Research shows that most institutional investors are ready to buy digital assets

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research shows institutional investors ready

New data shows , Institutional investors' interest in crypto assets and crypto asset related businesses is growing .

Fidelity digital asset entrustment, a cryptocurrency subsidiary of fidelity investment, a global asset management giant Coalition Greenwich A survey of 1100 Institutional investors , To understand their expectations for crypto asset investment .

Most of the investors surveyed expect to invest in digital assets in the future .

According to Reuters , The survey was conducted in 2020 year 12 Month to 2021 year 4 During the month , High net worth investors participated in the survey 、 Family office 、 Digital and traditional hedge funds 、 Financial advisers and endowment funds .

The survey team's definition of digital asset investment includes direct investment in digital assets , Buy company shares related to encrypted assets , Or through other investment products .

about 70% Participants are expected to invest in digital assets over the next five years . Among those who are interested in investing , Nine out of ten expect their company or client's portfolio to add digital assets within the same time window .

Fidelity digital is trying to keep up with institutional interest in digital assets . lately , It is said that the company has increased the number of employees by about 70%, In response to the growing demand of institutional investors .

Gray company is another participant in institutional investment . Apart from bitcoin (BTC) Or Ethereum (ETH) Other than cryptocurrency , The digital asset management company also plans to enter decentralized Finance (DeFi) field .

yesterday , Grayscale announced a target for DeFi New investment vehicles for assets .

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