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2022 year 03 month 10 Japan 20:00, Boya digital intelligence lecture hall No 12 Tencent Conference 、B Station and know almost successfully held , The title of this report is ” Privacy computing —— The ideal blockchain is the only way to enter the real economy “. This activity attracts people all over the country 3900 More than college teachers attended .

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Dr. Mo Xiaokang, director of blockchain and privacy Computing Laboratory of Beijing big data research institute, was invited as the keynote speaker of the event .

Dr. Mo Xiaokang , Director of blockchain and privacy Computing Laboratory of Beijing big data research institute , The United States Stanford University doctor of Mathematics . Worked at the National Institute of Mathematics (MSRI) Work . He has been engaged in Applied Mathematics for many years 、 Financial quantitative model and related engineering work . In recent years, it has focused on the industrial application research of blockchain and privacy computing .2020 year , He served as visiting professor of Qiu Chengtong Mathematical Science Center of Tsinghua University , Distinguished professor of Beijing yanqihu Institute of Applied Mathematics .2021 year , Director of blockchain and privacy Computing Laboratory of Beijing big data research institute . In recent years , Many times in Tsinghua University 、 Peking University, 、 University of science and technology of China teaches blockchain and privacy computing .PLONK Head of Chinese team of zero knowledge proof international joint scientific research project , The relevant algorithm optimization research has been adopted in relevant international engineering projects .

At the same time, he is also a visiting professor of Wu Wenjun Key Laboratory of mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences , International blockchain magazine Journal of Blockchain Research Member of editorial board , Chinese society of industrial and applied mathematics (CSIAM) Member of blockchain Professional Committee , Expert member of Technical Committee of Zhongguancun blockchain industry alliance , Member of academic Expert Committee of Asian blockchain Industry Research Institute .

Course content : Blockchain comes from 2008 Mid year Ben Cong (Satoshi Nakamoto) A piece of 9 Page paper . In a matter of 14 year , This spark has burned all over the world , Gathered up to 1.5-2 Trillion dollars of social wealth . Its ideal is : Through mathematical algorithms and computer programs , Completely reconstruct the trust system of human society . However , Blockchain technology also has several fatal weaknesses , So that it can't really be this big task . In order to really solve the problem of trust reconstruction in human society , Need a technology that is far more complex and difficult than blockchain : Privacy computing . Its goal is to : Transform the utopian ideal of blockchain into a real real real economic revolution . This will be 21 The most disruptive technological innovation of the century 、 Business innovation and social innovation .

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