Mfers: atypical success story of NFT circle

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mfers atypical success story nft

Although it's hard to find out NFT The doorway behind , But I know that most successful projects always have traces to follow . such as ," Encryption aristocracy " The reason why we are willing to pay a six figure price for CryptoPunks, Because it is the creation of NFT The pioneering veteran project , It has historical collection value ; Another example , They are willing to spend more money on BAYC, Because it has expanded into a mature brand , And reached cooperation with Adidas and rolling stone . But even if you think you've been interested in all kinds of NFT The project is not strange , You probably still don't understand "mfers" The logic behind the explosion .

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And the previously mentioned hot NFT Same project ,mfers It also contains about 10,000 Pieces of ( Exactly 10,021 Pieces of )NFT works . Each work is an image of match man , Wearing headphones and a keyboard outside the picture . since 11 month 30 Since its release on the th ,mfers The transaction amount of has exceeded 9000 Ten thousand dollars , This even exceeds the box office of most Hollywood films .

If you want to start a mfer, Currently in OpenSea The cheapest one in the is also 2.69 eth, About equivalent to 9000 dollar .

NFT Buyers are mostly " Encryption aristocracy ", Their exchange rate against the US dollar at Ethereum is 40 instead of 4,000 I bought Ethereum , Maybe for them , flowers 3 It's no big deal for an Ethereum to buy a stem chart . But even considering this factor ,mfers Your success is still unusual . Need to know , Every day NFT The quantity is very large , It's full of fraud 、 Money grabbing projects , These projects try to put on the cloak of legitimacy , But in the end, most of them fall quickly , disappear from the scene . Only a few can match mfers The height reached in the past four months . at present ,mfers stay OpenSea Ranked No.. In the ranking of historical trading volume 44 name .

It's true. It's a little ridiculous .mfers It can be said that people hate NFT All elements of : A very simple painting was sold at a staggering high price . It's like the success story of crypto circle , It's just that the story may be more complicated than we think .

 project What's interesting is ,mfers Hidden behind meme Property focuses on intellectual property issues .

mfers Is to use CC0 Declarative NFT One of the project , This means that the project is entirely in the public domain , The creator does not have a series of permissions for the image , The public can use mfers. however , Even if there is no copyright , With the expansion of brand influence , Creators can still profit from it . basically , This can be seen as an experiment , The purpose is to verify whether the thorough crowdsourcing of brand building is feasible .

 project Altogether 10,021 individual mfers, There will be subtle characteristic differences between each . The picture shows NFT trading platform OpenSea Upper 10 individual mfers.( Picture source OpenSea)

The project is called Sartoshi Created by twitter Celebrity . His name blends "art" And bitcoin founder Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto) Name . The project was inspired by a project called "are ya winning son?" Of meme.

 project are ya winning son?

according to Know Your Meme Information on , It shows an old father walking into his son's room and just seeing his son playing a VR Perverse porn games . Inspired by this ,Sartoshi The man who drew a match leaned lazily against the seat , Typing the keyboard again and again , Holding a cigarette . stay mfer NFT Before the project is released ,Sartoshi On twitter mfer Head portrait .

at present , His twitter account has more than 16 Thousands of fans .

Sartoshi Tell me via twitter ," I draw myself , And do something ' real ' art , But I'm not going to make a Mona Lisa here ". just as Web3 Most people in the world , He still wants to remain anonymous ." I want to be a cool 、 A sketch style that resonates with everyone NFT, And open the copyright of works , And then everything that follows , It depends on everyone ."

from the beginning ,mfers It condenses the of the Internet meme Culture .11 month 30 On the afternoon of Sunday 4:20,mfer NFT With each 0.069 eth ($230) The price is on sale ,10,000 individual mfer Soon sold out , It also benefits from Sartoshi Huge fan base .

However , Just like NFT The normal state of the market ,mfers After a day or two in the spotlight, the scenery began to fade , The spotlight turned to the next hot project . stay 12 End of month ,mfers Trading volume slows down , Floor price ( The lowest price of hanging orders in the trading market ) Fell to 0.05 eth, Has fallen below the issue price .

