Amd game console defect APU glows its second spring in Huaqing bc-250 mining machine

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amd game console defect apu


( Figure since :Bohla,via WCCFTech

As part of a family DIY Players are called “ Demon engine ” The manufacturer of , Huaqing is based on AMD Sharp dragon / Radeon The high-quality system product line of chip is well known by everyone .

In addition to personal computing / The game market , We are also often able to do business / Industrial control / Market segments such as data centers see ASRock The figure of .

But in cryptocurrency mining communities , Hua Qing's voice is still a little low-key —— Even special web pages are too lazy to hang out .


Get down to business ,Twitter Famous informant KOMACHI_ENSAKA, Just on Slovenian e-commerce website Bohla、 And several other European e-commerce websites , Found the figure of the mining machine newly built by the company .

The website lists a number of cryptocurrency mining equipment made by Huaqing , Which includes 12 individual AMD BC-250 Ore card , Quotation for 15059.13 dollar . Looking closely at BC-250 After the parameters of the ore card , Our mood , Uncontrollably excited .

It is reported that ,AMD For Sony PlayStation 5 The next generation host is OEM Ariel / Oberon System on chip (SoC), But there are many defective products left on the production line ( For example, the core part of the calculation is unqualified ).

But obviously ,AMD I don't want to waste this part of the chip , So through certain modifications , Finally let them be made in Huaqing BC-250 The second spring is shining on the mine card .


The quotation of mining machine does not include converter 、USB and NVMe And so on

Specifications , The card matches 16GB GDDR6 memory , No external auxiliary power supply is required . In addition, the miner body adopts Profi Closed chassis rack , With two-way 1200W Server power , And five 8038 Specifications of heat dissipation Fan .

Performance aspect , Running Ubuntu Linux On the system platform , It has roughly 610 Mhs Of ETH Hash computing power (±3%)、 about 245 Mhs Of RVN Hash computing power (±3%)、 as well as 610 Mhs Left and right ETC Hash computing power (± 3%).

With 610 MH/s For example , Each onboard APU What's your computing power 50 MH/s about , The daily mining income is 2 dollar . In addition, it is assumed that the cost of a single card is close to 1000 dollar , Then the investment return cycle is 440~530 Days or so .

But it should be pointed out that , The etheric fang (ETH 2.0) Or at some time this year , From the workload to prove (PoW) Turn to proof of interest (PoS) Pattern , At that time, the cryptocurrency industry is bound to usher in another round of reshuffle .

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