V God speaks for bitcoin Maximalism: BTC is a powerful asset worth holding

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god speaks bitcoin maximalism btc

author :Vitalik Buterin

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Recently AOBEN Cong Craig Wright Said in an interview , Bitcoin is useless , So he is ready to sell bitcoin on a large scale at the right time , It is reported that he claims to have 110 over BTC. We don't know whether he will eventually sell , But it is understood that , He is in 2020 year 5 Month in Slack There was also a message saying , Will sell a large number of BTC And convert it into US dollars , But he didn't do it in the end .

As an emerging currency , Bitcoin has faced various doubts since its birth , But nonetheless , It still attracts a lot of supporters , It has also been maintained in cryptocurrency “ The eldest brother ” The status of . however , With the development of Ethereum and more and more excellent cryptocurrencies , More and more people are beginning to question , Is the bitcoin protocol too simple , Whether the status of bitcoin is really unshakable ?

Yesterday, ,V god He published a long article on these doubts about bitcoin , To support bitcoin maximization . He said , Encrypted assets like bitcoin have real cultural and structural advantages , Make it a powerful asset worth holding and using . Here are V The compiled content of this long article .

these years , We've been listening to “ The future is blockchain , Not bitcoin ” This kind of view . Of course , The future of the world will not be a major cryptocurrency , Not even a few , But many cryptocurrencies , The winning cryptocurrency will have strong leadership under a central structure , To quickly adapt to the scale needs of users . Bitcoin is an emerging token , Ethereum will soon follow , It will be updated 、 More dynamic assets , Attracting a new wave of mass users , He doesn't care about strange libertarian ideologies or “ Self sovereignty verification ”, Just want the blockchain DeFi And fast and effective games .

But if the above statement is wrong , And the idea of bitcoin Maximalism 、 Habit and practice are closer to correct narration ? If bitcoin is much more than an outdated pet stone related to network effects (pet rock) Well ? If bitcoin extremists really understand that they operate in a hostile and uncertain world , They need to fight for it , And their behavior 、 Personality and views on protocol design deeply reflect this fact ? If we live in an honest cryptocurrency ( Very few ) And swindlers cryptocurrency ( A lot ) In the world of , And how to tolerate excess ? Is it actually necessary to prevent the former from sliding into the latter ? This is the argument that this article will put forward .

We live in a dangerous world , Protecting freedom is a serious matter

The situation is more obvious now than it was six weeks ago , At that time, many people thought that Vladimir · Putin is a misunderstood kind man , He's just trying to protect Russia and save western civilization from the gay world . But it's still worth repeating . We live in a dangerous world , There are a lot of malicious actors who can't sympathize and reason . 

Blockchain is essentially a security technology —— A technology that fundamentally protects people and helps them survive in such an unfriendly world . It's like Phial of Galadriel Small bottle ,“ When all the other lights go out , It gives you a lamp in the dark ”. It's not a low-cost lamp , It's not a fluorescent Hippie energy-saving lamp , Nor is it a high-performance lamp . This lamp sacrifices all these dimensions , Optimized for only one thing : When you face the toughest challenge of your life , When you face a 20 When a spider is feet tall , Become a light that lights you up .


source :blackgate

Blockchain is being used by people who have no bank accounts or insufficient bank accounts every day 、 Activists 、 Sex worker 、 Used by refugees and many other groups . Many people use them as their main lifeline to pay for and store their savings . 

So , The public blockchain has sacrificed a lot for security :

  • Blockchain requires thousands of independent verifications for each transaction to be accepted .
  • Unlike centralized systems that confirm transactions in hundreds of milliseconds , Blockchain requires users to wait 10 Seconds to 10 Minutes to get confirmation .
  • Blockchain requires users to be fully responsible for their own authentication : If you lose your key , You lose your token .
  • Blockchain sacrifices privacy , Need to be more crazy 、 More expensive technology to get back privacy .

What are these sacrifices for ? Create a system that can survive in an unfriendly world , And really do it “ When all the other lights are off , Become a lamp in the dark ”.

