Bitcoin has reached a new milestone: the 19th million has been mined

Chinese industry information station 2022-04-04 11:21:11 阅读数:854

bitcoin reached new milestone 19th

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The article points out that , Bitcoin was created as " Money with a fixed supply , No one can change ". But before the price of bitcoin really feels the impact of reaching the limit of quantity , It will be a long process .

The next event that may affect the price is the next time the block reward is halved , This will happen in a little more than two years .....

The first 1800 Ten thousand bitcoins are in 2019 Dug up in , But because the excavation efficiency will be lower and lower , The first 2100 Ten thousand bitcoins will arrive 2140 It won't be dug out until , On average, the excavation time will be increased by half every four years .


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