computers can get so much meaning from existing information , So that they can begin to represent human interaction . This will be a seamless information network , Both social construction and mechanical classification .

Of course , This is also described as the meta universe 1.0—— A world where information and human life begin to interact seamlessly through devices . James · Cameron's films 《 "Avatar" 》 Captured this vision .


When considering ICT in a changing society , Of course, we must also ask —— From what point of view ?

Web 3.0, One is no longer limited to browsers or even Network to screen —— It's a multi device , Network in the world of multi-channel and multi-directional information throughput , Involving sensors and many other devices we've never seen before . The change represented by this is huge .

Web 3.0 Of Google , You will have to pay

Web 3.0 It's a network , among ICT Obviously around us , Our message , Our needs and real-time information : Some people began to call it “ flow "” Network of . We want to think about this latest trend ,Web 3.0, And make a suggestion about what it might mean , And the point of view that you may need to understand .

The Internet —— It is usually described as big data —— take Web 3.0 Defined as “ Integrate into or enhance large-scale systems Web The semantics of the application Web technology ”.

This is different from what we think is right Web 3.0 The definition of the Internet of things is very different . Many others echo this broad technical focus in their understanding of phenomenology . And Web 2.0 equally , In addition to using social network theory , Most papers dealing with this phenomenon rarely use any real theoretical perspective to approach it .

by comparison , stay ( smaller ) In the second category ,Fuchs Others focus on socio political consequences , take Web 3.0 It's called a cooperative network —— It can be said to be the same as Web 2.0 As a description of the read-write network, it doesn't make much difference . For many of them and other authors ,Web2.0 It is widely regarded as a kind of “ The cultural structure deeply influenced by business rhetoric ”, And Web 3.0 Will be roughly the same .

In the third category ( Even smaller ) in , Some people seem to agree “ A new online environment ” The definition of , It will integrate user generated data to create new meaning . And Web 2.0 comparison ,Web 2.0 It is understood to be based on user participation , and Web 3.0 Will be based on user collaboration .

FAANG The bosses have to adopt some Web3 technology

But they still criticized “ Such as Web 1.0 Concepts like that ,2.0 and 3.0 It can become a feasible and successful theoretical model of social analysis ”, In fact, they are “ Cultural structure ”.

Of course , There is also a group of people who are right Web 3.0 The conceptual view is , This is a useful distinction class , Just like the distinction between agricultural economy and industrial economy , Although now it's always a mixture of the two , And in terms of the Internet , This difference is more social than technical .

This cultural structure , Despite their historical and theoretical contingency —— And the particularity of the region —— In the end, it is our only window , To ignore them is to deny all theories .

Yes “Web Understanding of development ”, Social and technological trends that tend to develop linearly to coexist , There's a problem . The new of political economics and neoliberalism Web Application discourse cannot be expected to disappear , The logic of capitalism in the Internet age is indeed fast-paced , And with a huge population .

Culture 、 Background and business ——Web3.0 The era re examines the trinity of brand growth

Yes ,Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 The concept of is usually accompanied by the assumption of user practice :Web 2.0 It is considered to involve users in , and Web 3.0 It is considered to trigger user cooperation .

The use of technology is related to innovation and systems , And how what we have is involved and integrated into our daily activities .

#uksnow event

In the eyes of many people ,Web 3.0 Much more complex than many articles have envisaged so far . A few years ago #uksnow Event as an example .

Opinion leader Paul · Clark brooded on his blog all through the cold morning , He conceived of the natural phenomenon of snow in England “#uksnow” Applications , such , What happens to crowdsourcing data . In a few hours , Sharp programmers and opinion observers BenMarsh Created Twitter-GoogleMaps Code required for mashup ,#uksnow Available to the blogosphere .

Aggregate sites that comment on blogs , And in Twitter Highlight on “ trend ” The theme , Found the existence of this mix and match , also , Just like the blogosphere , Popularity contributes to popularity growth .

according to Ben Marsh The instructions on the website , Thousands of people use microblogging sites Twitter, Posted two simple messages on twitter : The first three to four digits of their current position after the UK code , A rough measure of how heavy the snow is and where it is , As a fifth mark , for example “BL7 2/5”.

#uksnow Map program , Here it is APP The content on can be shared on twitter , With labels

People to #uksnow Provides this information , stay Twitter On “ label ”( for example , They tweeted “#uksnow BL7 2/5”). These tweets , They are released nationwide , Created the so-called Twitter flow . In this way, streams can be captured using simple search tools , And can be Web Application display or for other purposes .

Stream from remote collection #uksnow The tag provides data , Put one of the five pictures of snowflakes of different sizes in... In the UK GoogleMap On , Thus in Created a real-time snow map of the UK .

Obviously , People stand outside to take pictures of snow because they follow the trend , And use their mobile Internet devices to provide the required tweets . It's easy to learn from Twitpic Inferred from the popularity of photos , The short URLs of these photos are accompanied by location and snow data in tweets .

By the end of the first day , Microsoft has created a cloning program . As the snow continues , The application survived for a few more days , But in the beginning 36 Within hours , The application gets a lot of tweets and user access .

Casual photos of snow , Tweets on twitter 《 Snowy Newbury ️5/10 #uksnow》

at that time , The baseball world series is held simultaneously in the United States , But then Twitter In terms of flow , Because Twitter is about ( and #uksnow) Briefly eclipsed by the number of people .

