Check the venture capital funds investing in yuancosmic. How do they view the development of yuancosmic market?

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check venture capital funds investing

Original title :《 Who is investing in metauniverse ? We had talks with top venture capitalists 》

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lately , Some of the glory of the universe has disappeared , Elon - Musk called it just a marketing gimmick ,NFT The average price of has fallen sharply .

But the interest of big companies in the metauniverse has not diminished at all . Microsoft to 687 Billion dollars to buy the game company Activision Blizzard , And multiplayer online games 《 Fort night 》 The manufacturer of Epic Recently acquired the independent music artist community Bandcamp, This shows that it intends to further advance into online concerts and music discovery . HSBC announced plans to close 69 An entity bank branch , At the same time, on the meta cosmic platform The Sandbox Bought a piece of virtual land on , The exact amount is unknown .

meanwhile , about 70 A fashion brand , Including Estee Lauder 、 Tommy - Tommy Hilfiger 、 Dujiabanna and Forever 21 Wait for big names , Participated in another meta cosmic platform Decentraland Virtual fashion week .

obviously , Yuancosmos is still a big business , Venture capital investors , Even more general funds , Also looking for deals in this area .

Creandum The partners of the company Sabina Wizander say :「Web3 and metaverse Will continue to exist -- Not just in one industry , But in all industries .」

Although many recent big deals have been made in the United States , But European investors believe , The advent of the metauniverse is Europe regaining it in the past 15 Some lost opportunities for technological dominance in the middle of the year .

OMERS A partner in a venture capital firm Henry Gladwyn say :「 If the metauniverse is ultimately primarily game based , Then Europe will have a chance to lead , Because some of the world's leading game companies are from Europe .」

There are some professional meta universe investors in Europe , As just established this month FOV Venture capital company , And the game industry fund in Luxembourg Hiro Capital. Besides , General funds and professional deep technology investors are looking for specific transactions .Sifted Interviewed some people , To understand what they are concerned about and how they view the development of the meta universe market .

Luke Alvarez, Hiro Capital

investment :Frameplay, Dreamcraft Entertainment, Keen Games

Hiro Capital It is a veteran investment beast in Europe , Recently launched a second Fund --3 Billions of euros -- To match its in 2019 The first one launched in 1.15 A billion euro Fund .Hiro Capital Also launched a special purpose acquisition company , And hope to put the enterprise value in 4 Billion euros to 20 Billion euro universe game companies brought into the stock market .

Hiro Have a solid game pedigree . It is from Ian Livingstone Created , He is 《 Tomb Raider 》 Game publishers Eidos The former chairman of , Sometimes called " Laura's father ". Yes , It is called Hiro Capital, So Neil - Stephenson (Neal Stephenson) Of 《 An avalanche 》(Snow Crash) The name of the protagonist in , This book is in 1992 Predicted the meta universe .

Founder and partner Luke Alvarez say ,Hiro Capital 2 The first investments of the fund are expected to be announced next month . Most of the fund will be targeted at European start-ups , about 15% Used in the United States , A small part is used in other markets ( for example ,Hiro Capital Recently invested in a company called Loco Indian real-time game company ).

「 It's still in the early stages of the metauniverse , We will be in the future 20 Build it within a year 」

「 We think the part of the meta universe is AR and VR, Part is massively multiplayer , Part of it is Web3 And cryptocurrencies ,」Alvarez say . He believes there will be a future 「 Crazy hybrid overlapping metauniverse 」, Not one made by Meta Or Microsoft led metauniverse .

Alvarez Also very optimistic that European companies will get a big share in the meta universe market .

「2022 Year is and 2002 An exciting opportunity like a year , At that time, we were at the beginning of mobile Internet , This led to the Facebook And Google 、 tencent 、 The emergence of companies such as Alibaba and Baidu .」

Although European companies have clearly missed the mobile Internet era , but Alvarez Think that Europe can play a great role in the meta cosmic era .

He pointed out that , One third of the world's game content is developed in Europe , Many early metauniverses , Such as 《Minecraft》( Now owned by Microsoft , But it was originally from Sweden Mojang Created ) All developed here .Metaverse platform The Sandbox, Although now from Hong Kong Animoca Brands Have , But by the French Sebastian Borget establish .

Alvarez. say :「 There are more game developers in Europe than in the United States , And the cost of developing things here is usually low .」

Alvarez Also looking at companies from Oxford and Cambridge , These companies are developing hardware for augmented reality and virtual reality .「 We are paying attention to the development of laser holography and other ways of transmitting images to people's eyes . These will help create a super large-scale... For billions of people AR opinion , Hope to be in 10-15 Within the year .」

Alvarez It is expected that the new fund will 20%-- about 10 About a deal -- Invest in deep technology companies . This could mean investing in codeless gaming platforms , Make it easier for children to create their own games , Or advertising in the game , This will allow , for example , The role of a brand in the game T Put a sign on the shirt .

