Weekly Ethereum progress 2022 / 4 / 2

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weekly ethereum progress

Main network ( Executive )

  • The latest core Developer Videoconferencing . come from Tim Beiko and Christine Kim The record of :
    • The shadow forks (shadow forked: Not really forked , Replay only data on the network ) Merge test found RAM And timeout issues
    • If 4 The upgrade of the public test network to... Has not started before the end of the month PoS, The difficulty bomb will be delayed
    • Shanghai upgrade plan : Additional cash withdrawal at the block head , Whether the discussion should include EIP1153( Instantaneous storage opcode )
    • Goerli Inflation discussion
  • Besu v22.1.3: bonsai Try (“ Super trim ”) No longer experimental , Enables faster reads and improved storage performance
  • Geth v1.10.17: Prepare for merging and upcoming state layout changes
  • Erigon v2022.03.02: MDBX upgrade , adopt websockets Subscription events
  • Erigon v2 Plan to address snapshot synchronization and historical granularity video
  • London upgraded selfdestruct Usage analysis
  • Verkle Trees Introduction to : Give Way Dapp Developers understand gas Cost changes

POS( Consensus layer )

  • No more Most pledge clients :
    • Prysm The estimated utilization rate is as low as about 62%
    • Coinbase、Kraken and Binance The estimated utilization rate still exceeds 70%
    • Suppliers with the ability to pledge All customers should be running
  • Beacon APIs v2.2.0
  • Nimbus stay 42 Fully synchronized within hours , stay 7 Synchronize trusted nodes within hours

PoW close ( Merge )


  • EIP4944: One erc721 Compatible single-token NFT
  • EIP4950: One erc721 Compatible standards , There are only two bound together token
  • EIP4955: NFT Metadata standard extension
  • EIP4962: take DEST Add operations to EVM in


Developer profile


  • Ronin Bridge 6 $ Exploit ,9 There are... In the keys 5 A leak , It's reported to be a social engineering attack ,6 Days did not find ; Kelvin's explain
  • Revest Agreement about 200 Thousands of dollars in Exploit 、ERC1155 Coinage reentry 、 Protocol soft locking 、 The suspension of trading saved 100 Million dollar loss
  • GearBox agreement Disclosure of loopholes , The path parser gives different results , about 1000 Million dollars at risk , Repaired , Paid 15 Ten thousand dollars in bounty
  • Rari Capital:Fuse pool Disclosure of loopholes , Cross asset re-entry allows free borrowing of assets , Repair by upgrading
  • Security incident room guide : Record 、 test 、 improvement 、 repeat

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