In depth analysis of NFT industry

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depth analysis nft industry

NFT It is a non homogenization token that maps specific assets , It is essentially a smart contract based on Ethereum , The user's ownership of specific assets is marked through blockchain , bring NFT Become a recognized tradable entity for that particular asset , meanwhile NFT The price of reflects the market's recognition of its mapped asset value and scarcity .

Mark the ownership of a particular asset :NFT The blockchain technology is used to mark the user's ownership of specific assets , Become a recognized tradable entity for that particular asset , meanwhile NFT The price of reflects the market's recognition of its mapped asset value and scarcity .

Authenticity and uniqueness :NFT Tamper proof with blockchain Technology 、 Record traceability and other characteristics, record property rights , And ensure authenticity and uniqueness .NFT Can be used to represent various assets , Such as virtual collections 、 In game assets 、 Virtual assets 、 Digital art 、 Real estate, etc .

Anchor the value of non homogenous assets : Compared to homogeneous tokens ( Such as real money 、 Virtual currency ),NFT Its essential difference is NFT What is anchored is the value of non homogenous assets .FT Anchored are homogeneous assets such as gold 、 Dollar, etc . Both have tradable properties , same FT Values are interchangeable , But each one NFT The corresponding value is unique .

NFT Industry Market Overview —NFT Industry development history

With 20201 year 3 month ,Beeple The works of 《 every single day , front 5000 God 》(Everydays: The First 5000 Days), I got it 6934.6 Thousands of dollars ( About us 4.5 RMB ),NFT The trading market began to attract more and more social attention . From the initial Cryptopunks、CryptoKitties The project is now sky high NFT Artwork ,NFT The development of trading market has become DeFi An indispensable part of the world .

NFT Industry application scenario analysis —“ All things can be NFT”

In theory, ,NFT It can be applied to any field requiring unique Authentication , Including art 、 game 、 Property right certification and many other aspects .

art :
NFT The protection of the ownership of artistic works has become the artistic driving force of open source and creation .

NFT For many artists , Especially for artists in the field of digital art , The biggest advantage is that it provides protection for the ownership of works of art , And to a certain extent, it provides a new path for digital art creators to obtain due economic returns through their works .

The world's first thematic solo exhibition of blockchain art and encryption art :


game :
NFT One of the most popular applications of .NFT It provides an excellent solution for the digital ownership of game assets , Enables players to trade assets safely , You can even decide the future direction of the game . At present, some popular NFT game , Players can buy digital land blocks , These blocks can then be resold or used as advertising space in the game .

authentication :NFT Unique information with specific assets , This enables it to be better used for identification registered on any blockchain network 、 license 、 Qualification and certification, etc ; In control, such as medical history 、 The personal data 、 Education level 、 Address and other digital information will also be very useful .

intellectual property right : For any intellectual property , Such as song copyright 、 Film and television copyright 、 Patent for invention 、 Image copyright 、 Painting copyright, etc , Both can be used. NFT authentication . In short , It's equivalent to pasting an unchangeable... On the back of everything , And unique bar code , Used to confirm and identify the copyright of the asset .

The real estate :
Real world real estate assets are on the blockchain token turn , This can make the transaction smoother , Eliminate third-party intermediaries , It also prevents ownership conflicts . With the continuous development and progress of technology and cognition ,NFT The application of is far more than that , It is believed that more potential and application scenarios will be tapped , Future period .

NFT Industry chain — Build agreements to create NFT assets

NFT The industrial chain is divided into infrastructure 、 Protocol layer 、 application layer 3 layer , At present, the protocol layer is booming , Hot projects are coming out one after another .

infrastructure : by NFT Provide technical support . It mainly covers the public chain at the bottom (Ethereum、Flow: Build the public chain of applications )、 Side chain /Layer2、 development tool (Pixura: Used to create 、 Track and exchange encrypted digital collections )、 Token standards 、 Storage and wallets (MetaMask).

Protocol layer : Create... By building agreements NFT assets , Such as : Artwork 、 Games etc. . art / collection :Cryptokitties( transaction 、 Breeding electronic cats )、NBA Top shot( collect 、 transaction NBA Star player cards )、SuperRare( art / Collection platform ); game :Axie Infinity(P2P game )、Decentraland( Virtual space games ) etc. .

application layer : be based on NFT Use of assets , Such as trading NFT The pan secondary market OpenSea(P2P Of NFT Integrated trading platform ); Financial and vertical areas such as communities 、 Data services, etc .

NFT Art realization mode

Sell : Through the trading platform NFT Sale of works of art , Common trading platforms include OpenSea、NiftyGateway. Sell on a trading platform NFT works , In addition to uploading works 、 establish NFT Outside the project , You still have to pay “ Miner's fee ”(GasFee), After the transaction is completed, a handling fee needs to be paid .

There are three ways to sell : Fixed price 、 Auction and package sale .OpenSea The fixed price of the platform mostly adopts the decreasing mode , Can gradually reduce the price of works , Until the sale or expiration of the sale . It also includes pricing sales 、 English auction 、 Dutch auction 、 Private transactions, etc .