Two key elements are needed to accomplish this task well :(1) Powerful and reliable technology stack ;(2) A strong and reliable culture . The key attribute of a powerful and defensible technology stack is the focus on simplicity and depth :1 MB Block size ,2100 The upper limit of 10000 tokens , And a simple Nakamoto The consensus working mechanism proves that , Even a high school student can understand . Protocol design must be easy to prove its rationality in decades or even centuries ; The choice of technology and parameters must be a work of art .

The second element is uncompromising 、 A committed minimalist culture . This must be a culture that can consistently protect itself , To resist corporate and government actors trying to absorb the ecosystem from the outside , And bad actors who try to use it for personal benefits in encrypted space ( This behavior has many ).

that , What is bitcoin and Ethereum culture actually like ? Let's ask Kevin Pham:


Don't you believe this is representative ? ok , Let's ask again Kevin Pham:


Now? , You might say , It's just fun for Ethereum people , At the end of the day , They know what they have to do and what they are dealing with . But what about them ? Let's take a look at the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin The people they associate with :


It's just a small part . One question that anyone who cares about this should ask immediately is : What's the point of meeting all these people in public ? Some of them are very decent entrepreneurs and politicians , But others are actively involved in serious human rights violations ( Of course Vitalik Does not support ). Don't Vitalik Don't you realize that these people are in a geopolitical dilemma ? 

Now? , Maybe he is just an idealist who believes that talking with people can help achieve world peace , And is Frederick Douglass Maxim “ Unite with anyone who is right , And don't associate with the wrong people ” A follower of . But there is a simpler assumption :Vitalik He's a hippie , Like to travel around the world , Seeking status , He likes meeting important people very much , And feel respected . not only Vitalik, image Consensys Such companies are also very happy to cooperate with Saudi Arabia , The whole ecosystem has been trying to seek the recognition of mainstream figures .

Now ask yourself a question : When the time is right , Something really important is happening on the blockchain - Offend powerful people , Which ecosystem is more willing to put down its feet under great pressure and refuse to censor them ? It's an ecosystem of global nomads who truly become friends with everyone , Still have AR15 And axe as an amateur ecosystem ?

Money is more than just “ The first application ”, It is also the most successful one so far

Many hold “ Blockchain , Not bitcoin ” People with different views believe that , Cryptocurrency is the first application of blockchain , But it's a very boring application , The real potential of blockchain lies in greater 、 More exciting things . Let's take a look at The etheric fang List of applications in the white paper :

  • Issue tokens
  • Financial derivatives
  • Stable currency
  • Identity and reputation system
  • Decentralized file storage
  • Decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)
  • Point to point gambling
  • Forecast market

Many of the applications in these categories have already started , And has some user base . in other words , Cryptocurrency people really value giving “ The southern world ” The right of developing countries to serve their people without banks . So which of these apps actually have a large number of users in the southern world ?

The fact proved that , up to now , The most successful are storing wealth and paying .3% Of Argentines have cryptocurrencies , Besides ,6% Nigerians and 12% Ukrainians also own cryptocurrency . up to now , The biggest example of the government using blockchain to accomplish some useful things is the cryptocurrency donation to the Ukrainian government , If it includes donations to non-governmental organizations related to Ukraine , It has raised more than 1 Billion dollars .


What other applications can reach this level today ? Perhaps the closest thing is ENS.DAO Is real and evolving , But now , They attract mostly people from rich countries , Their main interests are to have fun and use cartoon characters to meet their first world needs for self-expression , Instead of building schools and hospitals or solving other real-world problems .

therefore , We can clearly see these two aspects :“ Blockchain ” The team , The privileged class of rich countries , They love virtue ——“ Beyond money and capitalism ”, I can't help thinking about “ Decentralized governance experiment ” And excited .“ The currency ” The team , Many countries in the world, including the southern hemisphere, have a highly diversified group of rich and poor , They are actually using capitalist tools , That is, a free and autonomous currency , Provide real value for today's mankind .

Focus on making money and you'll make more money

About why bitcoin doesn't support “ Rich state ” A common misconception about smart contracts is as follows . Bitcoin really values simplicity , In particular, the technical complexity is low , To reduce the chance of problems . therefore , It doesn't want to add more complex functions and opcodes , These functions and opcodes are necessary to support more complex smart contracts in Ethereum .