This #uksnow Events are a good example , We describe it here as Web 3.0.

Borrowing and extending Orlikowski Scaffold concept , Physical infrastructure can easily be identified as mobile Internet , Including the mobile device itself supporting the Internet , A signal pole that broadcasts and receives signals in each cell , And server clusters that host and route millions of digital files involved .

The technical support is similar to the snow cloud meteorological support passing through the British Isles , Precipitation varies according to atmospheric conditions and topographic elevation . This combination is the cultural phenomenon of social networks , And use minimum truncation (140 Characters ) Version of (160 Characters ) Short message service standard microblogging Technology , The political situation of salt scarcity , The media obsessed with disasters and the ancient British fascination with the weather .

The resulting “ Mashup ” In a narrow sense, it is based on Web Applications for , In a broad sense, as a specific event in different situations , Represents a way to benefit from Orlikowski The understanding of social material .

come from Netflix Of “ Social dilemmas ” A still picture of

Try to understand and explain this phenomenon from the perspective of technology center or pure human center , Will miss this interrelated aspect of modern life .

Besides , send #uksnow The scaffolding that became possible shows how emerging cultures and social practices are combined , Not only for the weather , And the new inherent possibilities in the scaffold of mobile Internet technology and the potential of microblog .

Once the snow melts , The show is over , Will be forgotten and discarded . It also represents a range of extremely flexible potential effects of the technology involved and its cultural obsession that it directly caters to .

Post structuralist thought

In the past , Before the World Wide Web , The computing system is small 、 discrete 、 Short and controllable .

Since the advent of information and communication technology , With Web 1.0、Web 2.0 And now, Web3.0 Appearance , The important thing is to ask : our “ System ” Whether the concept is broad enough ?

The core philosophical meaning of this re imagination of the system implied by the insight of complexity is , As we thought in the past , Security of the system 、 Clear integrity and boundaries begin to disappear .

Web 3.0 Promises a decentralized and more interconnected cyberspace

In addition to the simple computing information system commonly discussed in some literature , Expanded our understanding of the system ,20 One of the core ideas of structuralism in the th century is : stay 19 Century and before , We focus on those things .

in fact ,“ System ” The broad concept of is not the center , It is determined by the system itself

1960 The thought of post structuralism in the s and after further reveals that this structure itself is often not even “ Systematic ”: In the context of social history , Open systems are self-organizing and self determining , And it's constantly changing , So that any system definition once proposed becomes redundant .

Of course , Most IT experts are familiar with the most basic of the system 、 The traditional definition is , It consists of a boundary 、 An integrated whole of internal and external . Information systems can also be defined as individuals and organizations used to create 、 An integrated system of hardware and software that collects and processes data .

However , As interpretative researchers will immediately put it , Information systems are not only used by people and organizations , And the system may be considered to include those people and organizations , In the complex interrelationship between change and constraints , therefore , The system has internal functions , The concept of an integrated whole of external and boundary is itself being challenged by these new complex understandings .

Cryptopanties art / The creation of fashion works aims to bridge the gap between the physical world and the digital world

We think ,Web 3.0 It is a model of these practical complex systems , It is also the paradigm of philosophical transformation needed to understand them .

for example , In order to understand —— Like the first kind of critic ( As explained by Hendler )Web 3.0 The essence of most of what happened in , As a traditional “ The information system ”, such as , Just like using soil science —— Although it is useful and accurate for studying the soil itself —— Trying to understand the whole agriculture .

This method is to ignore all the rich additional materials , For example, different kinds and grades of seeds , The attention of animals and birds , Changes in the weather and various machines put into use to manage the soil .

Besides , This approach does not even begin to consider the use of these machines by human agricultural communities and agricultural economies , The whole history of procurement and planting 、 Culture 、 Regional and transnational complexity .

therefore , Just as soil scientists have to work with seed scientists , Irrigation technicians work with agricultural equipment manufacturers , Finally, cooperation with farmers is the same , The farmer must work with the seed wholesaler and him / Her product market is unpredictable , So information technology experts must understand , Conceived as “ System ” Among information technology experts , It's actually much more complicated , It's also more accidental .

Flying Fish Club :“ The world's first and only private catering Club , Membership is on the blockchain as NFT Buy ”

Theoretical tools must be developed , Not just ICT (ICT) As open , And in short , Think of it as complex System , And not only in the sense of incorporating a series of human factors and other factors , Not information technology itself , But in the sense of duration .

In short , Classified as Web 3.0 Of all the things , Most of what happens is emerging , As used by complexity theorists such as Kaufman , For them , A complex whole can expel collective attributes , That is, it is legal in itself “ Emergence ” features .

therefore ,Web 3.0 The road is not smooth and bright . From the concept of distributed ledger , Blockchain technology is stepping on the path of Web3.0 The planet takes its left foot , And how far is it from truly realizing a better digital future , Optimists say 5 year , The pioneers walked longer .

As one of the earliest blockchain technology enterprises in China , Has been exploring the unknown Web 3.0 Keep walking on the road , Believe in the future , Maoqiu technology can rely on powerful blockchain technology , Supporting data exchange Web3.0 Development needs , Hope to be in Web3.0 The world sees more equity 、 transparent , More convenient scenes .

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