Financing news | decentralized wireless network helium completed round D financing of US $200 million, led by a16z and tiger global

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financing news decentralized wireless network

According to the Decrypt 3 month 30 Reported Wednesday ,Helium Provides a unique use case for cryptocurrency tokens , As a decentralized wireless network driven by token incentive mechanism —— The scale of the platform has grown rapidly in the past year . Now? , The founders and core contributors behind the network have raised a lot of new funds to continue the construction , Although they changed the name of the platform .

today ,Helium Inc. Announce to 10 The pre investment valuation of US $100 million has been 2 $ D Round of funding , This brings the company's latest valuation to 12 Billion dollars . This round of financing is from Tiger Global and Andreessen Horowitz Of a16z Co led by the cryptocurrency Fund .

The company also announced that it would now change its name to Nova Labs, This is to help alleviate Helium Decentralized networks / project 、 The blockchain behind it 、Helium Tokens, (HNT) Confusion with the core team that started it all .

Nova Labs chief operating officer Frank Mong tell Decrypt:

Helium In fact, it belongs to everyone , We really want to change our names , To create a clear difference . We don't own this network , We are creators and founders , But we opened it up , It is important to recognize that we are tirelessly developing and maintaining this network .

As the platform name changes ,Nova Labs Have already put Helium Trademark awarded to decentralized wireless Alliance , The alliance will be renamed Helium The foundation . Decentralized wireless alliance is Helium The management organization chosen by the community behind the network , It is responsible for monitoring network improvement suggestions and other matters .

Helium By Shawn Fanning(Napster The founder of ) and Amir Haleem On 2013 Co founded in , Its original wireless network is the Internet of things such as sensors and trackers (IoT) Equipment . The user can go through Helium The miners / Nodes share their home Internet services ,Helium The miners / Nodes spread the signal miles away , And provide support for network users HNT token economy .

The network is developing rapidly , from 2021 At the beginning of the year, only 14000 The number of active nodes has exceeded by the end of this year 50 m . As of today ,Helium The network now has more than 68 Ten thousand nodes are running .

last year ,Helium Announcement and FreedomFi Co launch for smart phones 、 Design of devices such as laptops and tablets 5G The Internet . Mong tell Decrypt, With the advent of further wireless standards ,Nova Labs and Helium The community will continue to look forward , In theory, physical related work will be carried out in the future distributed network .

He said :

5G It's something we've been talking about for the past five or six years . I'm sure there will be 6G or 7G, or 10G, The development of this field is at hand , We really need to be ready for all this .

Interesting investors

Participate in D Another round of financing is Seven Seven Six(Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian A venture capital company ), And Deutsche Telekom 、GV( primary Google Ventures)、Liberty Global、NGP Capital and Goodyear Ventures( The venture capital Department of large tire manufacturers ).

Andreessen Horowitz And led Nova Labs last year 8 Of the month 1.11 Us $100 million financing , This round of financing is carried out in the form of token sales .Mong Express , by comparison , This round of D The round of financing is completely concentrated on equity , There is no token involved .

Mong Add , this 2 $billion will be used to expand... To a large extent Nova Labs The team , At present, the team has about 60 people . They are especially looking for Engineers , To help expand Helium Network infrastructure , Meet the needs of users .

He said :

We are all very happy , But also tired , We need help , Just in the long run, it's obviously a marathon , Not a sprint . Although we have the explosive power of sprint , But I really hope the whole team and ecosystem can run like a marathon . For me, , This is a decades long effort .

Goodyear Ventures It's an unexpected name on the list ,Mong Said it was because the company was interested in Helium Is interested in how technology can power sensors located in tires rather than wheels or the car itself .

Deutsche Telekom is another leader in this round of financing , As a traditional telecom giant , It is now investing in Helium Decentralization of 、 Token driven network vision . But it is not the main mobile business in the portfolio ,NGP Capital Supported by Nokia , and Liberty Global Vodafone and virgin media O2 The company behind it .

This is related to FreedomFi Own recent 950 Thousands of dollars A The round of financing echoes , Investors include Qualcomm and Samsung, heavyweights in the mobile field . To make a long story short ,Mong Think this is a positive signal , indicate Helium Communities are building together in a decentralized way .

He said :

These are good signals , Although we are on the journey of creating a highly disruptive wireless infrastructure , We are glad to see that at least some existing companies in this field are paying curious attention to us , Or with some promises .
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