Element NFT market upgrade: 24h popular asset recommendation and shopping cart function online

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element nft market upgrade 24h

from Element NFT Announcement on the official website of the market

dear Element user , Thank you for Element NFT Market support as always , The following is a Element NFT Major version updates in the market , Please know .


One 、 Support multi chain NFT Hot asset transactions

Element The market is now open Ethereum、BNB Chain、Polygon Three public chain markets , At present, a total of more than 1.2 Billion +NFT assets .Element Now support 1.2 Billion +NFT View all information on the asset chain , Including the collection address , Collection name , holder , Floor price , Historical price trends, etc , And support all popular NFT A collection of online order transactions .  user


Two 、24h hot NFT Asset recommendation services

1.“24 Hours Mint Express”

 user “24 Hours Mint Express” Refer to the past 24h Inside ,Mint The largest number of addresses 、 The secondary market has the highest turnover 、FOMO The highest ranking NFT Collection .

2.“24 Hour whale movement ”

 user “24 Hour whale movement ” In the past 24h Inside , The largest number of address and purchase of giant whales NFT Collection .

3.“24 Hourly social media trends ”

 user “24 Hourly social media trends ” In the past 24h, Twitter is the most popular NFT Collection . Its twitter popularity analysis includes the number of followers of the main twitter account 、 Number of forwarding 、 Number of comments 、 Big V Variables such as followers .



3、 ... and 、2% Transaction fee

 user Element The current decline in transaction fees in the market is adjusted to 2%, before ,Element The transaction fee is 2.5%.


Four 、“ The shopping cart ” function


The shopping cart function helps users buy multiple items at the same time NFT assets . First , Select and add to your favorite NFT To the shopping cart , You can also delete some... Before payment NFT Order . Last , Check all your... Before paying NFT Whether the order is still valid ( Tips : Add... To your shopping cart NFT Not an exclusive order , Other buyers can still buy ).

The shopping cart function can save users multiple purchases NFT Of Gas fee , And quickly scan the floor price , Effectively improve the purchase efficiency of users . secondly , There are also new ways to play the shopping cart function : Spell list . If the user A And the user B Spell order to buy NFT, What it produces 1 pen Gas Fees and users A And users B The sum of transfer fees incurred between , Much smaller than the user A And users B Buy this separately NFT The two strokes produced Gas fee .

About the function update of the above products , If you have any questions , Please consult Element Official Community . As a decentralized Multi Chain NFT Asset aggregation and trading platform ,Element Provide users with NFT A literary creation 、 Discovery and trading services , Have 13 ten thousand + Community users .Element Has been aggregated based on Ethereum 、Polygon And BSC Public chained 1 Billion +NFT, Support soon Solana and Avalanche Public chain , It is currently the largest in the world NFT Asset aggregation platform .

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