Is your wallet safe? Scallop Technology: customized development of professional blockchain Wallet

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wallet safe scallop technology customized

Under the current market and regulatory conditions , Developing blockchain multi currency wallet is a good opportunity . Wallet is an application that can gather users , Investing in digital asset wallets is an essential application , Therefore, the multi currency wallet of digital assets has become a traffic portal for users .

The second is the development of digital asset multi currency wallet, which can be used together with multiple applications , It can be drained in many forms , Build the ecosystem flow of digital assets in the early stage , In the later stage, when developing exchanges or other applications, it can transport traffic well , It can not only accumulate flow and profit in bear bull market , You can also expand the foreshadowing sprint in the later stage .
Basic functions of blockchain wallet development :
Generate blockchain private key 、 Create a cryptocurrency account 、 Complete the transaction transfer within the blockchain
Advanced wallet function :
According to different needs , Load the built-in H5 Page or directly develop built-in programs
Wallet classification :
 Hardware cold wallet :
1. There are entities , You need to connect your wallet to your computer to transfer cryptocurrency in and out .
2. Unable to network
3. The cryptocurrency in the wallet cannot be taken out after being damaged
 Software hot wallet :
1. No entity , Yes APP, Cryptocurrency is stored directly in APP Inside .
2. It can be connected to the Internet
3. After the phone is lost, just enter the private key , You can get back the cryptocurrency assets in the account .

Blockchain wallet profit model :
At present, there are two main wallet profit models : One is the sale of equipment , One is model innovation .
 Equipment sales :
1. Selling hardware wallets , Provide security solutions
2. As the traffic entrance of other blockchains , Sales flow
 Mode innovation :
1. The wallet has a built-in exchange
2. Add functions such as financial management
3. Embedded game
4. Many other modes

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