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work flexibly nft games

 income A metropolis in the northern Philippines Jiawannaduan (Cabanatuan), For a long time “ Is rich in ” Two things : Bank And Electric tricycle .

The deposit liabilities of the former account for more than half of the whole province for a long time , Established its position as the economic center ; The latter is the city “ Steady employment ” The magic weapon of —— Because public transport is only distributed outside the city , Three jumps instead of walking has become a high-frequency demand .

2010 in , There are at least... Electric tricycles registered in kawannaduan city 3 Ten thousand units , Many jiawannaduan people rely on santiaozi to feed their families . However , The global epidemic has broken the fragile balance , Almost a third of young people in the Philippines have lost their jobs .

It's not Foxconn that saved the Philippines , It's called 《Axie Infinity》 Of NFT game . This game focuses on “Play-To-Earn” Concept , In the Philippines 、 venezuela 、 Argentina and other countries , Many people have regarded it as the main source of income .

75 Year old Lolo Sliverio One is one of them , He and his wife run a grocery store in kawannaduan , Home isolation has reduced their income by more than 90% , They can only earn food and medicine expenses through games every day [2]—— Until they met the knight in white 《Axie Infinity》.

Lolo Sliverio Mentioned in the documentary , I and my wife pray to God every day , hope 《Axie Infinity》 Don't disappear .

 income Lolo Sliverio And my wife

2021 year 7 month 31 Japan ,《Axie Infinity》 One day's income reached 4000 Thousands of dollars , It's the same period 《 Glory of Kings 》IOS Of the average daily income of the terminal 4 times . Behind this , It's one Filipino after another who has been reborn by games .

2021 year 10 month , Game global day 200 ten thousand , Forty percent are from the Philippines ; The money needed to prepare for the game , Some even auctioned their homes on social media [3]. The Vietnamese company that developed the game Sky Mavis He also made a lot of money . last year 5 month ,Sky Mavis To obtain the 750 Thousands of dollars in A Round of funding .

 income Someone tapped the code in front of the screen , Some people have flexible employment in the game , Everyone has a bright future . Is this what common prosperity looks like ?


Making wealth and foams

around 《Axie Infinity》 This kind of flagship “Play-To-Earn” The concept of game , There is a proper noun in English ——“GameFi”, namely Game Finance . With the help of NFT Pattern , The benefits of cryptocurrency in the game are related to reality .

On the surface, ,《Axie Infinity》 yes 《 pokemon 》 A replica of , But it has something to do with 《 pokemon 》 And the difference between all traditional games is : Each “Axie” Pets are unique NFT Digital assets , Ownership and belongs to the player —— This means that even if the game goes out of business , The assets remain on Ethereum ; And the resources produced in the game SLP Coin is also an encrypted token , Directly linked to the dollar .

 income Game interface

The luck of the whole game (zhuan) turn (qian) The process roughly includes the following steps :

New users need to register an encrypted wallet , stay NFT Buy... In the secondary market 3 only “Axie” Pets as a barrier to entry . rely on 3 only “Axie” Pets form a team , stay PVP And PVE Win to get SLP Tokens, , Users can choose to sell SLP Tokens for dollars .“ buy NFT Pets — Liver token — Selling tokens ”, It forms a small cycle of rapid return on investment .

besides , The game also provides 2 A medium and long-term profit plan :

One is to make money by breeding pets in the game . Players can choose to consume the output SLP Money to make two pets reproduce , Offspring attributes are randomly determined by parental genes . Multiple breeding is expected to produce the best pets , But the player's SLP Money consumption will also increase exponentially . Powerful pets can be sold directly in exchange for cash , Can also be used as “ tool of production ” Join the team to improve the winning rate , increase SLP Currency output .

The second is to become “ Game shareholders ”. Players can get Limited... Through some game competitions or secondary transactions AXS Governance token . Holders can receive dividends from time to time .Sky Mavis Also mentioned in the development log , Plan in 2023 In, the game dominance was handed over to the community , The governance token holders vote to determine the development direction .