This misunderstanding is certainly wrong . in fact , There are many ways to add bitcoin status , Search the bitcoin chat profile for “ contract ” The word" , You will see many proposals under discussion . Many of these suggestions are very simple . The reason for not adding contracts is not that bitcoin developers see the value of rich status , But found that even a little more protocol complexity is intolerable . contrary , This is because bitcoin developers are worried that the rich state may bring the risk of system complexity to the ecosystem !


A recent paper by bitcoin researchers describes some ways to introduce contracts , It adds a certain degree of richness to bitcoin .

Ethereum and miners can extract value (MEV) The struggle of is a good example of this problem in practice . In Ethereum , It's easy to build applications , Make the next person to interact with some contracts a considerable reward , Cause traders and miners to compete for it , This greatly increases the risk of network centralization , And require complex solutions . In bitcoin , It's difficult to build applications with systemic risks , This is largely because bitcoin lacks rich statefulness , And focus on simplicity ( And there is no MEV) The use case , Money .

Systemic infections can also occur in non-technical ways . Bitcoin is just money, which means that bitcoin requires relatively few developers , This helps reduce the risk of developers starting to ask for air coins in order to build new protocol features . Bitcoin is just a currency , It relieves core developers from constantly adding new features to “ Keep up with the competition ” and “ Meet the needs of developers ” The pressure of the .

In many ways , Systematic effects are real , A currency cannot make an ecosystem with highly complex and risky decentralized applications “ Make it possible ”, And this complexity will not counterattack it in some way . Bitcoin is a safe choice . If Ethereum continues its first 2 Layer centric approach ,ETH-the-currency It may distance itself from the application ecosystem it enables , To get some protection . On the other hand , The so-called high-performance third 1 Layer platform has no chance .

Generally speaking , The earliest project in an industry is “ Orthodox school ” Of

Many industries and fields follow a similar pattern . First , Some new and exciting technologies have either been invented , Or it has been improved by leaps and bounds , To the extent of practical availability . At the beginning , This technology is still clumsy , Almost no one can touch it as an investment , Risk is too big , And there is no “ Social evidence ” It shows that people can use it to achieve success . therefore , The first people to participate will be idealists 、 Technology geeks and others who are really excited about technology and its potential to improve society .

However , Once technology proves itself strong enough , Specifications will appear —— In Internet Culture , This event is often referred to as “ Eternal September ”. These are not just ordinary norms of goodwill , They want to feel part of something exciting , And it's a business norm , In a suit , They began to search the ecosystem for ways to make money , Many off-site venture capitalists hope their funds can support them . In extreme cases , A total liar came in , The blockchain they create has no social or technical value , Basically a fringe scam . But the reality is ,“ Altruistic idealists ” and “ A liar ” The boundary is indeed a spectrum . The longer the ecosystem continues to operate , The harder it is to start any new altruistic project .

The blockchain industry is slowly replacing philosophical and idealistic values with short-term profit driven values , A striking representative indicator is the increasing pre excavation scale : Cryptocurrency developers give their own distribution .


Internal distribution source :Messari

Which blockchain communities attach great importance to self sovereignty 、 Privacy and decentralization , And is making great sacrifices to get it ? Which blockchain communities just want to increase their market value and make money for founders and investors ? The chart above should be clear .

Intolerance is good

The above explains why bitcoin's status as the first cryptocurrency gives it unique advantages , It's hard to replicate any cryptocurrency created in the past five years . But now we have the biggest objection to the bitcoin culture : Why is it so toxic ?

The case of bitcoin toxicity comes from Conquest The second law of . stay Robert Conquest In the initial statement , Laws and regulations “ No organization is constitutionally right-wing , Sooner or later, it will become the left wing ”. But actually , This is just a special case of a more general pattern , In today's ruthlessly homogeneous and stereotyped social media era , This model is more meaningful than ever :

If you want to keep a different identity from the mainstream , Then you need a really strong culture , Whenever it tries to defend its hegemony , It will actively resist and oppose being assimilated by the mainstream . 

