In the first quarter, we sorted out the relevant policies of the meta universe

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quarter sorted relevant policies meta

source : China electronic news

author : Wang Wei

2021 year , As the next growth point of digital economy, the meta universe has been Meta、 Microsoft 、 tencent 、 Surrounded by Baidu and other international technology giants . Yuan universe as a collection of Internet 、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain and virtual reality (VR)、 Augmented reality (AR) Integrated innovation and integrated application of technology , It has also been valued by many governments , Become the focus of industrial development layout .

2022 First quarter , Beijing 、 jiangsu 、 Shanghai 、 Zhejiang 、 Shandong 、 Fujian and other places have intensively released the development plans of yuanuniverse and related industries 、 Measures and action plans , Strive for the first opportunity in the development of yuancosmic industrial track .

Relevant policies of the yuan universe have been intensively introduced

2022 Since then , wuxi 、 Shanghai 、 The governments of Xiamen and other places have stepped up the layout of yuancosmic industry , Intensive introduction involves the meta universe 、 Virtual reality (VR) Relevant policies and documents .

1 month 5 Japan , Issued by Binhu District, Wuxi City 《 Development plan of yuancosmic ecological industry in Taihu Bay science and Innovation Zone 》 Pointed out that , We should pay attention to the integration of application leading and scene driving , Promote the deep application of meta universe technology in many fields ; Promote the upstream and downstream links of the yuan universe industry 、 Coordinated development of all subjects , Accelerate the metauniverse and integrated circuits 、 Blockchain 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Integration and innovation of cloud computing and other technologies .

1 month 9 Japan , Member of the Party group of Beijing Economic and Information Bureau 、 Deputy director Wang Lei said , Beijing starts the construction of urban Super Computing Center , The new cosmic innovation group , Explore the construction of yuancosmos Industrial Agglomeration Area . As the sub center of the city , Tongzhou District of Beijing will build “ Yuan universe Innovation Center ”,《 Eight measures to accelerate the development of Beijing's urban sub center under the guidance of meta universe innovation 》 Formal release and Implementation , Help the development of yuanuniverse industry .

2 month 16 Japan , Issued by Hongkou District, Shanghai “ Action plan for the development of yuancosmic industry ”, At the same time, the party building alliance of yuancosmic industry in Hongkou District was unveiled . according to the understanding of , The alliance will integrate key enterprises in the zone and the Shanghai Institute of technology and physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 、 Tongji University and other scientific research institutions , Committed to supporting “ production 、 learn 、 study 、 use ” All units give full play to their respective advantages , Build a system with strong technical support 、 The characteristic meta universe ecology of efficient achievement transformation and rapid market application . Besides , Hongkou District will also strive to build a demonstration area for the development and application of yuanuniverse in the North Bund , Cultivate and introduce a number of high-quality enterprises for meta universe scene application , Build a number of Yuan universe industrial economic space .

“ Hongkou will also strengthen the innovation and R & D of core technologies 、 Market communication 、 Business application and expansion 、 Talent training and introduction 、 Policy support for financing and other links , Actively establish yuanuniverse Industrial Investment Fund , Support enterprises to become stronger and bigger , Provide strong support for the development of metauniverse industry .” Cai Zhengmao, director of Shanghai Hongkou District Science and Technology Commission, said .

3 month , Xiamen Bureau of industry and information technology 、 Jointly issued by Xiamen big data administration 《 Xiamen yuan universe industry development three-year action plan (2022-2024 year )》. Clearly put forward , Strive to 2024 year , Xiamen yuan universe industrial ecology has begun to take shape , Introduce and cultivate a number of key technologies 、 Yuan universe enterprise with a revenue of more than 100 million yuan , Significant progress has been made in the research, development, application and promotion of metacosmic technology , On government governance 、 People's livelihood service 、 The leading role of industrial transformation and upgrading has been further strengthened .

In order to cultivate metauniverse enterprises , Xiamen will set up a yuan universe Industry Alliance , Support enterprises to jointly carry out research on the application of meta universe technology , Promote the implementation and transformation of achievements , Cultivate a number of small giant enterprises 、 Specialized in special new enterprises ; Around hardware 、 platform 、 Smart chip 、NFT、VR/AR And other key areas to increase investment attraction , Support influential yuancosmic enterprises or institutions to set up headquarters in Xiamen 、 Research and development center 、 Innovation platform 、 Incubation base, etc ; Guide enterprises to explore new technologies in the meta universe 、 New applications and new formats , Give priority to opening application scenarios for Xiamen yuancosmos enterprises .