Then came 1 month ,mfers Start recovery , And in 2 Monthly outbreak .NFT The project is largely based on hype , So once the momentum starts to build , Will be very strong —— Buyers flocked to , Push up the floor price to 6 eth($18,000). Like other projects ,mfers Also divided into different attributes , Make some NFT With higher rarity . A buyer even throws 80 eth In a with rare attributes mfer On , Equivalent to up to 270,000 dollar .

so far ,mfers The floor price is still 2.5-3 eth The range of floating . It means mfers Has not yet entered the blue chip NFT The ranks of . Blue chip NFT It refers to the few that can maintain the floor price greater than 10 eth Of NFT project . But that's enough to see ,mfers Has been far ahead of the market 99% The above NFT project .

 project Most of the NFT The release of the project is accompanied by hype , and Sartoshi Think mfers Have the ability to continue the anti hype route . quite a lot NFT The creator insists on how revolutionary his art is , And the simple strokes of these matchmakers make this lie clear .

" majority NFT The artistic elements of the project are actually very basic ",Sartoshi say ," But these works were bought away , And it was praised to the sky in an instant , Be like 'OMG What is this amazing work of art !' A kind of praise package . I always joke about , In fact, many works are the same as the cartoon image on the cereal box ."

Like dog money ,mfer Its own stupidity is precisely its attraction , Make it in NFT Realize the rapid spread of virus in the field , It's like being crazy on twitter meme. however ,mfers Our success is also due to its success in IP Path selection on —— This sentence is a bit of a joke when written down .Sartoshi take mfers Devolve to the public sphere , This makes it unique .

Some project parties , such as CryptoPunks Project side Larva Labs Just keep all IP And related authorities ; Other project parties , such as BAYC Project side Yuga Labs Grant only NFT The holder holds NFT The right to (Yuga Labs From last month Larva Labs Acquired CryptpPunks, And said it would expand CryptoPunks The rights of the holder , Make it and BAYC Holders have the same rights . It's equivalent to one company paying for another NFT Project IP, That's why some people favor mfers This kind of CC0 project , Because in CC0 This will never happen in the project ).

" Rather than NFT In a decentralized orbit , Rather, the trend of decentralization extends to NFT field ", Former stock analyst Giancarlo Chuax explain , He now runs an analysis NFT Of YouTube channel ." Compared with BAYC Use the centralized mechanism to control the brand ,CC0( Public domain ) The Project advocates that users decide the direction and future of the brand , Some people think this is more in line with the essence of the Internet ."

In a real concern " De centralization " In our industry ,mfers Also always stick to " De centralization " Idea . however , Once I was involved in Twitter Space in , They also admitted , This may end up in chaos .

Sartoshi Took a completely hands off approach , Look on from a distance and give recognition , Not actively involved , Don't lead .

mfers Holders are busy with brand building , Give full play to their body skills , Several people have even completed product design and development . among , A name is MasterChanX Our community administrator runs a company called MferRadio My online radio station , In others such as 《 The winner of wisdom creation 》 Surrounded by type programs , Evaluate in your own program like 3D mfers In this way mfers Derivatives projects . A name is Richard Chiu Of mfer The holder has experience performing and producing in Hollywood , He is working on a film mfer The movie . Others even pay for mfers Put it on Times Square to show .

 project One mfer The trailer of the movie

( Picture source Twitter @mfers studios)

just as Chaux said , Even though mfers Your image is cynical , But it has deeply influenced people's understanding of IP View of the .

" Some ideas broke through the ground , Even without any incentive from traditional copyright , Still growing organically and vigorously , This will be a revolutionary initiative ",Chaux say , " We've seen some pretty good cases , such as Cryptoadz、Nouns、mfers, But they're all too young . so far , This revolutionary experiment has only been carried out for a few months ."

Sartoshi I also speculate that ,NFT Technology and the public domain IP The combination of constitutes a great advantage , But he doesn't think this is mfers Core highlights of .

" You have to ask mfer What is the utility of ? Utility is that you can use it to build anything you want . Then I have to ask , A Mickey · What is the utility of manto's Rookie Card ?" He is referring to a recent photo with 520 A $10000 baseball card .

" The answer is , They are really lovely and pleasing . I guess someone praised mfers It's so cute that it explodes ."

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