Yuancosmos: trap or tuyere?

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yuancosmos trap tuyere

What is the metauniverse ?

1992 American science fiction master Neil · Stephenson is in the novel 《 An avalanche 》 The metauniverse is described in this way (Metaverse):“ Put on headphones and eyeglasses , Find the connection terminal , It can be simulated by computer in the way of virtual separation 、 A virtual space parallel to the real world .”

last year ,Facebook Don't “face”, Was renamed by Zuckerberg “Meta”. Zuckerberg described the meta universe like this :“ Yuancosmos is an immersive Internet , You don't just use or look at it , It's being in it .”“ From the moment we wake up , The moment we go to bed , Be able to jump into the meta universe and do almost anything you can imagine .”

Some professionals say , Yuanuniverse will be the next time after mobile Internet 20 The wave of innovation in grade . There are also people who call , Yuancosmos is a potential market with a scale of tens of trillions .

What new opportunities have the metauniverse created ?

How to define the meta universe ?

The definition of meta universe , There are at least three perspectives .

Basic understanding : Next generation Internet . The next generation Internet can be understood as the Internet of things + Blockchain +AI+ High speed mobile Internet +AR/VR, We call it the meta universe .

Advanced understanding : A new form of human digital survival . From advanced understanding (2.0 edition ) Perspective , The meta universe is an evolution of human social form , It is a real-time mixed living state of human physical survival and digital survival , It is a new form of human digital survival .

Start with high-speed mobile Internet , Many people feel strongly that their physical survival and digital survival go hand in hand . such as , You have a physical identity in real society , There is a real name on the Internet / Pseudonym social media identity or financial identity, etc .

Higher order understanding : A new stage of human cooperation . From a higher-order understanding (3.0 edition ) angle , The meta universe is a new stage of human cooperation .

The core of the meta universe is the high-speed and free flow of value and information between the whole earth and even human beings outside the earth , So that people and things without trust and social relationships can be low-cost 、 Remotely 、 Connect and collaborate in real time .

From the perspective of civilization and the evolution of life on earth , In the era of metauniverse, we can clearly see , After the evolution of human cerebral cortex has greatly improved the ability of cooperation , Mankind has reached a new stage of high cooperation . Human beings will be connected into a huge creature by the meta universe , It has its own brain , Have your own goal orientation , There will also be environmental response behavior .

Four movies understand the metauniverse

《 "Avatar" 》( The twin of personality ).

《 "Avatar" 》 A person who describes the physical world , Connected by machine to another person on Pandora , Two people's personality and thinking are completely consistent . People on Pandora do not know that they are controlled by human beings on earth , He has his own complete resume , Have your own personality . The film reveals very well that in the metauniverse , Almost every real person will have a digital twin in the future .

《 No. 1 player 》( Real economy 、 Integration and interworking of online economy and value ).

《 No. 1 player 》 Reveals a very important feature of the metauniverse , The value of the physical world and the value of the meta universe are integrated and interconnected . The robber character in the movie also robbed in the real world , The realistic props obtained from robbery can help their characters perform better in the online world . This image reveals the real economy and online economy 、 Real value and online value are integrated and interconnected .

《 Out of control players 》( pure AI personality ).

Due to the retention of the game designer , One NPC The character evolved through a long game , Gradually become an uncontrolled game character , The so-called runaway player , This uncontrolled role is completely AI personality , He is convinced that his world is real . This reveals that in the meta cosmic world , We will see more character forms .

《 The matrix 》( The ability of the human brain to create and calculate AI Control and use ).

《 The matrix 》 It shows the war between artificial intelligence and human brain 、 Cooperation and competition , Even though AI Already very strong , But it also requires the creativity and computing power of the human brain , It keeps humans in facilities similar to artificial wombs , This very well reveals AI The process of interacting with the human brain , If not AI Strengthened human brain , It's very weak in the meta universe , But not enhanced by the creativity of the human brain AI, Its evolution must be very slow .

