The third batch of pilot cities of digital RMB appeared! There are several ways to improve its universality and availability

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International financial bulletin

Central bank website 4 month 2 Daily news , The central bank recently held a symposium on the pilot work of digital RMB research and development , Announced the orderly expansion of the pilot scope , Tianjin will be added to the existing pilot areas 、 Chongqing City 、 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 、 Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province 、 Zhejiang Province is the host of the Asian Games 6 Cities as pilot areas . Beijing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province are in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 After the pilot of the winter Paralympic Games, it will be changed to the pilot area .

People in the industry generally believe that , Based on the positioning of meeting domestic retail payment demand , As the pilot enters, it covers more areas 、 Of the wider population “ The third stage ”, Digital RMB will put more emphasis on the in-depth penetration of people's lives , And effectively stimulate people's livelihood consumption . In this new stage , Digital RMB will further accelerate the popularization of pilot projects , It can cover more retail and life service scenarios faster , Let the digital RMB settle down to serve the real economy and people's life faster , Promote the universality and availability of digital RMB on a larger scale .

The third batch of pilot cities appeared

The meeting held that ,2017 Since then , The people's Bank of China will work with all participating institutions , With the strong support of the Party committee and government in the pilot area , Overall grasp 、 Careful organization , We will steadily carry out pilot projects , Dynamically improve business technology design , Continuously innovate application scenarios , Focus on solving the difficult and painful problems of financial services , Preliminarily verified the relevant theories of digital RMB 、 policy 、 Business and technical feasibility and reliability .

at present , Digital RMB has been in wholesale and retail 、 Catering Cultural Tourism 、 Government fees and other fields have formed a number of areas covering online 、 Replicable and popularized application mode ,2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 Successful pilot projects such as the Paralympic Games , Users participating in the pilot 、 Merchant 、 The transaction scale has grown steadily , The market responded well .

The meeting pointed out that , With the deepening of pilot testing , The research and development of digital RMB shows its convenience 、 Optimize the universality 、 Highlight innovation 、 Security 、 Reflect compliance 、 We are facing new situations and problems in strengthening sustainability , Further research and exploration are needed .

The meeting stressed , The pilot research and development of digital RMB should adhere to the embodiment of “ People's nature ”, Expanding the coverage of financial services , Improve the level of Inclusive Financial Services , Help local economic development , Support the construction of digital government , Improve the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy , Play a greater role in improving the business environment . We should adhere to marketization , In the development of digital RMB 、 Extension 、 In the process of popularization , Policy design should fully stimulate financial institutions 、 Technology enterprises 、 The enthusiasm and creativity of local governments and other parties , In promoting the operation, we should encourage competition . We should adhere to the rule of law , Carry out all work in accordance with the law , Carry out legal construction in a forward-looking manner , Ensure the security of the digital RMB system , Grasp the relationship between privacy protection and crime prevention , In depth study of the potential impact on the financial system and other aspects .

The meeting demanded , next step , All relevant participants shall act in accordance with “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Plan and deploy , Adhere to the seek improvement in stability work general tone , Each has his own responsibility 、 Work together , We will steadily promote the pilot research and development of digital RMB . insist “ Double layer operation ” framework , Give full play to the advantages and role of the designated operation organization , We will strengthen pilot applications and the construction of ecological systems . Strengthen the construction of safety and risk prevention and control system , Improve relevant laws, regulations and standard systems , Deepen the study of theoretical issues , Continue to consolidate the pilot foundation of digital RMB research and development .

Wang Pengbo, a senior financial analyst at Broadcom consulting, is right 《 International financial bulletin 》 The reporter said , Digital RMB is in 2021 Year to 2022 At the beginning of the year, the test points show three characteristics : First of all , Comprehensive coverage of key areas , It basically covers “ Changjiang delta ”“ Pearl River Delta ”“ Beijing Tianjin Hebei ”、 In the middle 、 In the west 、 The northeast 、 Northwest and other different regions ; second , The pilot scale has expanded rapidly , Whether it's the transaction size or the number of wallets opened , Both set new highs ; Third , The architecture of digital currency operation system is complete , The operation organization has been fully connected to , work 、 farmers 、 in 、 build 、 hand over 、 Postal savings 、 China merchants 、 Micro public 、 E-commerce 9 The bank is listed as a direct operating organization . Digital RMB is independent APP It has been put into operation , WeChat 、 US group and Alipay on behalf of the Internet platform to access digital Renminbi. . existing 24 Jiacheng commercial bank is connected to the digital people's interconnection platform through the city bank clearing center , And participate in the pilot .

Improve universal benefit and availability

The reporter 4 month 2 Japan learned from meituan that , Meituan announced the issuance of digital RMB consumption subsidies to the residents of the third batch of pilot cities . From now on , Guangzhou 、 tianjin 、 Chongqing, etc 11 Residents of the new pilot city of digital RMB can open meituan APP Search for “ Digital RMB ”, Complete the registration and receive the value 40 RMB consumption gift package .

according to the understanding of , The consumption subsidy covers the offline clothing, food, housing and transportation of urban residents 200 Various daily consumption scenarios for people's livelihood , Consumers can eat in the store or take out 、 Buying vegetables 、 Watch movies and other ways to taste digital RMB . This is the first important action of scenario support institutions to respond to the orderly expansion of the pilot scope of digital RMB , It is also another measure taken by meituan to actively help the pilot R & D of digital RMB to settle down and serve the real economy and people's life .

Meituan said , With the extensive penetration of digital RMB, catering takeout 、 Shopping for vegetables and other scenes of people's daily life , It boosts consumption 、 The value of service entities is further highlighted . This time, people's livelihood consumption gift bags will be distributed in the new pilot cities , It aims to further stimulate the inclusive value of digital RMB , While accelerating the popularization of digital RMB in new pilot cities , Drive the recovery of consumption under the current ground line 、 Help local economic development .

Wang Pengbo pointed out , The pilot and promotion of digital RMB can focus on the following aspects: :

First, we should continue to cover more small and high-frequency consumption scenarios , In order to speed up the popularization of digital RMB . In the previous pilot process , This aspect has been continuously promoting , For example, make more use of Internet platforms to improve the coverage of merchants and scenes , Expand leverage efficiency .

Second, we can explore more modes of operation , Issuing one-time red envelopes is a good way to face users who have not used digital RMB yet , It enables users to quickly familiarize themselves with and bind digital RMB wallets . besides , You can also explore some that can cycle many times 、 Patterns that increase user stickiness , For example, some Internet consumption portals are combined to issue red envelope consumption vouchers , Increase their hematopoietic capacity for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises . This model is different from the activity of ending relevant services by issuing consumer vouchers only once , Can form a user 、 Merchant 、 Platform and digital RMB: a win-win long-term sustainable model , Explore the way for the business model of digital RMB to form a virtuous circle .

Third, we can properly focus on the characteristics of digital RMB , Do some innovation in promotion mode , Digital RMB “ Payment is settlement ”“ Smart contract is equipped with ”“ The two streams of capital and information are unified ” And other features will promote payment transactions more convenient , This aspect is particularly suitable for solving the existing problems in the fields of directional payment and credit financing . So from the scene , You can also explore more B Application of digital RMB in end payment and corporate payment .

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