Sutu yuancosmos Research Institute: Industrial yuancosmos will open the road of "gold digging" in the medium and long term

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source : Sutuyuan Space Research Institute

author : Sutuyuan Space Research Institute

2021 year , The yuan universe industry has ushered in explosive growth , Industry giants have announced their layout “ Meta universe ”, meanwhile “ Yuancosmos Entrepreneurship ” Become an important entrepreneurial direction for new entrants . As an in-depth observer of the Internet industry , Sutu yuan universe Research Institute is committed to Yuan universe academic research and industrial services . We found that , At present, the cognition of metauniverse in all walks of life is still in the initial stage of chaos .

What is the universe ? What can the metauniverse do ? For enterprises , With the help of metacosmic Technology , How to enable traditional business transformation and upgrading ? For capital , How to find advantageous projects in the good and bad meta universe entrepreneurship projects ?

《2022 Meta universe industry trend report 》 It mainly focuses on the development process and Prospect of meta universe industry 、 Industry development opportunities 、 Social influence and talent training 、 And the crisis and challenges in the early stage of development .

Report compilation team of sutuyuan Space Research Institute , Combine the meta universe development theory with the actual development of the industry , An in-depth interpretation of the situation of the development of meta universe industry , And feel the pulse for the future development trend of yuancosmic industry , Xiang yuancosmic enterprise executives 、 Domain expert 、 Investors and other readers provide professional references .

We hope that through the report , Deeply tap the excellent enterprises and new business paradigm of the meta universe track 、 Promote the industry to eliminate the false and preserve the true ; Provide opportunities for the upstream and downstream resource links of the meta universe , Grow together with China's yuan universe industry .

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