How to avoid risks when the official account of digital collection platform is closed or will be attacked?

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source : Yuan spacecraft

The original title :《 The official account of digital collection platform will be closed or attacked. 》

Following 3 month 29 The official account of more than ten digital collection platforms has been closed down. ,30 The red hole was exposed again on the 20th 、 Ninth space 、StarArk The official account of the platform is sealed up. , Similar to the situation the day before yesterday , The reasons for the closure are “ Complaints from users and reviewed by the platform , Failure to obtain legal permit or license , Release 、 Spreading or engaging in relevant business activities , Account has been stopped ”.

Yuan spacecraft tweeted yesterday 《 A number of digital collection platform official account is closed. 》 It has been indicated in , It's not hard to speculate , In this prompt “ Related business activities ” It refers to the digital collection transaction , in fact One Meta、Art Meta、iBox And other platforms are one of the most popular platforms with secondary market .

Today's wechat response also confirmed this speculation , Tencent wechat response media “21 Century business report ” call , According to the relevant national laws and regulations , Risk prevention of virtual currency speculation , Wechat public platform recently hyped 、 The two sale of digital collections official account and minor procedures for standardization. . Specific measures include : The official account is official account for digital collections and first class transactions. , It is required to provide the cooperation certificate with the blockchain company that has been filed and approved by the national network information office as the qualification certificate , Secondary transactions are not supported . follow-up , The platform will also pay close attention to industry trends and relevant regulations , Further improve and adjust the rules .

The amount of information in this wechat response is quite huge , Let's briefly interpret it , The following are subjective guesses :

1、 According to the relevant national laws and regulations

It shows that the large-scale closure of the platform is not a unilateral action of wechat , But there are laws to follow .

2、 Risk prevention of virtual currency speculation

Because all the platforms closed are digital collection platforms , The reason is to prevent the risk of speculation in virtual currency trading , Whether to classify digital collections into virtual currency category , If so , Will digital collections be included in the new interpretation of illegal fund-raising .

3、 Wechat public platform recently hyped 、 The two sale of digital collections official account and minor procedures for standardization.

The object involved is hype 、 The two official account and the small program for the sale of Digital Collections , This means that all official account numbers of the digital collection platform open to the two tier market are facing the risk of being shut down. , At the same time, it is not just platform official account. , Many we media involving the recommendation of digital collections have been shut down recently or due to speculation .

4、 It is required to provide the cooperation certificate with the blockchain company that has been filed and approved by the national network information office as the qualification certificate

In the future, the digital collection platform needs to provide relevant compliance information to wechat , At present, the required qualification certificates cannot be provided by most small and medium-sized platforms .

But it should be pointed out that , today Japan (30 Japan ) No official account is available for the public numbers. There is no open market or two level market. , At the same time, Beijing Hongdong Technology Co., Ltd., which belongs to Hongdong digital collection, is the top domestic blockchain enterprise Qulian technology holding company , It is not clear why the official account of the red hole number has become the object of closure. .

30 Official account for night and evening “ Hongdong Technology ” Urgent dispatch 《 Cave state | A brief parting , It's for a better encounter 》 Express ,“ Red hole number collection ” The official account of WeChat is temporarily unavailable. , Hongdong technology is actively communicating with relevant units , Please pay attention to the cave collectors , We believe that , A short parting is for a better meeting .

On recent events , Digital collection platform “ Zebra China ” For yuan spacecraft , Digital collection distribution is actually content distribution , Formal content review and publication are required . At the same time, the so-called secondary market involves asset trading , It is bound to strike hard , It is necessary to separate the financial attribute and content of assets .

In terms of compliance , Zebra China said it had obtained an online publishing license 、 Network culture business license 、 Blockchain filing and network audio-visual business license . At the same time, zebra China also has many advantages in addition to wechat ecology h5 and app Two entrances , Zebra China believes The secondary market is a typical financial asset transaction , Need strict supervision , Regulation is a good thing , In the future, there will be relevant policies to escort the development of digital culture industry .

in fact , Tencent's digital collection platform “ Psychedelic nucleus ” Recently, it has also fallen into a great storm of public opinion , First, the stone tablet related digital collection of the previous two days was accused of being non-existent 3D Collection , Not well made .

29 The collection of Luoyang Longmen has not received the collection on the 20th .

30 Japan , Phantom core forecast to be released tomorrow for UK luxury brands Burberry Related digital collections , and Burberry Had previously fallen into “ Xinjiang cotton incident ”, The notice was resisted by many Tibetan friends as soon as it was released .

In addition, the magic core made it clear in the latest collection announcement “ The phantom core platform does not provide any direct and invisible secondary trading forms , No resale is supported 、 Transfer, etc . You may not give by gift 、 To borrow 、 rent 、 Transfer or sale of magic core platform account, etc , Nor by any other means , Direct or indirect transfer / Gift digital collection .”

The announcement dashed the expectations of most nuclear investors , It also makes the magic core a real platform for collectors .

In dealing with violations , Another giant ant group's digital collection platform “ Whale probe ” Equally vigorous and resolute , Whale detective today announced a number of penalties for illegal users , This is the fourth time that detective whale has punished violations on a large scale , The specific announcement is attached at the end of the text .

Yesterday's tweet yuan spacecraft has said , Predictably enough , Wechat's supervision of digital collections is increasing . From today's wechat response , The closing tide of official account of digital collection platform is coming. , At the same time, I'm afraid there are only 12 out of 10 platforms that meet the requirements of not opening secondary transactions and can provide corresponding qualification certificates , How should the remaining platform avoid the risk of official account being shut down? , At the same time, it can maintain the popularity of the platform without the secondary market , Will be a difficult problem in front of these platforms .

It can also be predicted that , For platforms that have opened the secondary market and have done well , It is almost impossible to abandon the secondary market , If there is no way to avoid the risk of being closed down by the official account , There is a high probability that some of them will abandon the wechat ecosystem and turn to other social applications .

attach : Whale probe illegal user punishment announcement 20220330 period

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