Web3. On the sinking of power in the 0 Era

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web3. web sinking power era

sinking , It is a process from top to bottom , This is also a familiar word in the Chinese context . For example, in the development path of pinduoduo , The word is often mentioned , It extends its development tentacles to the third and fourth tier cities that violate the full development, so as to achieve success . Sinking in business generally means extending tentacles into inactive areas , So as to drive the vigorous development of the whole organization . So what kind of process is the lower level ? The sinking of the market generally refers to the process from the first and second tier cities to the third and fourth tier cities , The sinking of power refers to the transfer from the top to the bottom , In essence, they form a distributed system , The process from centralization to decentralization .V|jaosnbody

The important feature of decentralization is the sinking of power

Bee colonies are a good example . Decentralisation is not a personal concept , But the inevitable trend of social development . In Kevin Kelly's 《 Out of control 》 In this book, the bee colony is taken as an example to describe the natural development law of organisms under the logic of decentralization . Clustering is a large collective activity of bees , Tens of thousands of bees migrate collectively to another suitable habitat . There are no leading bees in this process ( queen bee ) Conduct a command , It's the colony that votes democratically according to the location of the worker bee's investigation , The minority is subordinate to the majority , Finally, choose a new location . This is a completely decentralized operation mode , The same phenomenon exists in ant colonies .

Distributed systems existing in nature have the following advantages :

  1. Adaptability : Every individual in the colony responds to change , Therefore, it has good adaptability and evolution to environmental changes ;
  2. Evolvable : Individuals constantly adapt to changes in the environment , And transfer the adaptability , Will eventually achieve the evolution of the group ;
  3. elastic : The distributed system has good elasticity , Because every individual in the group is a parallel node , And there is redundancy , The failure of a node will not cause the whole system to crash .

And observe human social groups , We find that it is similar to the evolution law of nature , Distributed systems in nature illustrate the advantages of power sinking .

Also on the Internet Web3.0 in , Decentralization is also the most mentioned word in recent years , What we are most concerned about is the sinking of power . stay Web1.0 The times are more satisfied with the decentralized environment , At this time, a large number of excellent companies were born in the Internet environment, such as IBM、Google etc. .

here we are Web2.0 Time , Although it brings unprecedented convenience to the Internet , But there are also some problems , For example, the oligarch controls the data storage and then grasps the user's data , All kinds of endless advertisements 、 Annoying harassing calls and even being harvested by differentiated prices , The current Internet environment has come to the point where change is needed .

Web3.0 Time , Will allow power to sink fully , It will be realized with the help of blockchain technology

Web3.0 Time , People no longer pay too much attention to the development of Internet technology , But focus on the rights of users , The development trend of decentralization is the sinking of power , Decentralized blockchain technology will play a big role in it .

Founder of Ethereum V God once classified decentralization , Including architecture 、 Politics 、 Logic has three dimensions , From physics 、 management 、 Logic divides centralization and decentralization in three aspects . It's like a computer system , From what angle can we judge that the system is composed of several computers , Can tolerate up to a few computer crashes . The simplest way is to split the system in two , Observe whether it can operate normally and independently .

Several significant advantages of going to the center :

Fault tolerance : It has strong fault tolerance in decentralized system , There are countless decentralized systems , A separate system will not affect the overall operation of the system ;

Resistance to attack : In the blockchain network , There are famous 51% attack , However, more than half of the nodes in the whole network need to reach a consensus to achieve , For a huge system , a 51% It's obviously not realistic , And it's expensive . In a centralized system, only a single node needs to be attacked , It's easy to achieve this .

Anti collusion : Democratic voting is needed to reach consensus in blockchain networks , In a centralized system, collusion is more likely to occur to harm the interests of others .

Decentralized blockchain project operation mechanism and how to realize power sinking

Consensus mechanism : In the absence of authoritative control , Untrusted nodes participate in the operation of blockchain through consensus mechanism . At present, bitcoin is widely used as a representative PoW And with Filecoin As a representative of the EC Consensus mechanism , I believe that with the exploration of blockchain technology in the future , There will be more mechanisms in the future .

Community governance : Blockchains generally do not have centralized organizations and companies , Therefore, the way of community governance is the most common , For example, the developer community or community vote determines the upgrading or updating of the network, so that everyone can participate in the decision-making .

The so-called sinking of power is by no means a rare phenomenon , It can happen to us at any time . Every participant can participate in the decision-making , It's also our understanding of Web3.0 Expectation of Internet environment in the era .

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