He is relaxed about the hype surrounding the meta universe , Take a long-term view of it .

Henry Gladwyn, OMERS Ventures


Omers Ventures It's a comprehensive Fund , Only recently began to consider the idea of investing in areas such as games and cryptocurrencies .

「 Games and cryptocurrencies are a journey for us ,” Partner Henry - Gladwin said .“ But the meta universe is a big trend , We must try to be part of it .」

therefore , stay 12 month ,OMERS Choose to lead 4500 Thousands of dollars in C Round of financing enters, The company makes it easy to make and share clips of unforgettable game moments .

Gladwyn Think , Metauniverse and games are the next stage of the Internet and social media .

He said :「 Many of the things the game offers are right Web2 An interesting alternative to the problems faced ,Web2 Rely on attracting a large audience on the platform , Then try to connect people through their interest groups . This sometimes leads to extremism and obsession , And it's not always the natural way people socialize .」

「 If you get one in your portfolio Roblox, It will bring you fund returns .」

Gladwyn say , He is looking for games that can really become a social experience . for example ,Medal The company is trying to build social networks for games , Clips of its shareable game moments . But the same ,OMERS May invest in game engines , Or something else related to the game .

Gladwyn say , Every metauniverse investor secretly hopes to find the next Roblox.「 If there's something in your portfolio Roblox, It will bring you high returns .」

But he worried , Veteran games rely too much on finding a hot to hype , These companies may not have long-term sustainability . Everyone's watching Roblox The performance of the .

Gladwyn say , It may be difficult for ordinary companies to enter the best metauniverse transactions . He pointed out that , Cryptocurrency terminals are particularly tricky , Because many cryptocurrency companies don't trust venture capital companies , And there are other ways of financing .

David Haynes and Petri Rajahalme, FOV Ventures

Music streaming company Soundcloud One of our founding teams David Haynes And XR Senior people in the industry Petri Rajahalme The partnership was established FOV Ventures, This is a special fund for early metauniverse startups .

This 2500 A fund of million euros will support 25-30 Yuan universe start-up company in seed stage and pre seed stage .FOV Will invest in three different types of metauniverse companies . The first is the companies that create games and experiences in the metauniverse , Including digital fashion 、 Shopping and concerts .

They are also looking at startups in the enterprise metauniverse -- Digital twins of virtual meetings or factories . The third area of investment will be to create... For the meta universe " Tools " 's start-ups : platform 、 Head portrait 、 Sound effects and background .

FOV Will not invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs-- Although these are regarded by some as an important part of the meta universe .

Sabina Wizander, Creandum  

investment :Resolution Games, Armada Interactive, Scapin

Creadum It's a comprehensive company , But it has recently decided that it needs to participate in the meta universe and Web3 The trend of . Obviously , Yuan universe and Web3 Will continue to exist here -- This is not just an industry , But across all industries .

Wizander Yes NFTs And cryptocurrency remain skeptical .「 I'm still looking for a use case that can solve practical problems ,」 She said .「 I don't want to invest in a speculative NFT project .」

However ,Creandum Indeed invested Scapin, This is a meta universe game , People can socialize with each other here . And OMERS Ventures Of Gladwyn equally ,Wizander Also regard the meta universe as the evolution of the current Internet .

「 When people are skeptical about whether we will really live in these virtual worlds , I would say -- Aren't we already doing this ? We've been playing with our phones with our heads down . But at present, our main consumption is text or video ,」 She said .

If someone had told us five years ago , We will... Every day 12 Hours sitting in a video conference , This will be the only way we do business , We won't believe it . She said :" The idea of metauniverse is just the next step in how we can spend time online in a more meaningful way .

Wizander Think , There will be multiple meta cosmic platforms -- Several large platforms and a long string of small platforms . They will need to be interoperable , People will need to be able to use their profiles and avatars on all these platforms .

Creandum Interested in virtual goods and fashion .Wizander The big question is where power will be -- Big metacosmic platforms will want to control the identity of visitors , Or will users and third-party manufacturers of virtual goods have their own identity and products ?

She said , Predicting which platforms will become the most popular platforms for users is also a gamble .

Wizander say :「 Building a consumer platform is not a science , You need something magical to get people to spend time there , And develop on this basis .」

Ziv Reichert, LocalGlobe

investment :Improbable, 100ms

LocalGlobe Partners Ziv Reichert say :「 Our belief is , There will be no single metaverse, There will be millions , Just like our website today .」

「 In my submission , Metauniverse is the transition from two-dimensional Internet to three-dimensional internet . The rudiments of this aspect are already in Roblox、Minecraft and Fortnite It appears that . It doesn't have to pass VR or AR, It can be mobile first .」

LocalGlobe Invested Improbable, This is a game engine , Trying to get thousands of people into the same game server at the same time . Such technology is the foundation of the meta universe platform -- If you can't let a large number of people enter at the same time , It's hard to hold large concerts or sports events in the virtual world .

