Hangzhou ushers in the pilot of digital RMB, and citizens can receive several coins of "Kaicheng red envelope" to subsidize daily consumption

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hangzhou ushers pilot digital rmb

Get a digital RMB red envelope , When the flowers bloom in spring, go outing with your family , Enjoy delicious food , Or see a popular movie …… With the pilot implementation of digital RMB in Hangzhou , Hangzhou citizens have also welcomed their own digital RMB “ Kaicheng red envelope ”.

4 month 2 Japan , Meituan took the lead in announcing the issuance of digital RMB people's livelihood consumption red envelopes to Hangzhou residents . From now on , The public who work or live in Hangzhou , You can open meituan App Search for “ Digital RMB ”, Complete the registration and receive the value 40 RMB consumption gift package .

Reporter measurement : There is no threshold for registration, and there are many available scenarios

according to the understanding of , The consumption gift package covers the offline clothing, food, housing and transportation of Hangzhou residents 200 Various daily consumption scenarios for people's livelihood , Consumers can eat in the store or take out 、 Buy vegetables and other ways to taste digital RMB .

Reporter experience found , There is no threshold for event registration , Digital RMB new users download 、 Registered digital RMB App Then you can participate in . The digital RMB red envelope obtained by registration will arrive immediately , Take out 、 Buy fresh 、 See a movie 、 It can be directly deducted when renting .

The reporter ordered a glass at a price 13 Yuan's milk tea , With the received 10 Yuan number RMB red envelope , Superimpose again 3 Yuan coupons , Finally, the actual payment 0 element , It's equivalent to drinking a cup of milk tea for free with digital RMB .

The event was jointly organized by meituan and Bank of China 、 China Construction Bank and other operating institutions jointly launched . Meituan said , This time, the people's livelihood consumption gift package was distributed in Hangzhou , It aims to further stimulate the inclusive value of digital RMB , While accelerating the popularization of digital RMB in Hangzhou , Drive the recovery of offline consumption in Hangzhou .

“ Kaicheng red envelope ” Subsidize citizens' daily consumption The future of digital RMB in Hangzhou can be expected

It is reported that , This time, the US delegation issued digital RMB “ Kaicheng red envelope ”, It is the first important action of the scene support organization after the pilot landing of digital RMB in Hangzhou .

Digital RMB is a legal tender in digital form issued by the people's Bank of China . In the near future , With the pilot of digital RMB covering new cities such as Hangzhou , Its popularization speed is accelerated , It has also brought more livelihood benefits to people everywhere .

According to meituan , Since this year, 1 month , Since meituan opened the digital RMB full scene payment channel and launched the digital RMB people's livelihood consumption subsidy , It has driven all kinds of people's livelihood consumption 64 One hundred million yuan . among , exceed 92% The digital RMB consumption subsidy for people's livelihood flows to takeout 、 Buying vegetables 、 Catering and other small and high-frequency consumption scenes in people's daily life , Effectively drive the recovery of offline consumption and the development of small and micro entity merchants .

As the third batch of digital RMB pilot areas , Hangzhou has a developed digital economy , Active consumer market , The Asian Games and other opportunities will also create good conditions for the digital RMB to penetrate into the lives of the people in Hangzhou . Experts say , This time, meituan issued digital RMB consumption subsidies in Hangzhou , It is expected to help accelerate the implementation and popularization of digital RMB in Hangzhou , Effectively subsidize the daily consumption of Hangzhou citizens , Enjoy the benefits and convenience of digital RMB .

The data shows , By the end of this year 3 month , There is more than 250 Million users receive digital RMB red envelopes in meituan , Using digital RMB consumption ,“ Use digital RMB to go to meituan ” It has become a major mainstream consumption trend of residents in digital RMB pilot areas .

according to the understanding of , The event will last until 6 month 30 Japan . Meituan said , As the preferred service platform for Hangzhou citizens' daily life , The meituan will also, under the guidance of relevant departments , Continue to promote the integration of digital RMB into the lives of Hangzhou people . future , More digital RMB preferential activities will also be launched in Hangzhou .

source : Qianjiang Evening News

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