Grayscale: Ethereum is like the best and worst place in New York City

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grayscale ethereum best worst place

Digital asset management company gray released a report on smart contract platform , Compare Ethereum blockchain to the best and worst place in New York City .

The report compares the originator smart contract network Ethereum with Solana、Avalanche、Polkadot 、Cardano and Stellar And other newer competitive blockchains . Before the report is released , The company launched a cryptocurrency Fund , Focus on smart contract platforms other than Ethereum .

The titled “ Digital City ” In the chapter of , Grayscale analysis of Ethereum 、Avalanche and Solana. The company compares Ethereum to New York City , Point out that they all have similarities , There are problems arising from their status .

“ Ethereum is like New York City : It's huge 、 Costly , Some areas are crowded . However , It also has the richest application ecosystem , Have more than 500 Applications , The total value exceeds 1000 Billion dollars —— Higher than any other competitive network 10 More than times .”

The report added :“ Users and developers can rest assured , Due to the size of its community and the amount of capital locked in the network smart contract , Ethereum may continue to be the center of Applied Innovation and mobility . image Polygon In this way L2 The solution is comparable to the skyscrapers in New York City : It expands by building up .”

The company continues to say , Due to the focus on decentralized finance in the past two years (DeFi) Services and non homogenous tokens (NFT) The huge demand for has led to the high cost of Ethereum gas Costs and network congestion , Moving users to a competitive blockchain is like moving to a city with lower consumption .

The report said :“ As Ethereum's cost per transaction began to exceed 10 dollar ,Stellar、Algorand、Solana and Avalanche The number of daily transactions on the chain of smart contract platforms has increased strongly .”

Gray scale Solana Similar to Los Angeles , And point out that it is a “ Network with unique structure , Faster , And focus on different use cases ”, Such as Mango Markets Wait for the order book on the chain , This requires fast transaction speed and low cost to operate .

“Solana The architecture of depends on a different consensus mechanism , Give priority to speed and lower cost , But the price is more centralized —— Not through L2 Chain extension ,Solana Through fast L1 Chain running transactions . By 2022 year 3 month 15 Japan , About... Per second 2300 transaction ,” The report said .

Avalanche Compared to Chicago , Its economy is similar to New York City , But the network is small ,“ It's cheaper 、 The network is not so congested , Development is more centralized .”

Grayscale write :“ image Crabada So focus on the subnet of the game , And cooperation with Deloitte and other companies , It should be able to provide more differentiation than other applications on the chain , help Avalanche Create a unique identity , Move forward .”

Despite the comparison , But grayscale highlights the bullish use cases for the future development of smart contract platform , And especially pointed out DeFi And the emerging meta universe industry :

“ In our view ,DeFi And market opportunities for metauniverse applications , It may exceed the current of the whole digital asset market 2 Trillion dollars in market value .”

The report added that :“ The smart contract platform is DeFi And the operation layer of the metauniverse application to build and trade with it , As users accumulate native tokens to earn fees , Finally drive the value to the basic chain .”

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