On retrieval requirements and business model in filecoin

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retrieval requirements business model filecoin

Filecoin Was born as IPFS The incentive layer , Its essence is a data storage network , It mainly depends on the nodes in the network to participate in the storage and retrieval activities in the market .V|jasonbody

In the near future , The official in the Filecoin Build a convenient tool for end users based on the protocol , It is convenient for users to store and share files , One of the most exciting and exciting is Slate. It is based on Filecoin Open source storage system for ,Filecoin Was born to encourage collaboration and research across distributed networks .

Slate The creation of means Filecoin The Internet is exploring the way forward , Try to develop multiple uses of data . The network is composed of IPFS、Filecoin and Textile powered , Open and available to everyone , To store and trade data .Slate It was born by more than ten engineers 、 Designers and developers have worked hard for more than ten months . stay 2020 year 9 When the program was released in January , It has been loaded for more than 200GiB The real data .

Miner's search revenue

The retrieval miner in the network is usually the node that stores the data , Because retrieving miners requires a certain amount of data and a large amount of bandwidth as the basic hardware requirements , These storage nodes basically have . The retrieval miner obtains the user's payment by quickly providing the files the customer wants FIL.

The user generates a search order by entering a hash password ,Filecoin The system will match the order , Submit the requirement to a specific search miner , The system is in the process of searching and retrieving miners , There will be some algorithm blessing , For example, consider the network location of miners . Be careful : This does not mean geographical location , But in cyberspace .

Retrieve the miner after receiving the order from the system , Use Filecoin Index structure of — Distributed hash table Find documents for customers .

Because the files uploaded to the network exist in the form of fragmentation , So every time the miner breaks some files to the customer , You will get part of the remuneration paid by users , The remuneration is ultimately FIL In the form of payment to retrieve the miner's digital wallet .

When all the files are sent , Searching miners will also get complete benefits . From the process described above ,Filecoin Retrieval miners in the network essentially provide their own bandwidth resources .

Search the operation of the market

From the current Filecoin According to the operation of the network , Most of the retrieval miners will be held by the storage node , The search for miners is not limited to Filecoin get data , Also available at IPFS Or temporarily free on the server .

The retrieval market is also quite different from the storage market , It can completely realize off chain operation . It means to be IPFS/Filecoin When you reach a certain maturity , Searching miners can rely on huge data resources , Form a huge retrieval market demand , By then, search miners serving popular data will be around the world and operate efficiently .


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