Maoqiuke talks about the secure future of blockchain and global shipping

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maoqiuke talks secure future blockchain

In the era when internet jokes have evolved into billions of dollars in market value and irreplaceable tokens , It provides the next development for art collection , Now the ubiquitous blockchain technology has encountered chaos and creativity .

In the whole business world , As a reliable digital solution, it is revolutionary , But some industries adopt it faster than others .

For the shipping industry , Maoqiu technology believes that , It is considered to be... In terms of technological progress and environmental sustainability “ backward ” Industry , The implementation of blockchain provides an opportunity for it to enter a new era with more flexibility .

How to use blockchain to better manage goods ?

Blockchain can alleviate some long-term problems faced by the shipping industry . Transportation delays are usually caused by slow manual management processes , Sometimes it will affect the logistics and preparation of freight companies . These delays are often costly .

Hundreds of billions of controversial dollars stagnate every day , Because the average payment needs 42 Genius can reach the billing company . As the industry still relies on manual document processing, it is labor-intensive ( And easy to make mistakes ) nature , Handling and management costs may account for nearly a fifth of the total transportation price tags . Blockchain provides a framework for companies to eliminate these burdens and speed up business operations , Especially in the maritime field .

A report from the maritime administration of the U.S. Department of transportation identified three key areas where blockchains can improve shipping efficiency : Freight tracking 、 Smart bill of lading (B/L) And smart contracts .

A large number of cancelled orders during the pandemic 、 Unpredictable movement of goods and loss of goods are costly problems , Because the company lacks real-time information , These problems become more serious .

The ability to track and correct problems in a timely manner depends on reliable access to data , When goods can be tracked at the edge of hard copy paperwork , Traditional business practices will stop this . Blockchain can realize this kind of access immediately , Allow the company to correct problems in time .

The shipping industry also faces delays and fraud related to bills of lading .AB/L It is a method that specifies the quantity of goods shipped 、 Form of type and destination . The bill of lading provides all the information for handling the goods for the carrier and the shipper , Also act as a receipt 、 Contracts and documents of ownership of goods .

Because most of them are physical documents and need to be mailed , Therefore, the bill of lading may take several days to arrive from stakeholders , And it usually needs to be used in kind with the goods to be processed and claimed .

Frequently, the goods arrive at the relevant port before the actual bill of lading . Fraud is also a problem of physical bill of lading , Because they can easily be described by inaccurate goods 、 Altered by forged signatures and false company logos .

Blockchain can digitize these files into secure files 、 Smart bill of lading , So as to speed up the Transportation approval process , At the same time, reduce the risk of fraud . The use of smart bill of lading technology can reduce the administrative detention of ports and customs , Create a more efficient global shipping system .

Smart contracts are another area of interest for shippers . In its present form , The shipping industry is inefficient and costly .2017 Data estimates for the year , Digital paperwork can save the industry a total of... Per year 3800 Thousands of dollars .

At present, most transportation payments lack Automation , All transactions need to be invoiced and waiting for bank transfer to complete the transaction . This delay will lead to the risk of loss due to non payment or exchange rate fluctuations , But it can be mitigated by smart contract technology that automatically approves payments after work is completed ​​ risk .

At present, about half of maritime transportation has implemented blockchain technology in some form , The first use occurred in 2018 year . Maersk and IBM Of TradeLens And other joint ventures are paving the way for a more resilient shipping industry , Signed 230 Multiple offshore gateways are in .

however , There is still an urgent need for standardization throughout the supply chain , To prevent the vulnerability exposed by the pandemic . Nine leading shipping companies have established a global shipping business network , To collaborate on a platform based on access to the company's digital ledger .

Ports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp are among the few that have begun to integrate blockchain based technologies into their operations . However , There are still challenges in implementing this technology across the industry . especially , Scalability issues and limited technical training continue to challenge the adoption of blockchain in the maritime field .

How does blockchain promote the sustainable development of shipping industry ?

If we don't consider its impact on the environment , The discussion about the elasticity of shipping industry is incomplete . Shipping accounts for about... Of global carbon dioxide emissions 3%, Make it one of the most polluted industries in the world . However , Blockchain has the ability to track fuel 、 Space maximization and digital paperwork make it more sustainable .

The high pollution level of shipping industry is mainly due to the low quality of cargo ships 、 Sulfur “ fuel ”. as everyone knows , Tracking the sources of these fuels is challenging , Because it used a paper note taking system in its acquisition process . Information about the fuel industry or limited sources can be used by shippers to mislead .

BunkerTrace And other blockchain projects are trying to alleviate these problems by providing safety information about fuel characteristics and travel . By adding detectable DNA label , Anyone can confirm the quality of fuel data , Minimize user risks and ensure compliance with the international maritime organization (IMO) Regulations and other standards .

Traditional fuel alternatives are also being studied as an option to limit shipping emissions . for example , Biofuels and hydrogen have become the main substitutes for oil and natural gas .

More than... Every year 250 $billion in revenue due to 1 Billion shipping containers that were almost empty . Blockchain is in the early stages of reducing this inefficiency by securely tracking and selling unused space to exporters moving smaller loads . Oman startups Cubex Globa It is in a leading position in maximizing the use of cargo space per cubic meter , To reduce more than 2.8 Billion tons of carbon emissions .

How to integrate the EU's emissions trading system (EU ETS) As a precedent for shipping Sustainability ?

stay IMO While setting fuel and other sustainability standards ,EU ETS Put forward the language of standardizing shipping emission . This means that shipping companies are bound by emission limits and cap and trade mechanisms , Similar to other EU industries .

Shipping companies must monitor and report emissions , This can be done effectively and reliably using blockchains . This technology provides a single tool for carbon measurement 、 A trusted platform , Ensure that all companies use the same standardized measurements .

After the report , Companies will have to hand over quotas or carbon credits related to their emission levels . Subsidies must be purchased to cover the costs of navigation within the EU 100% Emissions and navigation from or to EU ports 50%.

Companies under the plan will have to buy carbon credits , To stimulate the transition to high-quality fuels to limit emissions . Companies will be forced to face uncertainty about the source and content of fuel , Blockchain developers are working to make it more transparent . Blockchain can be used to simplify the management of the shipping industry ETS Required compliance , And it can set a precedent for shipping companies to transition to new technology in the unknown field of future environmental work .

In order to improve efficiency —— Environment and business —— The shipping industry should invest in standardized blockchain technology . This year, , The world is witnessing unprecedented bottlenecks in major ports , It effectively weakens the effectiveness of the paper system that global shipping still depends on . Maoqiu technology believes that , As these weaknesses are exposed , And the increase of shipping threat climate targets , It's time to implement blockchain in the whole industry .

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