Filecoin information: Official 2021 development roadmap released

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filecoin information official development roadmap

StarCraft community 1.11 -

1.9 Japan ,Filecoin Official team members Sushiswap published 2021 Annual Roadmap . The relevant updates in the roadmap are as follows :BentoBox Will be in 1 In mid month .2021 Will be unified in UI Change the domain name , At the same time, we will fully support IPFS.

be based on Aragonv2 and Snapshot Progress made ,Sushiswap Will consider improving governance .Miso Smart contract deployment is about to be completed , Will be in 2021 Audit in the second quarter of . compatible :Sushiswap Cross link AMM Support Rune/Moonbeam(Polkadot), now 2021 Now... Has been completed FRAX、DSD、BAO Compatible integration , More projects will join soon . So far, , Will choose zk-rollup As Layer2 Support programs .

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