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Release time :2021 year 9 month

Blockchain is regarded by the industry as a technology that will subvert the Internet

Change the traditional production relations 、 An innovative system to improve productivity 21 The greatest technological innovation of the century , It is also the necessary infrastructure for the exchange and circulation of network information and data assets in the future .

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In recent years , Blockchain technology through continuous exploration 、 Trial and error have formed three basic industrial consensus : firstly 、 Blockchain is naturally distributed and allied . Blockchain relies on this attribute to focus on the common transaction objectives of participants , Achieve credible transactions . second 、 Blockchain is changing the current trading mode . The original transaction mode is the mode of physical mortgage or third-party guarantee , Although this model is IT Times are good for business development , And in the DT(Data Technology) Time , The development of social economy and new generation information technology requires a more efficient and agile transaction mode , The error of the original model is increasing , Disadvantages are constantly emerging . The blockchain takes data as the core to build a trusted transaction model , Shorten the transmission chain of demand and information , Support the new needs of the development of digital economy . third 、 Blockchain focuses on the service industry , As an infrastructure of digital economy, it enables thousands of industries . The foundation of industry development is data , The original data is based on “ Data Lake ” or “ Data pool ” Can't be in the same way “ Water ” Branch and end section in industry process , Blockchain plays an important role in building a safe flow of data elements “ Data River ”, Service industry through trusted circulation , So as to realize the development goal of industry service digital economy .

DT Coming of age , It has become a consensus of all walks of life to eliminate isolated information islands , Blockchain relies on its main characteristics , tamper-proof , Traceability and programmability, etc , Through the way of equal rights and co governance of alliance nodes, a multi intermediary networking mode is gradually formed , And take blockchain technology as the core , Integrate other technologies , Such as :IOT、5G、 data network 、 Cloud computing 、 big data 、AI And quantum encryption in the future , Form an integrated, integrated and open blockchain system architecture , Around end-to-end trusted data flow , Solve the problem of data security in the traditional centralized mode 、 You can't 、 Problems you don't want to share , Accelerate the development of digital economy industry .

The new era requires that blockchain technologies and concepts match and evolve constantly , Therefore, we are well aware that blockchain still has huge development space . Tomorrow may change faster than today , We can only innovate constantly , Keep ahead , By building a fusion 、 Open blockchain infrastructure , In order to lay a solid foundation for the construction and rapid development of digital economy .

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