To loan :NFT The owner obtains the required funds through loans , Borrowers get money through a small amount of tokens NFT Right to use assets , This method is especially suitable for NFT Short term capital needs of owners . If NFT Owner overdue , Then the borrower will get the mortgaged... At a very low price NFT.

According to the purpose ,NFT There are three modes of lending : Lend for profit 、 For the acquisition of NFT And lend 、 Lend... To help . Users pledge high value NFT Get the token , The potential of idle assets can be brought into play 、 promote NFT Asset circulation 、 clear NFT The best valuation of .

NFT fund : adopt NFT The secondary market , Individuals do not need to buy a single piece NFT The work can be in NFT Market investment . use NFT Index , Users can put high value NFT Ownership is divided into a large number of low value tokens ( They are alternative and portfolio investment funds ), So as to facilitate the circulation of assets , Reduce NFT Investment threshold .

“NFTX”(NFTIndex) It's the first NFT Index fund projects , It is used to generate by NFT Collectibles support ERC-20 Token platform , Realization NFT Art and ERC-20 Token exchange , Provide a single fund token ( Invest in a single specific kind of NFT) And portfolio tokens ( Invest in a variety of NFT A combination of components ) Two forms .

NFT Derivatives development :
Add... To ordinary goods NFT Art elements , Derivatives related to the original can be generated , Including prints signed by artists and limited edition , Stationery printed with works of art 、 Articles for daily use 、 Clothing and other collections combined with artistic elements .

NFT Competition pattern — Collectibles and games are hot areas

NFT The trading platform is based on Cryptoslam Statistics , By 2021 year 9 month 7 Japan , The three with the highest sales NFT The trading platforms are OpenSea( Integrated trading platform )、Axie Infinity( Gaming platform ) and CryptoPunks( Art image trading platform ), Its cumulative sales are 55.7 Billion dollars 、19.1 Billion dollars 、12.4 Billion dollars .
The three with the highest sales NFT The projects are blockchain games Axie Infinity、 Virtual image collection Cryptopunk、 and NBA Player card collection NBA Top Shot, In every university NFT The sales in the trading platform reached 18.42 Billion dollars 、12.44 Billion dollars 、7.42 Billion dollars .

China NFT Competition pattern — Internet giants began to layout

The domestic NFT There are not many commodity trading platforms , It is still in the exploratory stage . since 2020 Since then , Many enterprises entered the bureau at the same time NFT Trading market , Among them, there are Internet giants .

NFT Industry perspective and analysis —NFT Development trend and Prospect of

In the short term, the market bubble will continue to expand.

“ All things can be NFT” The heat of makes 2021 Become a year NFT The first year of development , Along with NFT The strong start of the market is the continuous influx of financial speculators , They anchored and hyped NFT Assets are becoming less and less valuable , And gradually deviate from the public's entertainment and collection needs .
The expanding bubbles are bought at every high price. “ Receiver ” With great pressure of speculation failure . Under this trend , Predictably, , Relevant supporting laws and regulations will be gradually improved in the future ,NFT Evaluation release of 、 Price selling 、 Any process such as secondary market circulation will be under supervision .

NFT The transaction security of will be gradually enhanced

NFT The underlying technology is blockchain , It means NFT Metadata may be at risk of loss . Once that happens NFT The file represented is missing ,NFT Will also lose value .

Distributed storage protocol can effectively solve NFT Security of metadata storage , Distributed storage can also solve the market risk brought by centralized storage because of its decentralized data storage characteristics .

On this basis , future NFT Will depend on IPFS.IPFS It's a distributed one web, That is, point-to-point hypermedia protocol .IPFS Can make our Internet faster , More secure , And more open .

from IPFS In terms of characteristics ,IPFS It's based on content addressing , The so-called content addressing refers to the use of hash values to uniquely describe the links of the content itself .

IPFS Can enhance our digital information , Make the data resistant to the failure of the underlying network , Protect it with encryption , And make it permanent , People who share data can keep copies of the information and rely on the same links for permanent storage .
So based on the IPFS Storage NFT, It can ensure the security and permanence of storage , It can also give assets tamper proof reliability .

NFT And the primordial universe

NFT Ability to map to specific assets ( Including digital assets such as game skins 、 Equipment or tangible assets such as land property rights ), And recorded in the marking information in its smart contract , bring NFT A tradable entity that becomes a digital or physical asset , adopt NFT Realize value circulation through transaction circulation .

NFT Achieved a decentralized 、 Universal proof system of digital ownership , It is expected to realize the service in the meta universe system 、 labour 、 A literary creation 、 Digitization of assets such as props , And realize the circulation and transaction of digital assets within the meta universe . Content creators

Digital works produced 、 Virtual parcel 、 Game skin 、 Equipment will become digital assets and carry out circulation transactions , meanwhile NFT The commonality of allows the digital asset to work on other platforms in the metauniverse .

be based on NFT, At present, the virtual plot 、 Digital art has realized digital assets , We believe that with NFT The development of , Digital assets in the meta universe will form a complete circulation and trading system

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