Blockchain Ethereum from basic to practical hands-on tutorial - special video course

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blockchain ethereum basic practical hands-on

Ethereum of blockchain from foundation to actual combat hand-in-hand tutorial —625 People have learned
Course is an introduction to     
     This course will be designed to the development of blockchain in the past and present life , And the impact on the future development trend of the Internet . Students who have completed this course can understand Ethereum workflow , The real token of your hairstyle , Can develop completely decentralized distributed applications , Build your own blockchain .
Course benefits
     Developers who have completed this course It can directly carry out the research and development of blockchain projects
About Instructor
     Wu Hualong More instructor courses
     Individuals develop a variety of marketing tools , Crack the phone LBS, Trojan horse technology ; Open source JAVA WEB Development platform WAE, Has also been applied 10 Multiple projects ;2015 Started investing in digital currency at the end of the year ; Currently engaged in blockchain research
   The first 1 Chapter : Blockchain past and present
    1. Syllabus   8:45
    2. Learn about blockchain 01  38:18
    3. Learn about blockchain 02  38:02
   The first 2 Chapter : Ethereum client environment construction
    1.linux、windows Environment construction   45:30
   The first 3 Chapter : Ethereum cluster construction
    1. Ethereum cluster construction ( Same host )  15:28
    2. Ethereum cluster construction (2 Remote host )  7:29
   The first 4 Chapter : Private chain rinkeby Test chain The main chain releases its own token
    1. Principles and technologies related to blockchain   38:10
    2. Connect rinkeby Test the network machine to obtain the ether coin release token   47:32
    3. Connect the private chain node network to issue tokens   24:50
    4. Connect to the main network node to obtain and issue tokens   10:11
   The first 5 Chapter : Demonstrate token contract work
    1.token And contract explanation   27:30
   The first 6 Chapter :solidity Smart contract learning
    1. Development contract HelloWorld Program   26:16
    2.remix- browser IDE Development and debugging   10:24
    3.solidity Smart contract learning 01  13:12
    4.solidity Smart contract learning 02  17:40
    5.solidity Smart contract learning 03  14:56
    6. Smart contract development framework truffle-testrpc  18:45
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