Financing news | interoperability agreement layerzero completed $135 million financing with a valuation of $1 billion, led by a16, FTX and Sequoia Capital

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financing news interoperability agreement layerzero

According to foreign media 3 month 31 Reported Wednesday ,LayerZeroLabs In a round of financing with 10 A billion dollar valuation raised 1.35 Billion dollars . Sequoia Capital 、Andreessen Horowitz(a16z) and FTX Ventures Lead investment .

Nine digit financing for interoperability agreements

It seems , Some well-known supporters in the industry are betting on the cross chain and interoperable future of the blockchain world .

Under the leadership of some of the world's most famous venture capitalists ,LayerZero Labs Current 1.35 The $billion financing has reached 10 $100 million valuation . These funds will be used to promote LayerZero Labs The value proposition of , That is to improve the availability of decentralized applications on different blockchains .

LayerZero Labs CEO of Bryan Pellegrino Express :

This round of financing for LayerZero Labs And the ongoing field of interoperability . We bring together some of the best and most respected entities in the world , To achieve the same goal : Create a common messaging layer , Support all interoperability between blockchains .

LayerZero Using so-called ultralight nodes , Enables decentralized applications to connect across block chains . Developers can use LayerZero The agreement , Make their decentralized applications cross chain compatible , It is called by the team of the agreement “omnichain”.

In addition to the leader of financing ,Coinbase Ventures、PayPal Ventures、Tiger Global、UniSwap Labs And others also participated in the nine figure financing .

In Sequoia Capital's article on today's financing announcement ,Michelle Bailhe and Shaun Maguire About their company's early understanding of LayerZero The interest of , And planted the seeds to grow into the partnership announced today . They said LayerZero The interoperability problem being solved is the key issue in the field of cryptocurrency “ The Holy Grail problem ” One of .Bailhe and Maguire The interoperability of blockchain is analogized —— They explained , This is similar to if Uber or DoorDash The application can only be used in the same way as iOS or Android Integrate with other applications , So even if one is available Uber The driver was selected by a user who asked for a ride , If their phones are different , They won't be matched .

Decentralized exchange SushiSwap Co-founder of 0xMaki Recently joined LayerZero Labs.

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