With a loss of $5.3 billion in four years, haven't you realized the importance of blockchain security?

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In recent years , The underlying technology of blockchain is gradually maturing , In Finance 、 The real estate 、 Internet of things and other applications in different fields are increasingly explored , The whole industry has entered a stage of rapid development , But the ensuing security risks are becoming more and more serious .

According to the statistics of Bitian data monitoring platform ,2018 In, the ecological and economic losses of blockchain exceeded 20 Billion dollars ,2019 In, the ecological and economic losses of blockchain exceeded 60 Billion dollars ;2020 In, the ecological and economic losses of blockchain exceeded 121 Billion dollars , add 2021 Annual super 153 Billion dollars in economic losses , It can be seen that in recent years , The ecological and economic losses of blockchain are becoming more and more serious .

Regarding this , Bitan Audit Center believes that , With the large-scale outbreak of blockchain application , Potential safety problems should be paid more attention . Security is an important factor in the development of blockchain technology .


Pay attention to safety , Nip in the bud

The development law of things is a spiral rise . Although the blockchain is ecologically safe “ The old ” The problem has not been completely solved , New problems continue to emerge , The situation is grim , The road of development is tortuous , However, the general direction of the industry is constantly advancing in twists and turns . Facing the new challenges of blockchain security, we need to look at it rationally , On the one hand, we will not be pessimistic because of the severe ecological environment , On the other hand, we should not be too optimistic due to the blowout development of blockchain in recent years . It must be clearly realized that there is no absolute security , The development of any industry needs security . We must always attach great importance to safety , Enhance safety awareness , Nip in the bud .

ad locum , We It is suggested that blockchain projects Fang , Cooperate with security companies when designing the system , Ensure the security of the system architecture ; After the system is developed , Pass the safety inspection and safety reinforcement of the third party , Reduce loopholes , Avoid unnecessary safety losses ; During operation, with the help of safety risk control system , Early warning and alarm , Real-time monitoring . Through these measures , Establish a perfect safety protection system .


In order to safeguard the ecological security zone of the blockchain , What efforts have Bitan made ?

Aiming at the safety problems of endless patterns , Bitan As the leader of domestic blockchain The first security service platform , Make oneself an example , Keep exploring , Based on team 10 Years of practical experience in blockchain security , Through to At home 800 Multiple smart contracts 、100 many A blockchain platform and 50 Several digital financial enterprises provide security protection , We have accumulated rich practical experience in security in the field of blockchain , Developed several security products specifically for blockchain .

In order to promote the safe and healthy development of the blockchain industry , Xiang Gonglian and Dapp Provide technical support for ecological security in other fields , Bitan A complete set of coverage has been established “ Blockchain security development , Code security detection based on formal verification , Safety monitoring and protection during operation ” Perfect security defense system and overall solution . And provide security audit including smart contract 、 Chain platform safety inspection 、 Exchange security services 、 Wallet security service 、DApp Penetration test 、 Fund tracing service 、 Customized safety products and other safety services , At the same time, it also provides specific value-added services for blockchain industries with high security risks such as exchanges , Including annual safety consultation 、 Safety inspection 、 Emergency support services 、 Safety risk control 、 Threat intelligence information services, etc .

To create a safer blockchain environment , Bitan also Provide asset traceability and service for blockchain enterprises AML Anti money laundering 、 Privacy protection 、 Threat Intelligence 、 Security protection and other comprehensive security services and support .

Maintaining the ecological security of blockchain , On the way to promote the orderly development of the blockchain industry , Bitan audit has never stopped moving forward . some time , We will not forget our original intention , Strive to provide strong guarantee for blockchain security , Continue to contribute to the development of blockchain .

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