What kind of "computing power" does the meta universe need?

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author : Our reporter Huang sheyu

recently , The primordial universe and computational power are two major “ Hot words ”. that , Is there a relationship between the primordial universe and computational power ? As an important part of building digital economy “ base ”, What role does computational force play in the world of metauniverse ?

Computational power is a new factor of production , Is the cornerstone of building a digital society . The construction of the new digital environment of the meta universe , Not only does it need computational power , And it needs the support of super computing power .

“ Without the support of computing network , The primordial universe is impossible .” Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, recently expressed this view in an interview with the media . He thinks that , The primordial universe has “ Four fusion ” Characteristics : First, the mutual integration of many information technologies , These include AI technology 、 Input / output technology and blockchain technology ; Second, the integration of virtual reality , That is, the integration of virtual space and physical space ; Third, science and technology 、 The integration of information technology and finance ; Fourth, the integration of silicon-based life and carbon based life . From the above four characteristics, it is not difficult to see , Yuancosmos puts forward very high requirements for information and communication technology and related infrastructure , Without the strong support of powerful computing power network , The meta universe is like a castle in the air .

What kind of computing power does the meta universe need ?“ The realization of metauniverse related technology depends on super computing power , Need to achieve AR/VR:3900、 Blockchain :5500、Al:16000( Company :EFLPOS)1 Level of computing power to provide continuous long-term 、 Burst short cycle intelligent service .” Liu Yunjie, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, recently held the global 6G It was pointed out at the technical conference that , Mobile metauniverse puts forward four requirements for network performance , One of the big needs is computing power .

There is a view that , The ultimate ideal form of the universe , The demand for computing resources is almost unlimited . He Baohong, director of the Institute of cloud computing and big data of China Academy of information and communications, pointed out , The meta universe has entered the era of the integration of virtual and reality 3D Internet age , The demand for computing power has increased exponentially . The relevant forecast shows , According to the idea of the meta universe , At least you need to calculate the power now 10 Of 6 Times the power .

The computational power required by the metauniverse , It can't be realized by existing technology .“ Computing power in the age of the meta universe 、 The chip of the universe , It must be based on quantum computing technology 、 Chip re fusion of Quantum Science AI Technology to build and implement .” Chen gen, a well-known science and technology writer, believes that , The development of the yuan universe still faces many challenges , There are not only technical challenges , And the energy challenge . The large-scale data and large-scale operation brought by the metauniverse , Not only does it need super computing power , More need for large-scale power .

Powerful 、 Behind computing resources , It is a strong support for power resources , There is a saying in the industry , Power is power . The yuan universe depicts the beauty of the digital world facing the future , But what cannot be avoided is , The construction of meta cosmic digital environment , Highly dependent on external energy , That is, electricity . therefore , The industry believes that the meta universe can never exist independently of the real world .

Whether the universe can succeed ? There has been a debate in the industry . however , So far , Many technology giants are actively arranging the meta universe market . Statistics display , By 2021 By the end of year , There are already 1692 The company applied for 1.14 Ten thousand yuan universe trademark . Analysis company Gartner forecast , To 2026 year , The global 30% Our business organization has products and services for the meta universe .

Where is the future of the universe , We don't know , But there is no doubt that the era of computing power is coming . today , Whether it's the meta universe , Or smart medicine 、 unmanned 、 Financial technology 、 Quantum computing and other technologies and applications , All need the support of computational force . so to speak , Computing power has become an important indicator to measure the development level of a country's digital economy , It will inject strong impetus into the digital transformation of all walks of life , It is a new engine driving high-quality economic and social development .

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