Focus on Development VR The core technology of the isomorphic universe

《“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Digital economy development plan 》 It defines the development goal of China's digital economy : The added value of core industries in digital economy accounts for GDP More important than 2020 year 7.8% To the level of 2025 Year of 10%. As the growth point of digital economy , Yuan universe has also become the focus of the government's active layout , Chengdu 、 wuhan 、 Hefei 、 haikou 、 Baoding and Xuhui District of Shanghai will write yuancosmos into this year's government work report 2022 Work arrangement in ( See the figure below for details ).

Around virtual reality, the core digital technology of the meta universe , All localities actively carry out the layout of relevant industries , Set specific plans and goals .

1 month 5 Japan , Issued by Zhejiang digital economy development leading group office 《 Guiding opinions on the construction of future industrial pilot areas in Zhejiang Province 》 Put forward , Metauniverse and artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain 、 Third generation semiconductors , It's Zhejiang to 2023 One of the key industrial areas in the future ; Zhejiang will speed up brain computer cooperation 、 Virtual reality 、 Build open innovation platforms in blockchain and other fields , Promote industrial technology empowerment and integrated innovation .

3 month , Jointly issued by seven departments including Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology 《 Shandong Province's three-year action plan to promote the high-quality development of virtual reality industry (2022-2024 year )》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 plan 》), It will take three years to cultivate and promote 100 application scenarios and solutions in the whole province , Build a domestic first-class 、 A 100 billion level virtual reality industrial highland with international competitiveness .

according to 《 plan 》, Shandong will build Qingdao as the center , jinan 、 weifang 、 yantai 、 The four cities of Weihai are linked , Coordinated by other cities “1+4+N” Regional layout of virtual reality industry , meanwhile , Promote the optimization and improvement of the industrial chain 、 Improve the ecology of industrial development , Strengthen technological collaborative innovation 、 Improve public service capacity , Carry out industrial application demonstration 、 Enabling frontier emerging fields , Cultivate and strengthen market players 、 Stimulate the internal vitality of the market , Strengthen the introduction and cultivation of talents 、 Five key tasks including vigorously supporting industrial development . Strive to 2024 year , The virtual reality field of the whole province should apply for new international projects in total 、 Domestic patents 3000 Above , The R & D investment intensity of leading enterprises has reached 6% above , Accumulatively cultivate professionals related to virtual reality industry 1 More than ten thousand people .

Meta cosmic governance has been put on the agenda

This year's report on the work of the government points out that , We should improve the governance of digital economy , Unleash the potential of data elements , Better enable economic development 、 Enrich people's lives . Industry experts suggest , While actively distributing relevant industries such as meta universe , We should also be escorted by a sound legal system , Avoid all kinds of problems arising from it , Let it better enable the development of the real economy . 

During the national two sessions , The deputies and members also put forward specific suggestions on the governance and legislation of digital economy such as meta universe .

NPC deputy Gao Yu proposed , We should strengthen the supervision of the economic activities of the meta universe , Carry out monitoring and early warning on the risk of meta universe speculation , Through regulators and banks 、 Netcom 、 Public security and other departments cooperate , Improve technical monitoring means . She suggested , Promote the healthy development of the meta universe , Need to reshape and adjust the reality of the law , Provide guidance for standardizing the personality of virtual subject , Establish and improve transactions to ensure the normal operation of the meta cosmic economic and social system 、 data 、 Safety and other legal norms , And the laws and regulations governing the development and application of metauniverse .

Deputies to the National People's Congress 、 Ma Huateng, chairman and CEO of Tencent, suggested , Look ahead and study the key technologies and governance rules of the new generation Internet , Explore China's plan for the coordinated development of digitization and low-carbon .

On behalf of the committee members, it is suggested to start as soon as possible “ Meta universe ” Legislative Research , Formation and Technology 、 Governance model and legal basis suitable for market development , It mainly involves three aspects : First, the reconstruction and adjustment of the real law ; The second is to ensure the normal operation of the meta cosmic economic and social system 、 data 、 Safety and other legal norms , Explore the establishment of a virtual economy rule system , Promote the confirmation of digital assets 、 transaction 、 Legislation on privacy protection, etc ; Third, laws and regulations regulating the development and application of the meta universe , True realization “ Technology is good ”.

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