Following the explosion of stepn, what other Web3 sports in M2e mode deserve attention?

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following explosion stepn web3 web

With the continuous surge in the number of users and token prices around the world , The main “Move to Earn”(M2E) Mode STEPN Become GameFi A dark horse in the track , And become the leader of players inside and outside the circle “ Net red punch ”, There has even been a recruitment of sports students 、 The delivery man brushes the task FOMO Behavior .

actually , As COVID-19 continues to rage around the world , People's lives 、 Work 、 Entertainment and other activities began to migrate from reality to virtual context , This includes the sports industry , except Nike、Adidas And other well-known sports brands have tested the water NFT And the meta universe , Include STEPN And other sports Web3 Project demand also began to soar . This article will take stock of what is worthy of attention in the market Web3 sport event .




STEPN It's based on Solana Both on and off Move to Earn( Earn while exercising ) Patterns and SocialFi Elemental Web3 product , The mobile version has been launched APP.STEPN Support users to own in the form of sneakers NFT, And earn tokens to earn income by walking or running outdoors in the real world . This year, 1 month ,STEPN Complete Sequoia India and Folius Ventures The led 500 US $10000 seed round financing .

According to the official disclosure ,STEPN In the first quarter of this year, through the application NFT The profits of market transaction royalties and handling fees exceeded 2600 Thousands of dollars , Gross turnover 4.46 Billion dollars . meanwhile , The team plans to use this profit to buy back and destroy tokens in the secondary market GMT. And according to Dune Analytics data display , By 4 month 2 Japan ,STEPN The total number of active users exceeds 7.8 ten thousand .



Genopets Is based on Solana A paragraph M2E NFT game , Data can be tracked and extracted from players' smartphones or wearable fitness devices , And summon their pets to explore the hidden land 、 Looking for booty 、 Make items or fight other players . The game combines Tamagotchi The breeding and evolutionary model of 、Pokemon Training and combat modes and Animal Crossing Production and collection mode of . last year 10 month ,Genopets It's done Konvoy Ventures and Pantera Capital The led 830 US $10000 seed round financing .



dotmoovs It is based on blockchain and artificial intelligence system , Video used to analyze athletes' Sports challenges , Allow athletes to realize their abilities , Earn tokens moov and NFT, Mobile applications have been launched , And added the ability to compete with legends . at present ,dotmoovs The number of twitter followers has exceeded 4.1 ten thousand .



OliveX Is a fitness metauniverse game , The main “Run forReward” and “Sweat to Win”, Players can play at home 、 Gym or outdoor exercise to get game rewards , Its subsidiaries include Zombies, Run! Games based on game engine Dustland Runner、 Game based fitness platform Dustland Rider. last year 11 month ,OliveX Announced the financing through share allotment 580 Thousands of dollars , Investors include Animoca Brands、One Football and Bombora Investment. before ,OliveX stay Android When the application starts pre registration , More than... In just three days 2 Ten thousand people registered , And IOS App coming soon .



WIRTUAL It's through user walking 、 running 、 Cycling and swimming are 4 Use the platform to earn energy from sweat , Now support Google Pay Apple App Store . When the user every time the exercise data from the fitness device (Strava、Fitbit、Garmin etc. ) Submit to WIRTUAL Application time , Will receive tokens WIRTUAL As a reward . When players register for the first time, they need to select an avatar of the character , Each avatar will have a unique NFT Wearable equipment , Including skin 、 hairstyle 、 clothing 、 Shoes and accessories , And these NFT It is divided into two parts 、 rare 、 rare 、 epic 、 Legends and myths 5 Level , It can increase the ability of users . in addition ,WIRTUAL Players are divided into 7 Level , The more tokens you have , Enjoy more privileges .



Fitmint It's a model with NFT and SocialFi Elemental India web3 Fitness app , Users only need to transfer calories from walking and running 、 distance 、 Speed 、 Time and other activity data can obtain cryptocurrency or NFT Reward . among , Users need to buy sports shoes through casting or secondary market NFT To participate in , Sneakers share 5 Types , Each type has a different rarity 、 Statistics and Utilities , And every pair of sneakers NFT Yes 4 Attributes , Will determine the token yield 、 Durability, etc . Players can pass MATIC Make a purchase , The future will support USDT、ETH etc. . As Fitmint Game tokens nativ, In addition to being the main currency for application , It can also be used for pledge and governance . at present ,Fitmint In the application stage of internal test whitelist , Open only 1000 Places .