The characteristics of the universe

Matthew yes EpyllionCo The managing partner of , He was in 2020 An article written in 《The Metaverse:What it is,Where to find it and Who will build it》 In this paper, the characteristics of the meta universe are prospectively expounded :

1、 persistent . The characteristics of the meta universe are persistent , It will never reset , Can't pause , It can't end .

2、 Keep synchronized and real-time . The meta universe keeps pace with life in real time , The primordial universe is a living experience , Everyone can continue to 、 Feel and experience it in real time .

3、 A fully functioning economy . Metauniverse is a fully functioning economy , Individuals and businesses can create 、 Own, invest and sell digital assets , The meta universe can be like the real world , Income from work and investment .

4、 Unprecedented interoperability of data and value .

5、 Content is created by users and enjoys value .

How to judge whether a project or service is a meta universe ?

Judge whether a project or service is a typical meta universe :

First of all , To observe whether its data and value have complete and unimpeded interoperability ;

second , It depends on whether its content is created by participating users , At the same time, users also enjoy the value they create ;

Third , It depends on who owns the management power of community rules ;

Fourth , To see the project 、 Whether the service makes the best use of the advantages of the self-contained financial instruments of the meta universe .

The universe is nothing ?

1、 Not a virtual space . Yuan universe and Second Life Dissimilarity ,Second Life Lack of a functioning economy , It's just a virtual space where you can play .

2、 Not virtual reality . Yuan universe and VR/AR Dissimilarity , It is a real-time interaction between physical survival and virtual world , It's interactive .

3、 Not a virtual human . There are at least four or even five characters in the metauniverse .

4、 It's not a game . The universe is not a game , The game is not sustainable , There's no way to keep up with your life experience in real time .

5、 Not a new app store . Yuancosmos is not a new app store , Users can only buy some APP、DAPP Or other services , In fact, the metauniverse is your new platform for work and life , Go further , It is a new platform for you to create and enjoy value .

6、 It's not new UGC platform . Yuanuniverse provides users with space to create assets and sell Asset Services , The primordial universe will also allow these creators to enjoy these values forever , And will never be closed .

How to understand what Liu Cixin said “ The primordial universe is the inner scroll of mankind ”

Liu Cixin mentioned on different occasions , If human beings fall into the meta universe prematurely , It may make mankind miss the opportunity to run to the sea of stars and become an interstellar species , He believes that human beings have two directions , One is the involution into the meta universe , One is to go out and become an interstellar species ,

I think his idea is wrong . I think it's because of the emergence of the meta universe ,DAO The appearance of tissue morphology , Only then can the great project of human beings running to the sea of stars gather more forces with a new organizational form . for instance , musk A great practice is under way —— Human beings rush to Mars , This action is entirely undertaken by Musk's company , It's not fair . If the task can be broken down into several subdivided units , Each unit makes it DAO, Yes 2—4 Million people are willing to participate in this project , And set up mechanisms so that they can get long-term value from some of the successes predicted in the future , This action will be easier to succeed . The primordial universe will not only not become the inner scroll of mankind , On the contrary , It will be human beings running to the sea of stars 、 A start to becoming an interstellar species .

What is? DAO? Scan the QR code below to see more highlights :

What are the technologies of the metauniverse ?

Considering the types of innovative technologies in the meta universe , It can be classified by technology category .

1、 Blockchain .

Distributed computing of blockchain 、 Distributed storage 、 Distributed AI、 Distributed bandwidth and other technologies are undoubtedly innovative technologies of the metauniverse . For blockchain , In particular, its underlying value storage .


AI Technology is also part of the revolutionary or important technological progress of the meta universe . In tradition AI Inside , People with data and AI People don't trust each other , People with data provide data to AI When training , He's worried about data leaks , Distributed AI So that people who have data can get it at any time AI Model , these AI The model can be used directly after data training , But you can't restore the whole AI Model , And can only have AI The right to use the model in a specific field , This model is very good .

3、 High speed mobile Internet

Metauniverse contains high-speed mobile Internet , Therefore, all new technologies related to high-speed mobile Internet are innovative technologies of metauniverse .

