Mars weekly | animoca raised $358.8 million; A16z plans to raise $4.5 billion for two new encryption funds

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mars weekly animoca raised million

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《 The summer of expansion , Look at what investors see L2 Track code 》

With the expansion of the track, different projects have been launched successively and the colorful ecological performance , How to capture the investment opportunities of expanding the track , It has become a topic of great concern to institutions and even ordinary people in the industry . This article is from HashKey Capital and Primitive Ventures Let's talk about the full text review of the capacity expansion track .

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《 An in-depth review of Ethereum 2021: Continue to defend the title of the world's largest asset liquidity layer 》

This year, , Ethereum apps have exploded into public awareness . As the world begins to understand the vision of a more decentralized Internet based on Ethereum , Old term “web3” It's back in fashion . As in the 2018 year 、2019 Years and 2020 It's the same year , Our goal is to shrink and show a larger picture . We think , The most important development of Ethereum this year is ......

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《2021 The performance of venture capital institutions in :a16z Hit 3 A hundredfold project , The largest number 》

The investment and financing market of blockchain industry is experiencing 2020 After the downturn in , Finally in the 2021 Rebound in , The amount of investment and financing in the first half of the year alone has exceeded 2020 In the year . For detailed analysis 2021 The performance of projects invested by industry head venture capital institutions in , The increase in this project is 、 Track distribution 、 Multiple distribution and other different dimensions 14 A comparative analysis of two investment institutions .

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《 Comprehensive analysis Arweave: Business logic 、 Product Ecology 、 Market competition and project valuation 》

On the whole ,Arweave Have a great vision 、 A down-to-earth team with experience of crossing cattle and bears , In a long slope and thick snow foundation track , Plus its WEB3 Potential space of the whole stack , Its future development is worthy of long-term observation and expectation .

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A big event not to be missed

Important project progress

  • twitter stay iOS On line NFT Avatar function
  • Meta Plan to let users in Facebook and Instagram On display NFT, And discuss the introduction of NFT market
  • Grayscale partnered with Bloomberg to launch Encrypted asset index
  • Robinhood Launch encrypted wallet Beta plan
  • Brazilian crypto asset management company Hashdex Will launch DeFi ETF
  • Wal-Mart Has been submitted 7 Term and metauniverse 、NFT Patent applications related to encryption
  • Acala Will be in 1 month 25 Turn on the token transfer function
  • 1inch Network Already in Avalanche and Gnosis Chain Upper Department
  • Cosmos ecology DEX platform Osmosis Announce support for Ethereum assets
  • Cosmos On the network EVM And interoperability solutions Evmos Plan to go online in a few weeks , Assign 40% Tokens are used for airdrop
  • encryption ETP The publisher 21 Shares Announced the listing of the world's first Cosmos(ATOM)ETP
  • OlympusDAO It is planned that 5000 US $million liquidity transferred to Balancer Protocol
  • Privacy agreement NYM Announce the launch of the main network
  • Boring ape development team Yuga Labs Introduction Mobile Games 《Apes vs. Mutants》


  • Adidas Originals And Prada Launch the cooperation based on Polygon Of NFT
  • adidas Or will 1 month 24 Day and Prada Jointly issue a joint payment NFT
  • browser Opera Release Web3 browser , And will release Cross Chain Wallet
  • Mercedes - Mercedes Will work with 5 Artists collaborate to launch NFT
  • GUCCI Will be in 2 month 1 Promulgated by the SUPERGUCCI NFT
  • lamborghini Announce the launch of NFT, Details such as auction information will be released in the coming weeks
  • Social networking giants LINE One stop shop will be launched in the first quarter NFT platform 「DOSI」
  • Comic IP Ali Announce the launch of 「Ali&His Friends」 series NFT
  • British Museum Ethereum is now accepted to purchase its exhibits NFT edition
  • The auction house Sotheby's Will accept... At a diamond auction BTC、ETH And USDC payment
  • well-known E-sports Club G2 Will be in 2 Month in Solana Push on 「Samurai Army」 series NFT
  • Football star Neymar Buy BAYC NFT And replace it with a twitter avatar
  • Wilber Pan take Instagram Change the avatar to PHANTA BEAR#6327


Investment and financing



  • Vitalik: There is research to prove that EIP 1559 Greatly reduce the average transaction waiting time
  • SBF:Solana and Avalanche This is the year most likely to be 「 Ethereum killer 」 The public chain of
  • Optimistic: Find a way to lower the average transaction cost 30%, Or will be deployed
  • Reddit cofounder : Chain tour will occupy... In five years 90% The game market


  • PeckShield:Multichain Loopholes or have been exploited , exceed 450 gold ETH Stolen
  • Issue a theft investigation report : Loss exceeding 3300 Thousands of dollars ,483 Users affected
  • PeckShield: Decentralized trading platform Crosswise Encounter attack , The loss is about 87.9 Thousands of dollars

Next week's Outlook

  • Dora Ventures Will be in 1 month 23 Daily direction DORA Community airdrop Blocto Governance token BLT( On Sunday, )
  • Mercedes - Mercedes Benz will compete with 5 Artists collaborate to launch NFT( On Sunday, )
  • Dapper Labs Will be in 1 month 23 Day and UFC Cooperative launch UFC Strike NFT platform ( On Sunday, )
  • adidas Or will 1 month 24 Day and Prada Jointly issue a joint payment NFT( Next Monday )
  • Acala Will be in 1 month 25 Turn on the token transfer function ( Next Tuesday )
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