Guangzhou can register to use digital RMB! You can use meituan to order takeout and receive red envelopes online and offline

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guangzhou register use digital rmb

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The original title : Guangzhou can register to use digital RMB ! online Can be used , Meituan order takeout and get red envelopes

Although Guangzhou is not included in the digital RMB pilot city , But recently, Guangzhou citizens found that they can register and use digital RMB for some scenes of consumption .

4 month 2 The morning of , The reporter of times weekly found that , Some supermarkets in Guangzhou 、 Vipshop 、 Offline shops such as mingchuang Youpin can use digital RMB to pay . Revealed the name of a store manager , at present , Already exceeded 30 Customers came to use digital RMB to pay for goods .

Besides , Guangzhou citizens can already use digital RMB for takeout on meituan platform 、 A bike 、 Shopping and other consumption scenes , And receive meituan's limited digital RMB consumption gift package .

Digital RMB is the legal tender in digital form issued by the central bank , Has been in 2019 Pilot implementation at the end of the year . Up to now , Digital RMB has been in Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xiongan 、 Chengdu 、 Shanghai 、 hainan 、 Changsha 、 Xi'an 、 Qingdao 、 Dalian and the Winter Olympics ( Beijing 、 zhangjiakou ) Carry out a pilot project . Users in the pilot area can open the pilot site 、 farmers 、 in 、 build 、 hand over 、 Postal savings 、 China Merchants Bank and Weizhong bank ( Wechat payment )、 Give him the bank ( Alipay ) Digital RMB wallet .

Guangzhou is not among the pilot cities . however , The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou financial bureau is in 2021 year 9 May revealed to the public , The Guangzhou municipal government has reported to the Guangdong provincial government to apply to the State Council for Guangzhou to be included in the digital RMB pilot project .

The market promotion of digital RMB has achieved initial results . By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 808.51 m , Accumulated opening of personal wallet 2.61 One hundred million , Transaction amount 875.65 One hundred million yuan .

Registration can be completed in Guangzhou

The process of registering and using digital RMB is not complicated .

Time weekly reporter download and install “ Digital RMB APP”, When entering the registration page , Received a prompt saying “ Digital RMB needs to judge whether it meets the registration conditions according to your location ”. Although Guangzhou is not a pilot city , However, local citizens can still successfully register and open digital RMB payment .

After successfully issuing personal digital RMB , The reporter of times weekly can recharge the digital wallet through bank card charging and mobile banking transfer . If you choose to charge money through a bank card , ID card information is required 、 Complete face recognition and add bank card number ; Transfer from mobile banking to , You can jump to multiple banks APP, Pop up the quick recharge page with wallet number .

“ Digital RMB APP” There is a balance on the front page of the wallet “ Transfer money ” and “ Receipt and payment ” Two buttons , Click on “ Transfer money ”, Then fill in the mobile phone number , You can transfer money to other users ; Click on “ Receipt and payment ”, The payment code can be displayed to pay to the merchant . Besides , There is also... Below the payment code “ Collect money ”、“ Transfer money ” and “ scan ” Three buttons , Click on “ Collect money ” The collection code will appear , For others to scan code and pay .

Time weekly reporter learned that ,“ Digital RMB APP” Access a variety of online payment scenarios , Users can add “ The purse ” The way to use . In the merchant list , There are already Jingdong 、 Tmall supermarket 、 Meituan 、 Hungry? 、 Ctrip 、 There are many merchants such as BiliBili for users to choose .

4 month 1 Japan , The reporter of times weekly visited Zhengjia square in Tianhe District, Guangzhou . Zhengjia square staff said :“ At present, some businesses can use digital RMB , For example, famous and innovative products 、, etc. .”