4、 The Internet of things

The Internet of things needs some innovative production relations and production methods . First of all, we should integrate the real world environment with economic activities 、 Social activities are fully mapped to the universe in 100% real time , Very large amount of data , The cost is also very high . If you use 5G Network to map , It will be a daily cost .


VR/AR The most important change to the metauniverse , Is a way to change the input and output of meta cosmic information . We first used the keyboard , Later developed to use voice , Yes VR/AR Then the input and output will become more convenient , Especially after the emergence of brain computer interface , The upload and download of information become very good . It should be noted that , The core change in the meta universe is the free flow of value , Immersive experience is very important but not a necessary foundation , It's better to have an immersive experience , It works well without immersive experience .

The ecological application of the yuan universe

In the investment of metauniverse, finally talk about ecology , Mainly because after a lot of disruptive technologies , The current ecology may no longer exist in the future or be completely broken up and reassembled , It is very difficult to describe how ecology will grow in the future meta universe with the current ecology .

1、 Finance

The meta universe has its own financial function , Infrastructure belonging to the meta universe , All applications can use financial services functions for free or at a low cost , In this case, there is no need to add a special financial instrument .

2、 social contact

at present , The major Internet platforms in the world mainly develop social networking , But it is very difficult for this type of business to evolve itself . First of all , It depends on whether it can let content creators enjoy value , The data on social media is personal , But data usufruct is the of the platform , Why does the platform share profits with users ? second , It is difficult to involve social media participants in the meta universe in governance , The platform has supreme power , If you lose power, let users participate in the discussion fairly , The platform is unwilling .

3、 game

In the universe game , At present, only GameFi. Other famous , image Play to Earn, It has created a new model of the global onlooker economy , Its essence is the introduction of Token Value distribution model , Let traditional games achieve some evolution . image Axie Infinity, The whole platform remains 14%—16% Value creation , be left over 84% Share directly with game participants , Its entire economic creation has jumped to the first in the world .

What is? Token? Scan the qr code below , Watch more :

For real metauniverse games , There are a few more points to focus on . The first point , It depends on the player's identity, role and ownership of props and assets , Can you completely return it to the player , Can you let users permanently own . Second point , It depends on how much content the game is created by users , We should look at UGC( User generated content ) The proportion of , Also look at it. UGC How much of the added value is returned to the Creator , Also look at Token Holder of 、 To what extent can the participants of the game participate in community governance .

4、 Data business model

In the whole economic development history of human society , Each stage has a core driving force . If you invest in core drivers , Probably there will be a good return .

such as ,100 Invest in energy... Years ago 、 resources 、 Steel and other basic raw materials , Your yield will be high .1940、1950 Years later, , Advanced manufacturing companies have become the main driving force , Come forth GE、GM、IBM And other advanced manufacturing industries , Your investment will have a great return .1990 Years later, , Almost all of the top market capitalization IT company .2000 Since, it was generally Internet companies .2010 Years later, they are all mobile Internet companies .

The essence of mobile Internet companies is data , It has a just needed product that can attract customers , It could be software 、 Social or game . Its data belongs to the user , But the usufruct of data belongs to the platform . for instance , you are here Meta The data on is your own , A financial company wants to do precision marketing and contact you , You need to pay Meta,Meta Received money to resell your data .

Many economic behaviors, including social behaviors, take place in smart contracts , And smart contracts are open , future Meta Or how Microsoft can survive without data ? This is a problem .

Recently, several new companies have developed capabilities similar to Google data crawler , Crawl out the data in the smart contract in real time ,Infinity Stones and Debank That is the representative. . They do very well in structured data, including functional typing , If you need data in the future, you can bypass the previous platform companies , Direct to Infinity Stones、Debank Such companies buy . Based on this , I think the business form of companies that rely on data operation in the future is very suspicious .