In subsequent updates ,《Axie Infinity》 Virtual land has also been added for investors to hype .

by comparison ,Sky Mavis Their own way of making profits is somewhat plain —— Tax collection . Each transaction involves 《Axie Infinity》 Transactions , Companies will draw from it 4.25% As profit .

 income Frequent transactions in the secondary market

Participate in Sky Mavis Early venture capital institutions a16z Praise its model is Web3.0 The embodiment of spirit ,“ Reclaim power and wealth from platforms that have been in an exploitative position , Redistribute to ecological participants ”[6]. but 《Axie Infinity》 In essence, it is just a digital asset exchange integrated with game elements .

The company makes money , Players also make money , So here comes the question , Who is the leek ? Now it seems , The answer is probably “ latecomers ”.

SLP The only way to consume money is to breed pets , There are a large number of buyers, mostly new players who lack powerful pets . So in 2021 year 7 When the game ushered in the peak of user growth in August ,SLP The exchange ratio between RMB and US dollar has also reached a new high : Type by day 100SLP Currency calculation , The daily income can reach about 17 dollar ; Highly skilled “ Liver emperor ” Even at that time 2000 dollar / Monthly income , Almost half the blue collar income in the Philippines 10 times [7].

But as the number of new users slows down ,SLP Money output gradually began to oversupply .Sky Mavis Try to achieve dynamic balance by reducing in-game output ,SLP The value of the currency is still falling, which makes zhonggai shares feel inferior : last year 10 When the month 100SLP Only convertible into 7 About $ ; As of 3 month 30 Japan , There's only... Left 2.14 dollar [8].

It rains all night when the house leaks , Judging from the recent series of disturbances , This is far from the bottom :

3 month 30 Japan ,《Axie Infinity》 Issued a notice that hackers stole more than 6 US $100 million cryptocurrency , Being ridiculed as “ Stole the Philippine Treasury ”. The theft occurred a week before the announcement ,Sky Mavis Unaware of this , Until a user failed to extract cryptocurrency .Sky Mavis With investors for a year Web3.0 Big cake , But I was embarrassed to find that all this was much more fragile than I thought .

But players from the third world are still United 《Axie Infinity》 its —— After all, there is no good choice in reality .


Working in the meta universe

Israeli scholar Yuval · Herali is in 《 A brief history of future 》 Such a prediction is made in : With the algorithm and AI Progress , Most people will lose their jobs , Only a few people can complete social production , And feed those who are not needed “ No class ”. And these people who can't produce social value , Will be addicted to cheap virtual worlds or drugs for a long time , To pass the boring time .

In the era of the pandemic ,“ excess ” It has become a current situation that can not be ignored in many countries , But they are not bored in the virtual world , But just changed a place to be a migrant worker .

《Axie Infinity》 Just when it was popular in Vietnam , The start-up capital is almost only 4-5 dollar ; But now , A team with poor attributes needs to spend at least 70 dollar , And single strong “Axie” Pets can be easily sold 300 The dollar is even higher . This price is much higher than the monthly salary of some fresh graduates .

In the community “ Profiteer ” We see business opportunities .3 The unemployed raised money to buy a large number of “Axie” Pets , Rent to people who need to make a living , And profit by drawing shares . The name is “Axie university ” Our entrepreneurial project has been a great success , The unemployed become bosses , Those to “ Boss ” Pet rental players , It becomes “Axie university ” Of employees , For example, those fresh students who are unemployed after graduation .

And “Axie university ” Similar entrepreneurial projects have sprung up , The organizational structure is more and more like a real company :“Axie” Pets “ landlord or landlady ” In order to maintain the yield , Start to organize regular training on various game skills , Even start assessing “ student ” Game level .

Similar things are happening in Argentina : In recent years, , Prices in the country have remained stable every year 50% About the crazy increase , As a result, at least a few million citizens with difficulties chose to pass 《Axie Infinity》 etc. NFT Games to earn income . but Sky Mavis The head of Latin America said in the media , Most Argentine players are actually playing for American and German players “ working ”, Because they can't afford their own game account [11].

The cold facts proved that , Even if mankind enters the era of meta universe , There will still be exploitation .

 income Job search on twitter “ student ” The player

however , Human surplus is not a unique phenomenon in the epidemic era , It's a long-term problem —— After all, a direct manifestation of productivity progress is the reduction of the number of people involved in production . In the past , The surplus population usually can only engage in marginal jobs with low economic returns , For example, physical labor , But this has been difficult in the era of epidemic . thus it can be seen , Even if 《Axie Infinity》 fall , next 《Axie Infinity》 There is still a chance to make a lot of money .

