On the relationship between new technologies of Digital Economy -- cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and meta universe

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relationship new technologies digital economy

1、 What is the digital economy

The digital economy follows the agricultural economy 、 After the main economic form of industry , Data resources are the key elements , Take the modern information network as the main carrier , Integrating application of information and communication technology 、 All factor digital transformation is an important driving force , Promote a new economic form with more unified equity and efficiency .—— Excerpt from 《 The State Council “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Digital economy development plan 2021 year 12 month 12 Japan 》

Beijing 2022 year 1 month 12 Japan - China's State Council released on Wednesday “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Digital economy development plan , Proposed to 2025 year , The added value of core industries in digital economy accounts for GDP Share to 10%, The application penetration rate of industrial Internet platform has reached 45% Wait for the goal .

What is the industrial Internet ?
Industrial Internet (Industrial Internet) It is a new type of infrastructure with the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and industrial economy 、 Application model and industrial ecology , By dealing with people 、 machine 、 matter 、 Comprehensive connection of system, etc , Build an industrial chain covering the whole industry 、 New manufacturing and service system of the whole value chain , For Industry and even industry digitization 、 Networking 、 Intelligent development provides a way to realize , It is an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution .

2、 Digital economy has the following core technologies

1、 The Internet of things

  • The Internet of things is simply “ Connected Internet ”, Use information sensing physical devices to connect any object to the Internet according to the agreed protocol Network for information exchange , With Realize the intellectualization of physical production environment distinguish 、 location 、 track 、 Monitoring and management .

2、 Cloud computing

  • In essence, it's Physical resources with a certain scale are transformed into services For users .

3、 big data

  • big data , need Deal with massive and fast-growing storage , This requires The underlying hardware architecture and file system are much higher than traditional technologies in cost performance , Flexible expansion of storage capacity , In this case, data organization technology .

4、 Artificial intelligence

  • Organize data , Next, we need to deeply mine data . For such massive data , The human brain can't handle it anymore , So humans Translate various meanings into algorithms and give them to the machine , Let the machine make its own decisions , Finally, it provides us with a convergence result , You have valid information .

5、 Blockchain

  • Blockchain Technology , Simply put, it's using Distributed network + Asymmetric encryption algorithm Effectively connect the formed information , Ensure that the information is agreed and cannot be modified .

3、 Build a technology system with blockchain as the medium

Use the human body as a metaphor : Our human organs perceive everything in the world ( big data ), Through the meridians of the human body ( The Internet of things ) To the brain , The human brain goes through memory 、 Analyze and summarize ( Cloud computing ), The brain summarizes the results of the analysis to form wisdom ( Artificial intelligence ).

Big data is the foundation , The Internet of things is an architecture , Cloud computing is the center , Blockchain delivers value , Artificial intelligence is the output of , Coexistence , Cling to each other .
Blockchain is essentially a trust system without authority , It is mainly composed of distributed ledger and smart contract technology . Blockchain is called “ Internet 4.0”, The reason is that the Internet has changed the way information is transmitted , Blockchain changes the way of value transmission .

1、 Blockchain and cloud computing

  • Blockchain itself is not a new technology , But through the combination of a variety of mature technologies , With the concept of open sharing and highly trusted distributed database , Isolation from tradition 、 Decentralized data are integrated , A new data governance system and management capability have been formed .
  • Blockchain technology with its decentralization 、 Anonymity and data can not be tampered with at will and other security features , Solve the problems faced by cloud computing “ trusted 、 reliable 、 Controllable ” Three big questions .

2、 Blockchain and Internet of things

  • The Internet of things is vulnerable to blackmail Software 、 hackers 、 Security threats such as data leakage or data tampering . therefore , Blockchain is a security solution to ensure the security of Internet of things .
  • In addition to security issues , Blockchain also involves the Internet of things to solve the scalability problem . Because the Internet of things is a network expanded through multiple organizations and institutions , Therefore, it is difficult to locate the specific causes of data leakage or tampering . meanwhile , The Internet of things is also difficult to define the ownership of specific data , Because it produces a lot of data .
    Blockchain is not only a secure network , And it is also one of the fastest data transmission networks in the modern world . Blockchain technology enables the Internet of things to transmit data at a faster speed .

3、 Blockchain and big data

  • Blockchain is the underlying technology , Big data is the name of data collection and processing method . The data on the blockchain will form a chain , It has reality 、 The order 、 Traceable features , It is equivalent to that useful data has been extracted from big data and classified .
  • Blockchain provides excellent data security and data quality , It can change the way people deal with big data .

4、 Blockchain and artificial intelligence

  • AI AI loves data . More data , The better the model . But data is often isolated , And insurmountable . People want different organizations 、 Data sharing between companies and independent entities . The decentralized and sharing control nature of blockchain encourages data sharing , Optimization model .

4、 What is the metauniverse , Technology system integrated with virtual world

The metauniverse begins with 1992 Foreign science fiction 《 An avalanche 》 Mentioned in “Metaverse( Meta universe )” and “Avatar( avatar )” These two concepts . People can have their own virtual doubles , This The virtual world It's called “ Meta universe ”.

The meta universe itself is not a technology , It is a Ideas and concepts , It needs to integrate different new technologies , Such as 5G、6G、 Artificial intelligence 、 Big data, etc , Emphasize the integration of virtual reality .

The yuan universe mainly has the following items The core technology

  • One is Extended reality technology , Include VR and AR;
  • Two is Number twin , Can mirror the real world into the virtual world ;
  • Third, use blockchain to build economic system .

1、 Meta universe and Internet of things

  • From the Internet , To the Internet of things , To the meta universe , The magnitude of information is increasing .
  • IOT sensor is an extension of human five senses , It can ensure that the metacosmic world can get more information from the outside . The Internet of things connects virtual reality .

2、 Metauniverse and artificial intelligence

  • The content created by artificial intelligence is generated in real time 、 Real time experience 、 Provide real-time feedback to users .
  • Metauniverse is an ideal artificial intelligence model training environment , It can provide a natural training ground for digital aborigines such as artificial intelligence . One is that there are a lot of labeled data in the meta universe , High data quality and directivity , It is conducive to Internet giants to carry out artificial intelligence deep learning and machine learning ; The second is that the meta universe has an endless digital environment and a large number of users , It can provide feedback and guidance for artificial intelligence of reinforcement learning at any time .

3、 Metauniverse and big data

  • The meta universe itself produces a lot of data .
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