Tencent wechat and ant group successively tightened the rules of digital collection platform, and the gray area was further compressed

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tencent wechat ant group successively

In the near future , Ant group and Tencent have tightened regulations on digital collection platforms . Whale probe has raised the upper penalty limit for users who violate the rules , Tencent wechat has recently removed several digital collection platform applets , And closed the official account of several digital collection platforms. .

Insiders told blockchain daily , At present, the collection attribute of domestic digital collections is greater than the financial attribute ,“ Still exploring a regulatory compliance based approach 、 Orderly management 、 Asset safety and the way to eliminate the false and preserve the true ”.


Tightening regulations , narrow “ Grey areas ”

Ant group's digital collection platform “ Whale probe ” Expressed in the latest updated service agreement , It is found that users organize transactions outside the platform in a way that constitutes criminal activities , Or using plug-ins to rush to buy digital collections constitutes a crime , take “ Report to the police and transfer to the judicial authority for handling ”.

On the other side , Tencent from 2 month 21 After the only official art applet off the shelf , So far, wechat applets on multiple digital collection platforms have been removed from the shelves .

Within a short time after the applet is taken off the shelf , The only purchase channel for digital collections on the art platform is transferred from WeChat to Alipay. , But at present, the only official art website is the only way to buy .

3 month 10 Japan , Dongyi Yuandian issued a statement saying that Tencent banned the official applet in violation of regulations ;3 month 13 Japan , The West Lake No. 1 digital collection platform launched by wanshili said that the service of the applet was suspended .

The digital collection belongs to the unopened field of wechat applet , This is the reason why these small programs were taken off the shelf .

“ involve C Any transaction at the cost of end users , It is a service category that is not open to applets ,” Tencent wechat responded to blockchain daily ,“ Generally speaking , If secondary resale is involved , It's going to be taken off the shelf .”

however , Tencent wechat said ,“ West Lake one “ The applet has not been released , Dongyi Yuandian involves sales , So it was taken off the shelf .

Visual China's digital collection platform “ Meta vision ” The applet page also displays its “ Service has been suspended due to violation ”. however , be known as “ Meta visual art network ” Your applet can still be used normally , The home page of the applet shows the Dunhuang museum to be sold IP The series of artworks are consistent with the official website of meta vision .

The reporter asked about the difference between the two small programs , As of the time of publication, no reply has been received .

Except for applet , There are more than one digital collection platform WeChat official account closed. . According to incomplete statistics of Journalists , Include “ Digital collection 、 Blockchain content e-commerce platform ” Earth Zero 、“ Casting 、 trading platform ” Meta principal space 、 Shenda yuan universe, including the near 10 The official account is closed. .

among , Earth Zero is suspected of fraud , The account has been stopped ; The rest of the official account page shows “ Failure to obtain legal permit or license , Release 、 Spreading or engaging in relevant business activities ” And be shut down .


Strictly restrict secondary transactions ,NFT How the value of continues ?

“ The reason for the strict restriction of digital collection speculation lies in the strict restriction of digital collection . in real life , Any commodity has the possibility of speculation , But in essence , The process of trading digital collections is the process of trading non homogenous tokens .” Beijing Deheng Law firm partner lawyer Liu Yang said .

He thinks that , Why did detective whale change the relevant terms of service , And 3 month 1 The new amendments officially implemented on 《 Interpretation of several issues concerning the specific application of law in the trial of criminal cases of illegal fund-raising 》 There is a certain relationship .

In this judicial interpretation , Virtual currency trading behavior is included . Liu Yang said , It shows that the “ The attitude of judicial organs to crack down on virtual currency crime ”.

Guoxin Securities research report pointed out that , Countries in NFT There are more and more clear attribution and supervision in product identification , At the same time, they have made efforts to prevent illegal fund-raising and money laundering .

And abroad NFT The difference in the market is , The domestic NFT Pricing and sales in RMB , And not yet open NFT The second transaction , Limited donation can only be made within the scope of platform rules . however , There are still players trading digital collections outside the platform through OTC trading .

Previous news , Because of the private sale of Digital Collections , Whale probe “ Restrict the transfer of ” The way to punish 56 Users . In the new user protocol , Significantly increased the upper penalty limit for users who violate the rules , The most serious violation is punishable by “ Permanently block accounts ” Penalty for .

“ The current market is still very early , More experimental attempt ,” Distributed technology CEO Dahong Fei pointed out to the reporter , The development of domestic digital collections “ Still exploring a regulatory compliance based approach 、 Orderly management 、 Asset safety and the way to eliminate the false and preserve the true ”.

At present , The collection attribute of domestic digital collections is greater than the financial attribute .

Da Hongfei explained in the interview , The domestic digital collection market is mainly “ Head Internet as infrastructure and platform provider , Content provided by media and cultural and creative enterprises ”, Top down development , The core is still the authorization system , Highlight the collection function , Weakening the trading attribute of the secondary market .

contrary , overseas NFT The development of is more top-down , From community culture ,NFT The value of comes more from the transaction value 、 Community consensus and cultural identity .

Strict restrictions on secondary transactions in China , It also gave birth to different speculation in the market . So put aside speculation ,NFT How will the value of be released sustainably ?

It is worth noting that ,NFT Its application is not limited to digital collections , For example, decentralized finance is also widely used overseas NFT Technical standards deal with issues such as non-homogeneous asset certificates .

Guohai Securities Research Report also pointed out that ,NFT And NFT The value of the trading platform can only be realized through the enabling industry . If the metauniverse can be realized step by step ,NFT It is expected to penetrate, including culture and art 、 Fashion clothes 、 retail 、 Real estate and other fields ; If the meta universe and NFT The development speed of relevant infrastructure is lower than expected , that NFT It may go through the process of foaming. , In art 、 Collection 、 Several core application scenarios of fan economy play the role of asset confirmation .

With the yuan universe 、Web3.0 The rise of the concept of ,NFT As an indispensable underlying technology , It must be the direction of continuous efforts of large factories .” Liu Yang pointed out to reporters ,“ But in the process of development , We also need to be vigilant against criminals using digital collections to commit crimes .”

He further explained , Once the crime has a certain scale , Or involving the vital interests of the masses , The resulting policy risks are not what these big factories want to see .

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