The manager of mingchuang Youpin Zhengjia branch told the reporter of times weekly ,3 month 31 The date of , Except Zhengjia square , All famous and high-quality product stores in Guangzhou can use digital RMB for consumption .“ The cashier operation in the store is still the basic operation , There is no change in the collection equipment and process , However, it can support the digital RMB barcode and QR code provided by customers .” The store manager said .

She also introduced , As Guangzhou is not in the scope of pilot cities for the time being , Shops and businesses did not promote on a large scale , Mingchuang premium products also did not deliberately guide customers to download and register for consumption . By 4 month 1 On the afternoon of Sunday 5 when , Already exceeded 30 Customers came to use digital RMB to pay for goods .

The whole process of using digital RMB transaction is smooth and convenient . After customers buy goods , open “ Digital RMB APP” home page , Draw up and expand “ Pay the merchant ” function , You can see the payment QR code . Business and household POS Machine scan , You can complete the payment transaction .

“ Mingchuang premium products is the first brand in Guangzhou that can apply digital RMB in physical stores .” The person in charge of mingchuang premium products told the reporter of times weekly , As long as banks that support digital RMB APP, You can use , But if you use CCB APP Collect coupons , You can enjoy the full court 20 Yuan reduction 18 Yuan discount .

Online digital RMB consumption gift package

Before that , Guangzhou citizens can already use digital RMB to order takeout online .

At the beginning of the year , After some users have registered digital RMB in other pilot areas , You can use digital RMB to order takeout in meituan in Guangzhou . at that time , The relevant person in charge of meituan explained to the reporter of times weekly , because “ Digital RMB APP” Launch major application markets , Meituan decided not to restrict the use of digital RMB in regional payments , Guangzhou citizens can use digital RMB to spend in some meituan shops .

The reporter of times weekly found that , Download and install “ Digital RMB APP” after , Push the wallet to “ Meituan APP” after , The payment page of meituan takeout will see the digital RMB payment option , Pay with WeChat 、 Meituan payment Co., Ltd .

Now , Guangzhou citizens can not only use digital RMB to pay meituan orders , You can also get meituan's digital RMB consumption gift bag .

In recent days, , The bank of China, United States mission to carry out “ Receive digital RMB , Start a new low-carbon life ” The activities of , In Beijing, 、 Shanghai 、 Chengdu 、 Qingdao 、 Dalian Changsha 、 zhangjiakou 、 Xiongan New Area 、 Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xi'an 、 Hainan 12 Digital RMB activities are carried out in four regions . Time weekly reporter found , Although Guangzhou is not a participating area , But as long as Guangzhou citizens use the bank card of China to open digital RMB , Then log in to meituan APP, You can also participate in activities , Get the consumption gift bag .

After installing and registering digital RMB , Click on the Bank of China APP Of “ life ” Block , You can see “ BOC joins hands with meituan to see you off 40 Yuan digital RMB wallet ” word . It is reported that , This activity will be distributed to 40 Yuan digital RMB gift bag , stay “ Digital RMB APP” Open the bank wallet selected when signing up to receive 10 Yuan number RMB red envelope , Push the sub wallet of the registration bank to “ Meituan APP” Get... After 30 Yuan coupon package ( contain 2 Zhang 5 Yuan full coupon reduction ( full 30 Yuan reduction 5 element )、1 Zhang 8 Yuan full coupon reduction ( full 55 Yuan reduction 8 element ),1 Zhang 12 Yuan full coupon reduction ( full 75 Yuan reduction 12 element )). Activity time up to 2022 year 6 month 30 Japan 23:59:59.

Besides , stay “ Meituan APP” and “ Meituan takeout APP” Participate in low-carbon behavior ( Including cycling 、 Order takeout, no tableware 、 Buy train tickets online 、 Buy movie tickets online 、 Preferably bring your own shopping bag / Green self lifting ) You can get the chance of digital RMB red envelope lucky draw . Activity rewards can be used for meituan takeout 、 Meituan bike 、 US group buying vegetables 、 food 、 optimization 、 Meituan taxi .

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