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uncover home office silicon valley

lately ,Facebook The parent company is metauniverse (Meta) Outgoing message , Following Paypal Co founder Peter · Thiel (Peter Thiel) after , Mark, another member of the company's board of Directors · Anderson (Marc Andreessen), Maybe this year 5 Out of the re-election of the board of directors in June .

mark · Anderson 2008 Joined in Facebook 's board of directors , At present, he is the longest serving director of the board of Directors . And his term of office may be forced to shorten , Because he invested a lot in web3 Related items , The investment amount is billions of dollars , Including the fund company he co founded AndreessenHorowitz, And his single family office , In the past one or two years, we have been in heavy positions web3、 Blockchain 、 Projects in areas such as cryptocurrency .

and Meta The company is also planning its own web3 project . The latest news says ,Meta Has applied for 8 One and USPTO Related trademarks , among 6 One is related to cryptocurrency and the meta universe .Meta And plan to put NFT introduce Instagram and Facebook Two social platforms .

thus , The situation becomes a little subtle . before , Peter · Tyre was forced to leave because of a conflict of interest Meta Board of directors , With mark · Anderson is on the blockchain 、NFT、 Continuous investment in cryptocurrency , Leave Meta Board of directors , It seems only a matter of time .

from “ Silicon Valley genius ” To top investors

mark · Anderson is a legend in Silicon Valley . He 1971 Born in Cedar Falls, Iowa , The formation of his personality , It basically began with the time spent in rural Wisconsin .9 At the age of , He used books borrowed from the library , Self study BASIC Programming .

later , He entered the University of Illinois to study computer science . in the meantime , He became a part-time assistant at the school's National Center for supercomputer applications , ad locum , He wrote UNIX Code , You can make money in an hour 6.85 dollar .

It's here too , mark · Anderson learned about Berners, the father of the World Wide Web · Li (Berners-Lee) Open standards for the World Wide Web , With the help of colleagues , He developed a browser that can run on different computer operating systems , That is after Mosaic( Mosaic ).

At the time , What Americans browse online ,90% It's all local content . and Mosaic It is the first time in the history of the Internet to be widely used 、 A web browser that can display pictures , adopt Mosaic, People can browse the content of the world , It opens the door to the world for the public .

1993 year 12 month ,《 The New York times 》 The writer praised Mosaic, As a “ A so different 、 Such a useful application , It may have created a new industry from scratch ”.

mark · Anderson also attracted the attention of Silicon Valley graphics company (Silicon Graphics) Founder Jim · lakshmi (Jim Clark) Attention , The latter is looking for new business ventures . With Jim · Lacker provided 400 Thousands of dollars , mark · Anderson 1994 year 10 In June, Netscape was established (Netscape) After the company , In the second year, the company successfully IPO, It once occupied... In the Internet search engine market 75% Market share .1999 year , AOL to 42 Buy Netscape for $100 million , Anderson got his first huge fortune .

It's also in this period , Mark, who had been unknown before · Anderson began to walk up to the front desk , Become a star in Silicon Valley .1996 year , He appeared in 《 Time 》 On the cover of the magazine , Matching questions “ Gold geek ”(The Golden Geeks). stay 《 Time 》 In the pictures published in the magazine , He sat on the throne barefoot , From then on, he became famous .

After selling Netscape , mark · Anderson started his second venture , He and Ben · Horowitz (BenHorowitz)、 Tim · House, (Tim Howes) Together set up a cloud computing company Loudcloud. This is the first company to propose cloud computing and Saas Conceptual company , Later renamed Opsware,2007 In, he was named by HP as 16 $100 million price acquisition .

Two startups made Anderson a huge fortune . Anderson began to transform into an investor , And Ben · Together, Horowitz founded a company of 3 A $billion venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz.

“ Create wealth through science and technology ” The mark of · Anderson believes “ Technology will make the world a better place ”, therefore Andreessen Horowitz Has been committed to supporting those who create through technology 、 Building Future Entrepreneurs , In favor of the seed wheel 、 Early and growing companies ,Facebook、airbnb、Twitter、Instagram、Lyft as well as Pinterest etc. , And in 2013 Since, it has officially entered the field of digital assets .

Up to now ,Andreessen Horowitz Assets under management , From the beginning 3 Billion dollars , increased 20 One hundred million yuan , Become the largest in the investment industry VC One of the companies .

mark · Anderson has also become a man of the moment in Silicon Valley , Fame and wealth fly together .2021 year , He is in 17 Billion dollars , Ranked No. 1 on the Forbes Global rich list 1833 position , Forbes magazine “2020 Forbes list of the world's best venture capitalists ”.

By Mark · Anderson on digital assets 、 Blockchain and other technologies , In recent years, his family office has also continued to take heavy positions in blockchain 、 Cryptocurrency and other items .

mark · Although Anderson is active in the media , But his single family office is rather low-key .Pitchbook Information display , His family office “ mark · Anderson ”, With his strong personal color . The home office is headquartered in Louisville, a suburb of Denver, Colorado , In an active state , Professionals only 1 people , It should be mark · Anderson himself , investment projects 11 individual .