But for the whole society , This change is not necessarily a good thing :30000 An electric tricycle driver can at least ensure the convenient transportation of jiawannaduan city ,30000 individual Axie Players have not brought any substantial contribution to society . The only thing that hasn't been affected , Probably both have a bright future .

As herali said in his book :

“ Liberalism advocates the sanctity and inviolability of human life and human experience , Such a development would be a fatal blow to this belief . These people are of no use to society , Live between reality and illusion all day , How can such a life be sacred ?”


Pressure from finance

For games or virtual worlds , The most common criticism , It's people who play with things and lose their will . This critical framework for 《Axie Infinity》 Not very applicable . Because of its “ Financial attributes ” Already exceeded “ Game properties ”, Many governments are using “ Financial Perspective ” Look at this work .

For example, in the controversial Philippines , In the face of game players indulging in the virtual world , I didn't find a job in the social economy , The government didn't order the game to shut down or limit the time , Instead, consider taxing players and game companies .

According to the Philippines 《 Tax law 》,《Axie Infinity》 Income in the Philippines generates about... Per month 900 $10000 tax [17]. however , The Ministry of Finance and the IRS have not determined what form to tax players in the short term . The Central Bank of the Philippines has proposed that 《Axie Infinity》 Be regarded as of the same nature as the bank “ Payment system operator ”, And incorporated into the corresponding regulatory system , It has not yet landed .

Because the game is highly related to cryptocurrency , The government's attitude towards cryptocurrency will also have an impact on the game .

In this regard , The Philippines feels like pushing the boat with the current .2021 By the end of year , It's mainly paid with encrypted tokens xSpend In Bangladesh 、 India 、 Indonesia 、 Malaysia and the Philippines launched , Allow the user to pass SLP Tokens to pay for expenses ; And in the Philippines , It can also be used in addition to 350 Payment for goods from multiple companies .

 income by comparison ,《Axie Infinity》 In Argentina, the situation is more embarrassing . not long ago , Argentina chose to go to the international monetary fund because of economic pressure (IMF) For help , Both sides 3 month 8 Signed an agreement on ,14 Days later 28 US $100 million . can IMF But added a condition to the agreement , Ask the government to take a tough anti cryptocurrency stance [13].NFT The development of games in Argentina began to be subtle again .

And the largest in Asia 3 A game market ,《Axie Infinity》 etc. NFT The game was shut out , Because of the restrictions of laws and regulations .

China is not open at present NFT Secondary transactions of digital assets , The application of this technology mainly focuses on digital collections and copyright protection ; South Korea's legal civilization does not allow game currency to be exchanged for cash , Japan has a very strict crime of gambling ,NFT Game mode is likely to violate the law .

In conclusion , Tax evasion Disrupt the country's financial system as well as Conflict with existing legal provisions , Many major countries are interested in NFT The main reason why the game is very cautious and even rejected .

Last summer, ,《Axie Infinity》 After creating the revenue myth ,Steam Off the shelves on the spot NFT game , Added a provisional clause to the introductory guide “ No reference to or permission for cryptocurrencies or NFT Blockchain technology based applications for transactions ”.

Under countless punches , The painting style is harmless to humans and animals “Axie” Pets , At this moment, it seems to have become a beast , But still unable to reverse NFT The popularity of games —— After all, the government's minimum living allowance doesn't have that much money .


The end of the

While third world players work in the game , Many European and American game producers and ordinary players are launching a mighty anti - NFT Wave of public opinion .

because 《 Two people in a row 》 And that “F**k the Oscars” And the famous game producer Josef Fares, Recently, there have been new targets .“NFT Will never appear in my game .” This year, 2 month , British game opener Team17 Just announced NFT plan , He was scolded by angry players, sent a document to apologize and shut down the project ; At the same time , Many other game studios have denied Sanlian on social media , Oath and NFT Clear up relationship .

NFT The reason for collective resistance in Europe and the United States is very simple —— Game is an art , and NFT Distort it . When designing products, game companies will give priority to how to make NFT More investment value , Not the game itself .

Talk about art here , They only want to subsidize their families . The response around the game itself is so divided , And expect the game to redistribute wealth , This is a bit absurd .

 income  income

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