Security College has become the first university in Wenzhou to use digital RMB

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The sound of zhejiang

The sound of zhejiang 4 month 2 - ( Correspondent Guan Yansheng 、 Xie Shiyi reports ) recently , Zhejiang security vocational and Technical College ( Hereinafter referred to as security college ) Zhu Yizhou, student Party member of Artificial Intelligence College , Paid the party fee in the second quarter of this year through digital RMB 0.6 element , This is the first digital RMB party fee for colleges and universities in Wenzhou . Security College has become the first university in the city to use digital RMB , Security teachers and students have realized digital RMB to pay Party dues 、 Pay for canteen consumption and dormitory utilities, etc .

recently , Security College and China Agricultural bank of Signed by Wenzhou Branch 《 Digital RMB business school bank cooperation agreement 》, The specific application scenarios of digital RMB in schools are implemented . This is the first RMB business cooperation agreement signed by Wenzhou bank . According to the cooperation agreement , Security College and Agricultural Bank of China Wenzhou Branch will jointly promote the use of digital RMB related businesses in specific application scenarios .

As the first university in Wenzhou to realize the digital RMB function access of campus payment platform , The security college is 8000 Many teachers and students in the school have paid various fees in the school and provided compliance services 、 Security 、 Convenient new way . at present , The digital RMB function of the campus payment platform of Security College supports users to scan the code online 、 Merchant offline code scanning 、 No secret payment 、 Mobile terminal page and other methods for payment , And has completed the supervision responsibility of digital RMB wallet 、 Daily reconciliation 、 The construction of the working system of automatic accounting processing , Individual users who have opened digital RMB , You can pay tuition and miscellaneous fees through the campus payment platform of security college 、 Pay on behalf of 、 Grants and Scholarships 、 campus APP Jump payment 、 Canteen consumption 、 Dormitory water and electricity 、 Campus business district consumption, etc .

ABC staff introduction :“ Simply speaking , Digital RMB is the digital form of RMB , Pay faster , There are only payer and payee , No third-party platform , You don't need a network . Security teachers, students and parents can use digital RMB wallet , Relying on Agricultural Bank of China to hold the bank APP‘ Smart campus ’ Prefecture , In the school canteen 、 Shops, etc. directly use digital RMB to pay .”

Wenzhou is one of the third batch of digital RMB pilot areas in China . In recent years , Agricultural Bank of China Wenzhou Branch has actively explored the construction of smart campus , Early layout, early planning , Promote the construction and application of digital RMB scene . Security college is the only one in our province 、 The whole country rarely focuses on “ Digital security ” Public full-time higher vocational colleges for talent training in the field , Have a high-quality school enterprise scene , It is one of the ideal scenarios for the implementation of digital RMB application .

The report of the 13th Wenzhou municipal congress pointed out that , We should take the digital economy as the power engine . In the future , Both sides will give full play to their respective advantages , In carrying out digital RMB academic 、 We will continue to strengthen cooperation in technological research and applied innovation , Jointly promote the innovative application of digital RMB in intelligent payment in campus scenes , Establish “ Intelligent cooperation between banks and schools ” Benchmarks and role models .

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