What are the blockchain stocks? There are the following

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blockchain stocks following

lately , Blockchain has risen to China's strategic height , Be incorporated into the new infrastructure , It is listed as an important industry of digital economy in the 14th five year plan , For blockchain stocks , There are many friends around me who are paying attention to , What are the stocks of blockchain ? There are the following , Let's have a look .

 What are the stocks of blockchain

according to the understanding of , Blockchain stocks include : China Taiyue ( Stock code :300002)、 Nantian information ( Stock code :000948)、 Advanced digital communication ( Stock code :300541)、 New of Zhejiang University ( Stock code :600797)、 Guangbo Co., Ltd ( Stock code :002103)、 The new countries, ( Stock code :300130)、 Gao Weida ( Stock code :300465) etc. .

among , The plan mentioned promoting digital industrialization , For sensors 、 Quantum information 、 Network communication 、 The integrated circuit 、 Key software 、 big data 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain 、 Strategic forward-looking areas such as new materials , Give full play to the advantages of socialism 、 The advantages of the new national system 、 Large scale market advantage , Improve the basic R & D capability of digital technology .

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