Heavy news, DC Comics will sell 200000 Batman NFTs

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heavy news dc comics sell

Here comes Batman ,DC Will be sold 20 Ten thousand Batman NFT, The goal is 6000 Thousands of dollars . This is a NFT The latest heavyweight news in the field .

Wednesday , Warner Brothers 、DC Comic company and Palm NFT Studio Jointly launched a new NFT series “the Bat Cowl”, With the theme of superhero Batman .

This latest digital product will include 20 Ten thousand unique Batman NFT, Cross the cloak Crusade 83 Years of history .

4 month 26 Japan , Warner Brothers 、DC Comic company and Palm NFT Studio Express , Will be cast according to Batman's famous mask or hood 3D edition NFT, And provide corresponding benefits .

these NFT The price for 300 dollar , That means Warner Brothers and DC Comics will get 6000 $10000 revenue .

NFT It's blockchain based data , Its function is to establish the ownership of digital goods .

these “the Bat Cowl”NFT Will be created in Palm On ,Palm Is a scalable 、 Ethereum side chain solution to reduce cost and transaction energy consumption .

DC“the Bat Cowl” Official twitter pointed out that ,“ Instill fear into others , You'll become Batman . A monster who listens to the call in the dark .”

adopt “the Bat Cowl”NFT Get the bat mask , Fans can get corresponding rewards .NFT The holder of can enter a secret based on Web 3 Of DC Universe fan forum .

Besides , Fans will be able to buy the corresponding physical collection , Choose to participate in fan parties and so on .

DC Publisher and chief creative officer of comics Jim Lee Express :“ Although Batman is one of the most famous superheroes in the world , With hundreds of millions of fans , But his appearance in the past 83 Changes have taken place over the years .”

DC FanDome NFT It's a superhero souvenir made last year , Randomly distributed to active fans of the year .

“the Bat Cowl”NFT Before release , Warner Bros. released in the cinema 《 batman 》, The film grossed more than... At the box office in the United States 3.3 Billion dollars , And launched the largest peripheral series of Batman films in more than a decade for the first time .

NFT The ownership of digital assets is uniquely certified through blockchain technology , Since more than a year ago NFT Since the beginning of the heat ,NFT It has received great attention in the whole entertainment field .

Like many modern technologies , And NFT Related images are only part of a broader value proposition .

under these circumstances ,DC Comics company for the NFT The holder is offered a two-year with a number of additional benefits 、 A big gift package of functions and services .

Jim Lee Representation “ The wonderful thing about this incredible combination is , We are constantly developing Batman's iconic peripheral bat mask , And bring it into the current digital world , Make it easier for fans to own and entertain than ever before .”

“the Bat Cowl”NFT One of the important services provided is the introduction of emerging technologies , For example, the functions of augmented reality and metauniverse .

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