What imagination space will be opened by adding another 11 cities in the digital RMB pilot area?

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imagination space opened adding cities

Central bank increase 11 Cities as digital RMB pilot areas . According to the central bank website 4 month 2 Daily news , The central bank recently held a symposium on the pilot work of digital RMB research and development , It is decided to build on the existing pilot areas , increase 11 This city serves as a pilot area for digital RMB . The new pilot areas include : tianjin 、 Chongqing City 、 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 、 Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province 、 Zhejiang Province is the host of the Asian Games 6 Cities ( Hangzhou 、 ningbo 、 wenzhou 、 huzhou 、 shaoxing 、 jinhua ).

Thepaper.cn reporter Hou Jiacheng

before , The pilot areas of digital RMB include Shanghai 、 hainan 、 Changsha 、 Xi'an 、 Qingdao 、 dalian 、 Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xiongan New Area 、 Ten places in Chengdu and Beijing Winter Olympics venue . The symposium also mentioned , Beijing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province are in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 After the pilot of the winter Paralympic Games, it will be changed to the pilot area . thus , The pilot area of digital RMB has covered four municipalities directly under the central government .

The meeting also requested , The digital RMB R & D pilot will adhere to “ Double layer operation ” framework , Give full play to the advantages and role of the designated operation organization , We will strengthen pilot applications and the construction of ecological systems . Strengthen the construction of safety and risk prevention and control system , Improve relevant laws, regulations and standard systems , Deepen the study of theoretical issues , Continue to consolidate the pilot foundation of digital RMB research and development .

 Digital RMB App Show the latest pilot areas and operating institutions Digital RMB App Show the latest pilot areas and operating institutions

at present , The designated operating institutions of digital RMB include ICBC 、 ABC 、 Bank of China 、 CCB 、 bocom 、 Postal savings bank China Merchants Bank 、 Small Banks 、 E-commerce bank, etc .

 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch's digital RMB publicity poster Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Zhejiang Branch's digital RMB publicity poster

Su Xiaorui, senior analyst of Analysys financial industry, told surging news that , After the foreshadowing of a series of pilot work in the early stage and the expansion of various scenes , Digital RMB has now accumulated rich application experience , The frequency of use continues to increase , The number of wallets opened continues to expand , Overall, it shows a positive development trend .

According to the data previously released by the central bank , By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 808.51 m , Accumulated opening of personal wallet 2.61 One hundred million , Transaction amount 875.65 One hundred million yuan .

“ This watch , The expansion of the digital RMB pilot is also expected .” Su Xiaorui said , This expansion covers both Tianjin 、 A municipality directly under the central government like Chongqing , Will also be Zhejiang 、 fujian 、 Developed cities in Guangdong and other coastal areas are included , These areas have two characteristics : First, it has good infrastructure ; Second, it has rich application scenarios , Enable more merchants to access the digital RMB application system , It can also enable more people in the region to experience convenient digital RMB payment services , So as to lay a solid foundation for the smooth development of the pilot work of digital RMB .

Wang Zhicheng, associate professor of finance at Guanghua School of management, Peking University, also told surging news , The choice of these cities is to further expand the consumption scene , The selected are more important than the pilot cities in the early stage , It belongs to the mainstream of the new first and second tier cities , Cities with consumption characteristics , It means a deeper promotion of digital RMB , It will be used more widely , The scale of use will also be greatly improved , More comprehensive and closer to the whole country .

“ All localities are actively striving for pilot qualifications .” Citic securities, Yang Zeyuan, chief computer industry analyst, mentioned in the Research Report , The pilot scope of digital RMB continues to expand 、 Application content continues to deepen 、 The process of continuously enriching application scenarios , It will run through the whole “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ”, Gradually bring digital RMB to the industrial end 、 Construction and use of commercial application end .

Su Xiaorui also said , It is expected that the digital RMB will continue to advance steadily , While the pilot area continues to expand , More users will open digital RMB wallets and use digital RMB . Scene aspect , The following types are expected to be more abundant , From the original pilot of small retail , Gradually extend to large payment 、 Cross border payment and other fields , It is suggested that large platforms with rich Internet facilities and broad user base should actively participate in the digital RMB pilot project .

“ Digital RMB as the payment infrastructure in the era of digital economy , Promotion is the general trend . Based on the characteristics of digital RMB , Users' payment habits and mobile payment market pattern may welcome the opportunity to reshape , The active participation of various manufacturers is expected to bring more imagination to the promotion and application of digital RMB .” Yang Zeyuan said , Digital RMB has the technical conditions for cross-border use , It is also expected to extend from retail to cross-border payment in the future , Combine the first mover advantage to strengthen the international competitiveness of RMB . With the continuous promotion of digital RMB application , Relevant industrial chains are expected to continue to benefit , It is suggested to pay attention to the manufacture of hard wallets 、 Collection equipment & Acceptance terminal supporting transformation 、 Construction of commercial banking system 、 Security technology related service providers .

Wanlian Securities said , With the orderly expansion of pilot cities and pilot scenes , The use frequency of digital RMB will increase rapidly , It will help to test the performance of the digital RMB system more deeply , Make it further improve to the steady-state easy-to-use level at the technical level . In the process , Digital RMB related software and hardware manufacturers are expected to benefit .

Anxin securities previously pointed out that , It is only calculated from the infrastructure and system transformation of commercial banks , The whole digital RMB transformation is expected to drive the total 1165 The investment scale of 100 million yuan , Include ATM Transform the market 507 One hundred million yuan 、 Smart counter market 114 One hundred million yuan 、POS Transform the market 192 One hundred million yuan 、 Hard Wallet market 339 One hundred million yuan 、 Bank IT System transformation market 13 One hundred million yuan .

The six major state-owned commercial banks, as the designated operating institutions of digital RMB, are also in their 2021 The annual report in disclosed the latest progress and next step direction of digital RMB .

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China In the annual report , ICBC is speeding up e Construction of living platform , advance “ The credit card + Digital RMB ” Integration and innovation , Realize digital RMB e Life pays 、 QR code payment transaction closed loop .

Bank for economic construction Disclosure , By 2021 end of the year , The number of RMB transactions accumulated by the bank 8475 More than ten thousand 、 About 435 One hundred million yuan .

The bank of China, Disclosure , Its mobile banking function continues to upgrade , The number of digital RMB wallets has increased exponentially . The bank deeply integrates digital RMB business with characteristic scenes , The number of opened scenarios and the number of merchant stores , Current market share 34% and 36%, Ranking first among all operating organizations .

Agricultural bank of Express , It has set up a financial science and technology innovation center in xiong'an new area , Carry out research and application promotion in the frontier fields of financial science and technology . meanwhile , Establish a digital RMB Engineering Office , Strengthen the professional strength of digital RMB R & D and Application .

The postal savings bank also said , The total number of functional components of online digital RMB products exceeds 230 individual , Covers personal wallets 、 Corporate Wallet 、 Merchant Collection 、 Various aspects of operation management , Continuously improve the ability of digital RMB payment services . meanwhile , Add a level-1 digital RMB department in the head office , Strengthen the organizational support for the development of digital RMB business .

Bank of Communications Disclosure , Its application scenario of landing digital RMB last year is 23.64 m ; It took the lead in realizing the National Digital RMB signing and tax payment business in Hainan Province . meanwhile , Bocom is further exploring the application of digital RMB to enterprises 、 Industrial digital transformation and integration , With ( Not ) Financial ecological scene construction , Build an ecosystem for common development with customers .

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