What are the new development routes of "Yuan universe + cultural tourism"?

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new development routes yuan universe

source : Shenzhen University Zhang Zhenpeng

Cultural tourism and “ Meta universe ” combination , The upsurge is beginning to appear

Cultural tourism real estate and “ Meta universe ” linkage , Promote the high-quality development of cultural tourism industry , Bring richer humanistic experience .  This year, cultural tourism real estate and “ Meta universe ” The upsurge of integration is beginning to appear , There are many related scenic spots 、 Theme Park 、 The Art Center has explored and tried the cultural tourism meta universe .

Fengyuzhu and Shanghai Fengxian new town company plan to build Shanghai Fengxian new town yuanuniverse City reception hall ; The world's first yuan universe project with Tang Dynasty historical and cultural background jointly built by Datang never night city under Qujiang cultural tourism and Taiyi group “ Datang · Kaiyuan ” Project initiation .

Zhangjiajie set up the first yuan universe research center in China , The foothold is in the application of meta universe scene , So as to help the digital transformation of Wulingyuan District ; Disney announced “ Meta universe ” strategic , Has begun to explore how to unlock... In the Disneyland amusement park portfolio “ Meta universe ” technology ; AoYa design and blooming cultural creation jointly create the meta universe experience space of AoYa blooming Digital Art Center .

The first yuan universe theme park in China, developed by Shenzhen fairy tale father culture and Tourism Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen adventure little prince yuan universe theme park will land in Guangming town, Shenzhen ; Haichang Ocean Park and SoulApp Work together to create “ Seafloor fantasy season —— Open the young social metauniverse ” Theme activities .

Global resort in Beijing 、 Zhangjiawan 、 The Grand Canal scenic area will introduce meta universe application scenarios , We hope to help the world's largest Universal Studios industrial resources. , Combine with surrounding cultural tourism real estate , Jointly create experiential 、 Immersive business , Form a top business circle . The Beijing Urban sub center issued 《 About   Eight measures to accelerate the development of Beijing's sub center yuan universe innovation 》, It is stipulated that key enterprises newly registered and leased office space for their own use in the application innovation of meta universe , Can be obtained 50%、70%、100% Subsidy for three gears , This measure reflects the government's support and attention to metauniverse in industrial application , It also shows the important application value of the meta universe .

“ Meta universe ” The development direction of cultural tourism real estate

One of the characteristics of the primordial universe is the sense of presence , Immersive tourism is one of the new development directions of Tourism , The virtual space constructed by the meta universe 、 Multidimensional timeline and immersive experience coincide with the development direction of tourism industry in the digital era , The primordial universe will break the limits of time and space , It greatly enhances the interest and immersion of tourist scenic spots everywhere , The application of yuancosmos is expected to make the cultural tourism scene no longer a single viewing process , Tourists can use virtual technology to substitute themselves in the process of experience 、 Interact with your surroundings , Enhance the interactive depth of human landscape integration , Get a highly immersive travel experience , It is expected to break the deadlock in the development of tourism industry affected by the epidemic , Bring new growth points .

besides , Cultural and creative products are also expected to pass the form of meta universe innovation , Promote the purchase of collections to drive the development of culture and tourism .

Z Generational emotions 、 High spiritual needs , Deeply influenced by the social relations and social circle culture shaped by the development of science and Technology , Love online 、 Individualization 、 Tide play consumption . To further fit Z Generation consumption demand , Open up the market for new consumers , The development of cultural and creative products must also comply with Z Preferences of generational groups , Primordial NFT The digital collection model is expected to bring direction to the innovation of cultural and creative products , Create digital cultural and creative products , And give unique NFT, Make the product have collection value , It breaks the space occupation and completely static attribute of traditional physical products ;

At the same time, original IP Element combination AR technology , Create a virtual reality combination scene , Provide search for players 、 Punch in and adopt digital tide play IP Multiple experiences , More immersive and technological , Realize the linkage between the consumption situation of physical space and virtual space . And blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、3D Technologies such as printing enable personalized customization 、 Participatory production is possible , Consumer interaction will be enhanced , Can enhance independent creativity , Stimulate purchase attraction .

The application of yuancosmos in cultural and creative products is through creativity 、 Design 、 Experience 、 Consumption and other ways have extended the tourism industry chain , It has injected new impetus into the development of cultural tourism industry .

The new technology of the metauniverse 、 A new model 、 The new format will reconstruct the boundary and definition of cultural tourism , To integrate technology and innovation culture , Achieve content and experience empowerment , Create a new cultural tourism scene with real number Integration , Build a new integration of culture, tourism, business shopping and consumption .

some time , Due to the great inclusiveness in the field of culture and Tourism 、 Market capacity , The innovative forms and contents brought by yuancosmos to the cultural tourism industry have a wide range , In addition to the traditional cultural tourism content , It is expected that the future Art Festival 、 Music Festival 、 Exhibitions, exhibitions, etc , Will be held in the cultural tourism meta universe ; Merchants will choose to settle in the cultural tourism meta universe , Become the latest form of e-commerce ; The writer 、 game 、 Film and television company 、 Artists and cultural and creative trendsetters , Will become a content creator ; More education 、 train 、 Study tour institutions , The product will be transformed in the way of interactive narration of culture and tourism ; More virtual people will integrate into it and become the aborigines of the cultural tourism meta universe , More Than This , More unimaginable unknown forms are expected to be created in the cultural tourism meta universe , The primordial universe will bring innovative ways that continue to change and emerge , Promote the common realization of social and economic benefits of cultural tourism real estate , Promote the accelerated development of cultural, tourism and business industries .

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