Calo It's one that can walk 、 running 、 Jogging and other activities get exercise and tokens CALO Reward products , This year 5 Officially launched in . The game uses a dual token model ,FAT Tokens are used in games , The number is infinite ; Tokens, CALO Tokens are the main currency of the ecosystem , The number of 5 Million pieces , Can be used for trading NFT、 Participate in the challenge 、 pledge 、 Charity, etc .



Walken Is a mobile app that earns token rewards through games and exercise , By one who owns more than 5000 Ten thousand times App Store Downloads and 1000 A team with an annual revenue of $10000 . Users can get... By exercising and playing in app games Tokens, WLKN As a reward . Besides , The player's role in the game is NFT, This means that users can not only earn tokens , Created NFT It can also be found in NFT Buy and sell in the market .

among , Tokens, WLKN It is an alternative governance and pledge token , Used to enhance users' ability to Walken Adventure in the application and provide revenue and , And used in applications DeFi Token of the application . Users can only get tokens by participating in combat , Token holders can vote on the future of the project , And pledge it to obtain rewards .



SpaceXmove Is based on Solana Upper Web3 Applications , Players can buy sneakers NFT Then exercise to earn token rewards , It can also be bought, sold or rented in the application market NFT. among , Sneakers are classified as rare 、 Rare and legendary ,SpaceXmove Tokens, SXM It can be used to upgrade the grade of shoes and cast new shoes .



DEFIT It's one in Ethereum and Polygon Multi Chain cryptocurrency running on the network , Designed to provide a safe environment for the global fitness community 、 reliable 、 Fast payment , Trade in place of traditional currencies . According to the road map ,DEFIT About to promote fitness Ambassador activities 、 Athletes NFT、 Mobile application MVP2.0 Version, etc .DEFIT Our parent company is a sports technology start-up company 360Sports Its fitness products 360Wellness, The product has been in 172 A country / Regions are downloaded .



B-Cycle It's based on BSC Of Bike-to-Earn Web3 Applications , Players can use wearable devices to add bicycles to their apps NFT Convert riding data into token rewards . among ,B-Cycle Provide 2 There are bicycle options with different optimal speeds for players to choose freely according to their abilities and needs , And Bike NF It is divided into 3 A rarity level , The higher the grade, the higher the economic benefit . And tokens BCL Can be used by users to access the game 、 Upgrade and cast B-Cycle NFT, Or used for pledge, reward and governance .



StepBSC It's a walking 、 An app for running activities to earn token rewards , Players are holding NFT after , Need to complete at least 4000 Step and wallet have at least 2 Ten thousand tokens steps To get a reward .StepBSC Blockchain security audit institution has been approved CertiK to examine , Its revenue mainly comes from the collection of DEX and CEX The total amount of each transaction is 10% The tax . According to the road map ,StepBSC Will launch Step Fitness Metaverse, Support users to exercise at home and earn tokens .

From above Move to Earn In terms of products under the mode , The game on the chain is no longer just a simple cloak NFT Or the fake product of decentralized finance , And players don't have to be “ Gold beating machine ”, Instead, the game becomes more interactive with players , While passively gaining benefits, they can also exercise .



DEFY It's based on Polygon Earned NFT Mobile Games , The player ( agents ) Immerse yourself in a virtual world that connects virtual and physical worlds , A super casual password cracking game 、Learn to Earn Elements 、 Real world exploration and AR adventure . Before the game begins , Players need to buy masks to hide their identity , The official is about to release 8888 individual Genesis VPM NFT.DEFY The team is very experienced in developing position based mobile applications , Once launched District Race etc. App, Got super 70 Million users , And with Apple、adidas、Redbull and MasterCard And other brands have reached cooperation .

DEFY Our partners include Animoca Brands、OliveX、Spartan、Gamefi Ventures and PathDAO etc. , Will be in 4 month 14 Day online Alpha edition , And the public sale of tokens is about to take place .