Meta problems derived from the meta universe

1、 Changes in social formation

It began with primitive society , The leader of a tribe in primitive society became more powerful and became a slave owner , When the slave owner managed the interval 、 When the number of managers increases , Forced to enfeoffe relatives and friends as a small Lord to manage , This is feudal society . here we are 14、15 century , Feudal society began to change to modern social form , The most important thing is to require the free circulation of production factors . Evolution has only two consequences for those who fall behind , One is to be destroyed , The second is to evolve into the same form .

In the meta universe , If all companies and platforms are still self-contained 、 Don't circulate with others , There will be no living space .

2、 Changes in human behavior patterns

As technology advances , Humans realize that their consciousness and memory can be uploaded and stored , You can even upload and store your consciousness to your own “ "Avatar" ”.

In the meta universe , People can upload their true personality and memory to “ "Avatar" ”,“ "Avatar" ” both “ "Avatar" ”, Is also the human being , Equivalent to human beings can live forever , So people will gradually look down on life and death . If someone puts someone else's “ "Avatar" ” Delete , Is it equivalent to killing ? Changes in behavior patterns , Cause problems to gradually complicate .

Meta universe entrepreneurship methodology

If you want to start a business in metauniverse , How to plan your direction ?

I'll give you some advice :

First, we should gradually reduce the control of founders and founding capital as much as possible ;

Second, let Token The holder of , Let all participants in business activities , Together to determine the governance rules of the community ;

Third, we should pay more attention to UGC, Let content creators share more of the value they create ;

Fourth, we should make full use of the advantages of the financial instruments of the meta universe , Put the financial model 、 The value distribution model is introduced into your business model ;

Fifth, we should continue to DAO Histomorphological evolution .

Do these five things , It can be said that you created a perfect Web3.0 project .

The primordial universe is the future of mankind “ The nerve center ”

Biological evolution from a human perspective , It may be easier to understand the value of the metauniverse . Probably 35—38 Hundred years ago , Single celled biological cyanobacteria appear on the earth . after 30 More than 100 million years of evolution , The first creature with a nervous system —— jellyfish . It went through again 5000 More than ten thousand years of evolution , The first central nervous organism flatworm appeared . And experience nearly 3 Billion years of development , There are frogs with rudiments of reptile brains .2.25 Hundred years ago , The limbic system developed in the mouse , The embryonic form of the cerebral cortex . - 8000 Thousands of years ago , For the first time, the prototype of cerebral cortex .

- 10 Language appeared ten thousand years ago , This is a revolutionary change for mankind , Language enables knowledge to spread rapidly among human groups , At the same time, it can also coordinate complex group behavior , For example, people can communicate through voice, involving more complex hunting , Hunt more animals .

- 4—6 Ten thousand years ago, a major event in the history of human evolution occurred , The second generation of Homo sapiens eliminated the first generation of Homo sapiens . Because the second generation of Homo sapiens has virtual imagination , They can believe in things they haven't seen at all , For example, the second generation of Homo sapiens believed in the king and obeyed the king's orders , Let the tribe maintain good cohesion while expanding , Successfully annihilated the stronger 、 The first generation of Homo sapiens who ran faster but had an uncoordinated team .

1 Thousands of years ago , Man began to build cities . - 6000 Years ago , Human beings have written . Due to the emergence of words , Make transnational 、 The spread of intergenerational knowledge becomes feasible . The accumulation of human knowledge 、 The speed of knowledge iteration is greatly accelerated , No creature can compare with human beings .

1990 After the advent of the Internet in , Information from all over the world has been exchanged more conveniently , There are no brain centers and neural networks in this period , Everyone can see the information , But you can't make decisions .

After the emergence of the yuan universe Token Model ,Token Similar to dopamine in the brain , Can make the earth 2—10 Million people are interested in doing one thing together , And people can benefit from it , The advantage is that Token.

The emergence of the meta universe is of great significance to human evolution , No less important than the cerebral cortex . It is due to the emergence of the meta universe , Make the human earth giant have a brain for the first time , With goal orientation , With dopamine stimulation . The emergence of the meta universe will accelerate the evolution of human beings towards interstellar species .

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