As I mentioned above , Blockchain is fundamentally a clear anti-cultural movement , It tries to create and retain something different from the mainstream . When the world is divided into several major power groups , When actively suppressing the social and economic interaction between them , Blockchain is one of the few things that can remain global . In an era when more and more people use censorship to defeat their short-term enemies , Blockchain firmly continues not to censor anything .


Respond “ Rational adults ” Trying to tell you , want “ The mainstream ”, You have to be in your “ extreme ” Compromise on values , This is the only right way . Because once you compromise once , It won't stop .

The blockchain community must also fight internal bad actors . Bad actors include :

  • A liar , They make and sell ultimately worthless ( Or worse , Even harmful ) Project , But insist on using... For legitimacy “ encryption ” and “ De centralization ” brand ( And the highly abstract concept of humanism and friendship ).
  • Collaborationists , They openly and loudly signal the virtues of working with the government , And actively trying to persuade the government to use coercive force against its competitors .
  • Corporatist , They try to use their resources to take over the development of blockchain , And often promote centralized protocol changes .

People can oppose all these bad actors with a smile , Politely tell the world why they “ Disagree with their priorities ”, But it's not realistic . These bad guys will try to integrate into your community , At this time , Psychologically , It's hard to criticize them with the contempt they really need , Because the person you criticize is your friend's friend . therefore , Any culture that values affinity will easily give up in the face of challenges , Let fraudsters wander freely in the wallets of innocent novices .

What kind of culture won't give in ? A willingness and desire to tell internal liars and external powerful opponents , Let them repeat the mistakes of Russian warships ( notes : The shouts of the guards of Snake Island to Russian warships during the Russian Ukrainian war “ Russian warships , Fuck you ”) Culture .

The movement to strengthen internal cohesion is correct

There is a powerful cohesive tool , It can help a community maintain internal cohesion around its unique values , And avoid falling into the mainstream , That's weird beliefs and crusades , They share a similar spirit to the core mission , Even if there is no direct contact . Ideally , These movements should be correct at least to some extent , Expose the real blind spot or the inconsistency of mainstream values .

The bitcoin community is good at this . They recently launched a crusade against seed oil , Seed oil is extracted from plant seeds omega-6 Fatty acid oil , These fatty acids are harmful to human health . 


The media are skeptical about the discussion of the bitcoin movement , But when “ Respected ” When technology companies deal with this topic , The media's attitude towards this topic is much better . This Crusade helps remind bitcoin people , The mainstream media is fundamentally tribal and hypocritical , Therefore, the media's attempts to sharply slander cryptocurrency, which is mainly used for money laundering and terrorism, should be treated with the same degree of contempt .

Be a bitcoin maximalist

The media often ridicule bitcoin Maximalism , Consider it both a dangerous 、 A poisonous right-wing cult , It is also a kind of paper tiger , Once other cryptocurrencies come in and replace bitcoin, the highest network effect , It will disappear . But the reality is , The bitcoin maximalist argument I described above does not depend on network effects at all . The network effect is actually logarithmic , Not secondary : Once cryptocurrency “ Large enough ”, It has enough liquidity to operate , Multi cryptocurrency payment processors can easily add it to their collection . however , Claim that bitcoin is an outdated pet stone , Its value comes entirely from the statement of the network effect of self corpse walking meat , Just a little push to collapse , This is also completely wrong .

Encrypted assets like bitcoin have real cultural and structural advantages , Make it a powerful asset worth holding and using . The currency This is a good example , Although it is certainly not the only example . Of course , Other respectable cryptocurrencies do exist , And bitcoin bigwigs have always been willing to support and use them . Bitcoin Maximalism is not just for bitcoin, but bitcoin , contrary , This is a very real understanding , Most other encrypted assets are scams , A culture of intolerance is inevitable , It is also necessary to protect novices and ensure that at least one corner of the space is habitable .

Mislead ten novices to avoid an investment with good results , It's better than letting a novice go bankrupt by a liar .

Make your agreement too simple for ten low value 、 Short attention gambling apps provide services , It's better than making it too complex to serve the core of everything else .

and , Offend millions of people by actively supporting what you believe , It's better than trying to satisfy everyone and end up with nothing .

Fight bravely for your values , Be an ultimate person .

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