Look at NFT and metauniverse rationally, which is the foundation of scientific and technological progress

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look nft metauniverse rationally foundation

After hyping blockchain, change to a new concept , Hype the universe NFT. Blockchain based NFT Is the product safe ? I've always said , In the age of the Internet , The so-called information security is a false proposition , There is no absolute security . Including blockchain and NFT , , These security are essentially , It's just a step further than the current security technology .

Recently, Jay Chou held NFT Stolen , Not only stolen , And it was quickly resold .4 month 1 Jay Chou was in Instagram On file , The boring ape it holds BAYC#3738 NFT Stolen , Suspected of being attacked by fishing . This NFT stay 2022 year 1 The month was presented to Jay Chou by Huang Licheng . According to the Opensea And Etherscan data display , this NFT After the theft , Soon 111ETH、130ETH、155ETH The price of many transactions . at present ,1ETH The value of is about 2 RMB 10,000 yuan , Jay Chou was stolen NFT Worth more than 300 More than ten thousand yuan .

therefore , Whether it's blockchain , still NFT, Or the current hot meta universe . It's a good thing that we keep a passion for new technology , But we also need to be vigilant , Do not blindly participate in speculation . Especially the meta universe , No one knows what the future will look like today , There are so many companies , In particular, listed companies began to advocate the layout of the meta universe . And these advocacy companies , At present, there is no company that is the research and development of the underlying industrial chain , Are some surface application companies , For example, aofei data 、 Huike education and other companies .

Perhaps stock prices need to rely on speculation , Perhaps it is precisely because our majority of investors are not mature enough , It's easier to be influenced by the concept of these companies . And really want to develop the meta universe , What is needed is a rational attitude . From the perspective of scientific and Technological Development , Promote the progress of science and technology through research and development with the attitude and determination of being a bench . American technology giants , The reason why we can control the underlying core technology in the Internet field today , The reason lies in their pragmatic spirit and attitude . Including our Huawei , Decades of huge R & D investment , Trial and error , Keep trying , To gain a voice in the core technology industry chain .

Jay Chou's NFT Stolen , Let's see , Hype is not sustainable , One day it will be exposed . Including the previous advocacy of blockchain and The currency How safe , Almost to the security point that people on earth can't crack , As a result, it was FBI It broke easily . therefore , At present , We are interested in cutting-edge technology , Have expectations , It's a very good thing , But we need to look at these new concepts rationally , Include NFT And the primordial universe . Because of Science 、 Look at it rationally , Is the foundation of scientific and technological development .

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