Because his family office has a very distinctive personal color , So in terms of investment , Also deeply loved by Mark · Anderson's enthusiasm for blockchain general ledger system , The system produced cryptocurrency 、NFT(Non-FungibleToken, Nonhomogeneous tokens )、 The universe and Web3 New technologies such as , These technologies will end Google and Facebook The power of , Ordinary people will be able to own and control their own data .

recently , The family office is in the blockchain 、web3、 Cryptocurrency and other fields are frequently sold , Include :

2018 year , Anderson and Paypal The first COO David · Sykes (DavidSacks)、 Elard, co-founder of gene testing service platform · Jill (EladGil) Together , Invested in American blockchain investment institutions Multicoin Capital.Multicoin Is an asset management company optimistic about digital currency ,2021 year 12 month , The company and Electric Capital The lead ,Jump Capital、Sequoia Capital And so on , Together Solana Block browser Solscan Seed wheel 400 Ten thousand dollar financing .Solana Operating Solscan Block browser , Receive... Every month 1.8 Billion data requests .

A recent investment by Anderson , It's headquartered in Chicago NFT fund Sfermion. The fund 2019 By author and blogger Andrew · Stanwald founded , yes NFT Leaders and thought leaders in the field of investment , This round of financing will raise 1 $billion to support NFT, The fund also attracted The currency Cameron, the leader of (Cameron)、 Taylor · Winklevos (TylerWinklevoss), as well as Andreessen Horowitz Chris, general partner - Dixon (ChrisDixon).

As a well-known venture capitalist , mark · Anderson's investment style 、 Strategy , It's hard not to have an impact on the investment in his family office .

Avid digital asset enthusiasts

As Andreessen Horowitz Co-founder of , From the company's investment style , We can also see that mark · Anderson's investment direction and strategy .

Blockchain 、 Cryptocurrency 、NFT New technologies such as , It's also Andreessen Horowitz Key investment projects . according to CBInsights reports ,2020 year ,Andreessen Horowitz Invested 6 A related project . Investment projects cover many fields , Including financial services 、 Enterprises 、 Financial technology 、 consumption 、 The media 、 entertainment 、 Medical health, etc .

To 2021 year , The company invested in 43 A blockchain 、 Encryption related investment projects , yes 2020 Year of 7 times , Include BoredApes Of YugaLabs、SamAltman Dystopia “ World currency ”(Worldcoin), And bitcoin project NEARProtocol etc. . Same year ,Andreessen Horowitz Also announced the establishment of 22 Billion dollar fund , Investment includes engaging in blockchain 、 Startups such as digital assets .

“ We believe that , The next wave of computing innovation , Will be driven by encryption technology .” Company partners Katie Haun and Chris Dixon Express .

Andreessen Horowitz Is a fanatical fan of digital assets , To invest in blockchain 、 Digital assets such as cryptocurrency ,Andreessen Horowitz How hard is it ?

As early as 2019 year , because SEC Regulations , Cryptocurrency 、 Blockchain and other digital assets are invested in “ High risk ” investment , Such equity investments and secondary market transactions or funds or token investment , No more than traditional VC Of the fund 20%. In order to break through 20% The limit of ,Andreessen Horowitz Directly renounce the original VC Pattern , Transform into a financial consulting company , So as to increase the investment in digital assets such as cryptocurrency , The goal is to manage it 20 Half of a billion dollars ,10 Billion dollars , Invest in blockchain 、 Cryptocurrency, etc .

actually ,Andreessen Horowitz At present, it is already the largest investment institution in the field of digital assets .

It can also be seen that ,Andreessen Horowitz And mark · Anderson's emphasis on digital assets , This emphasis also reflects his emphasis on Technology 、 social 、 Financial understanding .

mark · When Anderson talked about investment philosophy , It was said that “ Never invest in something you don't know ”. Relying on the Internet 、 Venture capitalists who started with technology , He has always believed that technology changes the world . stay Andreessen Horowitz On our website , He once wrote an article 《 Technology saves the world 》 The article , Talk about how technology can change people's lives in the epidemic 、 Work and study .

And in his eyes , Which technologies will have a far-reaching impact ? The answer is :1975 Personal computer invented in ,1993 The Internet appeared in , Now? , yes 2014 Bitcoin invented in .

In an interview with Bloomberg , He mentioned , Why digital assets are a long-term investment choice ? Because one of the characteristics of digital assets is , They can be in “ Create a trust relationship in an environment that lacks trust ”. He thinks that , Virtual currency represents a kind of “ Fundamental technological change ”, therefore , Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are much more important than money . He even because Twitter cofounder 、 front CEO jack - Dorsey attacked web3, And in the Twitter Pull up and black the latter .

As an investor , He will choose to invest in those “ Significant 、 Influential ” The company has long held , And more likely to be in the seed wheel 、 Get involved when you're growing up , So as to avoid the company in order to survive , Premature commercialization .

however , When selecting projects , mark · Anderson has another “ addiction ”: He will choose those with the founders 、CEO Projects with intersection .

Every year, ,Andreessen Horowitz The investment projects received are about 2000 about , He'll talk to the founders of these startups 、CEO To assess the , Then choose about 40-50 A project .

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