Hangzhou girl bought a lipstick with digital RMB! It's so novel for me to call you: you're the first order

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hangzhou girl bought lipstick digital

Qianjiang Evening News

yesterday , Hangzhou welcomes the pilot landing of digital RMB ,

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour newsman

Yintai in Hubin business district in the center of Hangzhou in77D A beauty area ,

Try the labor bank digital RMB wallet and buy a lipstick ,

The cabinet brother said :

“ This is also my first digital RMB Bill ,

It's new .”

4 month 2 Japan 18:00 xu ,

The central bank's official wechat release

《 The people's Bank of China held a symposium on the pilot work of digital RMB research and development 》.

Mentioned in the text :“ Expand the pilot scope in an orderly manner , Tianjin will be added to the existing pilot areas 、 Chongqing City 、 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 、 Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province 、 Zhejiang Province is the host of the Asian Games 6 Cities as pilot areas ”. in other words , Hangzhou 、 ningbo 、 wenzhou 、 shaoxing 、 jinhua 、 Huzhou has become a pilot city of digital RMB .

For digital RMB , We are no stranger .

before , Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xiongan 、 Chengdu and 2022 The Beijing Winter Olympic Games scene has become the first batch of pilot areas and scenes . later , Shanghai 、 hainan 、 Changsha 、 Xi'an 、 Qingdao and Dalian also joined .

Regarding this , We have raised such questions more than once : When will the digital RMB arrive in Zhejiang ?

Now? , The digital RMB has finally come . You can download digital RMB App Register to use , You can also open a multi currency account at a bank outlet and use it .

What is digital RMB ? Alipay 、 What's the difference between wechat payment ? How to use digital RMB ? Here it is , Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter sorted out several hot issues for you , Let's get to know this new RMB member at a close distance .

1、 What is digital RMB ?

The digital RMB is not a new currency , It is legal tender in digital form issued by the people's Bank of China , It's similar to the banknotes we're familiar with 、 Coin equivalence . Popular speaking , It is the electronic version of RMB .

2、 Digital Renminbi and Alipay 、 How is wechat payment different ?

Digital Renminbi and Alipay 、 Third party payments such as wechat payment are essentially different . We can think of it this way : Digital RMB is money , Alipay and WeChat pay for wallets . Alipay and WeChat pay the money in these wallets. , Digital RMB can also be installed .

In terms of payment experience , Digital RMB also has unique advantages . Digital RMB supports dual offline payment , in other words , Even if neither the payee nor the payer has a network , Digital RMB can still complete the payment function , While Alipay and WeChat pay, they need network support. .

3、 How to own digital RMB ?

First , You can download it “ Digital RMB APP”, And sign up 、 land , After converting some digital RMB , You can use .

Of course , You can also go to the bank outlet for registration and exchange . ICBC 、 ABC 、 Bank of China 、 CCB 、 bocom 、 Postal savings bank 、 All branches of China Merchants Bank can handle it . in addition , E-commerce bank and Weizhong bank also support digital RMB business .

In addition to the digital RMB APP, Hard wallets can also hold digital RMB . follow-up , Banking institutions in pilot cities will also launch corresponding hard wallets one after another , Members of the public are welcome to apply .

4、 How to use digital RMB ?

In the process of using digital RMB , Alipay 、 The use of wechat payment is similar , This is also an important reason why people sometimes can't distinguish between the two . Consumers can scan 、 Payment is made in the form of face brushing and touch .

5、 What is a hard wallet ? For whom ?

The earliest digital RMB Hard Wallet looks like the familiar bus IC Card almost . Its advantage is that it doesn't need mobile phones and APP, You can put your money in a hard wallet , You can touch and pay . There are some hard wallets and ink screens , On this small screen , It can display the real-time transaction amount and balance .

The bank of China, Hard Wallet displayed in digital RMB innovation and Application Laboratory of Zhejiang Branch .

Now? , There are more and more patterns in hard wallets , Bracelet 、 watch 、 Even a hard wallet in the form of a keychain , All have been launched to the market .

Hard Wallet displayed in the digital RMB innovation and Application Laboratory of Bank of China Zhejiang Branch .

Hard Wallet for no Smartphone 、 Or you won't use a smartphone “ Young and old ” Very friendly , Old people and children can consume with hard wallets .

For the problem of Hard Wallet loss that we are worried about , And don't worry about it . As long as you apply for a hard wallet , Compare it with the number of people in your family APP Binding , Once the hard wallet is lost , mobile phone APP Can be done “ Report the loss of ”, Even if someone picks it up, it can't be consumed .

6、 What are the benefits of using digital RMB ?

There are many advantages of using digital RMB . such as , Digital RMB and deposits 、 There is no handling charge when changing paper money , While the third-party payment is being withdrawn, most of them need to charge a certain handling fee .

The issuance of digital RMB does not need banknote printing paper 、 Ink, etc , Issuance costs can be reduced , There will be no counterfeit currency and RMB damage .

Digital RMB relies on blockchain technology , In case of fraud , Traceability . This is of great help in cracking down on crimes .

From a broader perspective , Digital RMB is more convenient in the field of settlement and settlement of international transactions , It is conducive to the RMB going to the world .

editor : Tang Jing

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