Bitcoin is hot, but the encryption section of US stocks has fallen endlessly

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bitcoin hot encryption section stocks

Stock investors haven't been like bitcoin traders yet , Pursue encryption related stocks with the same confidence .

Zhitong Finance APP The observed , since 1 Since hitting a six-month low at the end of the month , Bitcoin prices have soared by more than 30%, among 3 The monthly increase was 13%. meanwhile , New York Stock Exchange FactSet Global Blockchain technology index is 2022 It will still fall by about 15%, The index tracks, including Riot Blockchain(RIOT.US) and Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd.(GLXY.US) Such as, 35 Stocks that only hold cryptocurrency .

Davidson analysts Christopher Brendler Express :“ About the value of these companies and their long-term position in the market , There's a lot of debate .” He added that , The stock market ( Technology stocks in particular ) The volatility of and the prospect of raising interest rates also put pressure on the group .

Earlier this year , The price of bitcoin has increased from last year 11 The month's record high fell by about 50%, Infill mining companies have been hardest hit . So far this year ,Hut 8 Mining(HUT.US)、Voyager Digital(VYGVF.US) and Bit Digital(BTBT.US) Share prices have fallen 25% Or more ,Marathon Digital(MARA.US) Its share price fell by about 10%.

Only on Wednesday ,Stronghold Digital Mining(SDIG.US) It's down 32%, Set a new low in history , The reason is that the company's fourth quarter earnings were lower than expected ; The company also warned that ,2022 Year hash target ( An indicator of mining speed ) It has been impossible to achieve , The reason is that the operation is facing difficulties .

Sharp price fluctuations are not uncommon in the field of encryption , But the sharp decline in value , Just like the sharp fall of bitcoin at the beginning of this year , Still a headache for companies with a lot of exposure .

For miners , Any sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices will begin to compress their strong profit margins . and , Last month , The crisis in Ukraine has led to a rise in energy prices , This could push up miners' operating costs , Because miners, they need a lot of electricity to run their mining equipment .

Brendler Express :“ The rise in bitcoin prices is good for these companies , But it may not solve the problem , Unless we get a more favorable stock market environment , Because these companies need to raise a lot of money to achieve their growth goals .”

Other cryptocurrency affected stocks are seeking to profit from the depressed price of bitcoin . Despite the recent rebound , But the price of bitcoin is still about 30%. Tuesday ,MicroStrategy(MSTR.US) Declare from Silvergate Capital(SI.US) A subsidiary of obtained 2.05 US $billion loan , Plan to buy more bitcoin .

however , Those willing to ignore short-term uncertainty 、 Investors who can tolerate fluctuations , May eventually become a long-term winner .Brendler call :“ Even by today's standards , These stocks are also very cheap , But if you fast forward , Think about how much bitcoin they can use to offset their enterprise value , They're really cheap .”

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