LocalGlobe Also want to invest in various tools , Make it easier for anyone to build a 3D The world -- amount to Squarespace and Wix Work done for .Reichert Also interested in how to establish user identity in the meta universe and digital fashion .

Reichert Think , Europe's strong art ecosystem will help it dominate the meta universe . He said :「 establish 3D Persistent environments are one thing , But if they don't have any vitality , It doesn't make sense .」

Max Bautin IQ Capital funds

investment :Virti, Cauldron, Audio Analytic

Located in Cambridge IQ Capital It is a deep technical professional fund , Has invested in providing... For the company VR Trained Virti And from financial technology unicorns Thought Machine A separate immersive game studio Cauldron And other start-ups .

Bautin Yes metaverse Be vigilant about the hype ." We want to invest mainly in technologies that currently have identified needs . Now? , The meta universe proposition on the consumer side is still very unclear . However, there are clear needs in the fields of training and education using virtual and Augmented Reality Technology ," He said .

「 We invest in Virti Because it is a virtual training company , This is a wonderful space , Every company is likely to use it . Any job needs training , and VR Can significantly improve its efficiency ,」 He told Sifted.

IQ Capital We will also focus on other meta cosmic tools , for example , The technology of advertising in the meta universe .Bautin Think , Advertising is one of the main ways of monetization of the meta universe .

Anne Glover, Amadeus Capital Partners

investment :XYZ Reality, V7, PolyAI

Amadeus Capital Partners Co founder and CEO of Anne Glover And a skeptic . She thinks , And VR The surreal experience related to helmets can only attract some people .

She said :「 There is a lot of money to earn from it , But I personally don't think this form will occupy all areas of life ,」 She said .

therefore , When it comes to the meta universe ,Glover Her team is more focused on business and applications , for example XYZ Reality, This is a start-up company based in London , Architectural design to create augmented reality coverage for construction sites .Glover Also personally invested in a company to create a safety training experience for oil drilling workers VR company -- Before they have to face the danger of real things , Put them on a virtual oil well .

Amadeus Also interested in tool manufacturers , Recently invested in V7, This is a machine vision startup , Allows users to quickly tag people and objects in videos .Glover Think , As we enter a more visual Internet , There will be an increasing demand for such tools .

David Glick, Edge VC

investment :Mojo Vision, Dream Corporation. BLAST Prime Minister

Edge The company has not built itself into a meta universe investor , It is more inclined to invest in the broad definition of the creative economy .

Like many investors in the meta universe ,Edge Our focus is on tools that can build a metauniverse ,Edge The company is focusing on VR Training and education , Because it believes that more training will be carried out in a more immersive environment . for example , Surgeons will use immersive VR As part of their training , Because tactile technology has become more advanced , Can imitate living body surgery .

Edge The company has invested in something that may help achieve metaverse The hardware -- For example, intelligent contact lenses with built-in display are being developed Mojo Vision company , And London VR A place of entertainment Otherworld company .

Edge Some portfolio companies , Such as Dream Corporation.BLAST Premier and Jungle, Start by focusing on Web2 Experience , But now it is expanding to Web3, therefore Edge There, by default, become a meta universe investor .

for example ,Dream Corporation It's a virtual reality theme park , Provide a variety of virtual reality games 、 Experience 、 Food and drink . One of its sub brands Otherworld, There is a real place in London , Take you to 16 A unique VR place .

BLAST Premier Provide elite E-sports and game content to audiences all over the world , And hope to develop a more immersive version of the game , And provide creator tools , So that players can monetize their creativity .

Jungle Creations Is a social video content publisher , Recently Snap On the launch of Futur3ology, This is a social consumer brand , Because it's moving towards providing... For its followers Web3 The direction of experience .

Other European dollar investors worthy of attention

Cambridge innovation capital ( The British )-- To invest in Audio Analytic、AudioTelligence.

Octopus Ventures( The British )-- To invest in .XYZ Reality, AudioTelligence

Taavet+Sten( Estonia )-- To invest in Ready Player Me

PROfounders( The British )-- To invest in Talewind、Sidequest、Leap Motion( Now is Ultraleap Part of ).

Picus Capital( Germany )-- To invest in Invact Metaversity

Nordic Ninja ( Finland )-- To invest in Ready Player Me, DappRadar, Varjo

Presto Ventures( Czech Republic )-- To invest in Wolf 3D、Oddin、NFT Scoring

Koha Capital( Estonia )-- To invest in Ready Player Me

Foresight Group( The British )-- To invest in Kognitiv Spark

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