Samsung Electronics: marching towards the digital universe

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samsung electronics marching digital universe

After this year 1 At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) For the first time, it was announced that NFT After the function is integrated into the new TV plan , Samsung Electronics has recently joined the world-famous NFT Market cooperation , Smart TV sales NFT The real pace of . Maybe this year , People are expected to watch TV programs 、 While trading numbers NFT Artwork , You can also easily participate in Samsung's meta universe party .

Cooperative development “ Smart TV NFT platform ”

International electronics giant Samsung Electronics and well-known NFT market Nifty Gateway cooperation , Will jointly develop “ The first smart TV NFT platform ”, Can be used to buy and trade digital art and collectibles .

stay 3 month 31 In the news release of Japan , Science and technology company Nifty Gateway announce , It has been NFT Market integration into Samsung's 2022 In high-end TV products in .Nifty Gateway yes Griffin Two brothers in 2018 Founded in, based on The etheric fang Trading market of , 2019 It was encrypted by the asset exchange Gemini Acquisition .

Samsung and Nifty Gateway Cooperate in the development of smart TV based products NFT watch 、 Buying and trading experience .Nifty Gateway NFT The platform will be integrated into Samsung 2022 In the new high-end TV series , Including QLED and Neo QLED suit , The samsung The Frame and Micro LED The owner of the package can download Nifty Gateway Application to gain access .

The solution of bilateral cooperation , Will make use of Nifty Gateway Managed wallet system , It can protect users' digital collections , Instead of having to store it in an external wallet . meanwhile , Samsung users can also search for proven NFT, Use includes debit cards 、 Various payment methods including credit card or cryptocurrency , Buy digital collections .

“ Through our cooperation with Samsung, one of the leaders in the global electronics industry , We will support millions of mainstream users to reach NFT,”Griffin Cock Foster Media introduction to the interview ,“ last year ,NFT Ushered in a breakthrough moment for the art industry . Creators and collectors have seen the power of this technology .”“ This year, , We hope to provide seamless purchase and collection for the first time NFT The way , Witness the continuous growth of mainstream consumers .”

It is reported that , Samsung and Nifty Gateway After cooperation , Users will be able to Nifty Gateway View all kinds of digital artworks on the platform , Including from Beeple、Daniel Arsham、XCOPY、Pak And other famous artists 6000 Multiple digital art works . Since last fall ,Nifty Gateway Start to surpass your own curator , Provide customers with a wider range of services from other markets NFT collection .

Initial transaction NFT Smart TV

This year, 1 In the first ten days of the month 2022 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), South Korean electronics giant Samsung announced for the first time that it would NFT Plans to integrate functions into the company's new TV . Products exhibited by Samsung , It includes a series of equipment App TV , It can support users to browse 、 Buy and sell irreplaceable tokens (NFT) Digital assets .

at that time , Samsung official explanation :“ This App With an intuitive integration platform , For discovery 、 Buy and trade digital art .” Samsung also put the App be called “NFT management ” function , Become substantial NFT platform .

The App As a new Micro LED、Neo QLED and The Frame Standard configuration of model , Become the new “ Smart Center ”(Smart Hub) Part of ,“ Put content management and discovery functions in front and center of users' viewing preferences .”

It is reported that , The platform will “ Introduce... From multiple markets NFT, Users can preview digital artwork and view other relevant details ”, Include “ Who created the work , And related blockchain metadata ” Wait for details ,“ Already owned NFT People who , You can also use the platform to display their collections .”

Include The Frame Including many Samsung TV models , Previously, it was sold as a device that can also be used as a digital photo frame , Thus, users can display traditional or digital works of art without watching TV or streaming video .

In order to support TV viewers to study a wider range of NFT The world , Including trading with your own TV , Samsung is likely to make use of some technologies already used in blockchain wallets , These technologies have become the standard configuration of Samsung's flagship smartphone .

open Time limit ” Meta universe The store

1 month 7 Japan , Samsung is in the most famous meta universe project  Decentraland (MANA) On , Opened a “ Time limit ” The store .

Samsung named the store Samsung 837X, Corresponding to the address of Samsung's flagship physical store in New York - Washington Street in Manhattan 837 Number , Call it “ Breakthrough virtual world experience from Samsung's flagship store in New York City ”.

Although the virtual store is only in Decentraland For a limited period of time , But it will interact with the activities of the physical flagship store . Like winning an exclusive NFT Of “ Mysterious mission ”, Held in physical stores and virtual stores “ Live mixed reality party ” etc. .

in addition , Samsung will also work with Veritree Run a sustainable forest together in a virtual store , Plan in 2022 At the end of the first quarter of “ planting ” 220 Ten thousand trees .Veritree It's based on Cardano (ADA) The climate control platform of the public chain .

To attract Dencentraland Players' attention , Just visit Samsung virtual store , There's a chance 837X NFT badge , Then the badge holder participates in a lucky draw , For their Decentraland Avatars have won three limited edition wearable collections ranging from epic to mythical .

Introduction new type Digital wallet

2 month , Samsung has launched its latest flagship smartphone with new wallet function , Support users to store digital files and encrypt assets .

The" Galaxy S22 Ultra The equipment , Capable of storing in digital form ID file , Including digital credit and debit cards , Student ID card 、 Driver's license and ID card , Digital keys for house and car keys , And boarding pass 、 Coronavirus vaccination records, etc . It is expected that... Will be first launched in the domestic market of South Korea this year .

Samsung calls this wallet “ A seamless 、 Convenient and safe experience , Make everyday life easier ”, it “ Pay the number 、 Id card 、 Key and asset management are combined into one tool , To simplify the needs of daily life and work .”

In recent years , Several Korean companies, including Samsung, have been studying solutions involving blockchain wallets . These wallets allow users to store a variety of digital files , Including blockchain based digital driver's license .

More and more Korean enterprises use distributed identity recognition (DID) technology , Began to take the form of digital documents , These documents are almost universally stored in wallets , And used to store cryptocurrency and irreplaceable tokens (NFT) There is no difference between encrypted wallets .

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