Poka ecological 2022 outlook, six changes may occur

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poka ecological outlook changes occur

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Following 2020 After the Boca main network went online in ,2021 It was also an extraordinary year for Boca .11 month 11 Japan , Boca parallel chain for the first time Auction Turn on ;12 month 18 Japan , Poca 5 All parallel chains are connected to the Boca relay chain , Start the block in a parallel chain .

This important milestone means that Boca has delivered the last function , Finally, the project vision outlined in the white paper has been realized at this moment .

I have to say that Boca has also faced many challenges , But also achieved good results . end 2021 By the end of year , In poca's Treasury DOT exceed 2200 ten thousand ,Kusama There are about in the Treasury 50 ten thousand KSM; Poca and Kusama Various parallel chains on produce near 300 10000 user accounts , from 6000 A verifier runs ...... It can be said that Boca's ecosystem is developing rapidly .

and 2022 The year will be the beginning of a new chapter in Boca ,Gavin Express , As more and more parallel chain teams win slot auctions and join Boca Ecology , The prospect of ultra secure connection will be seen in the future . in general , Poca's next step will be to focus on ecological expansion .

before , Boca smart contract platform Moonbeam Boca network has been successfully launched , As the first fully operable parallel chain on the Boca ,Moonbeam The online application means that the application can run normally in Boca Ecology .

We all know Moonbeam Can be well compatible EVM And all kinds of tools , And cooperated with all kinds of projects , Its successful launch also provides a better platform for the deployment of a large number of projects on Boca network .

At the same time, Poka ecology will also benefit , There will be more like Moonbeam Such projects are connected to Boca , As you can imagine , Now is the eve of Poka ecological outbreak , So in 2022 What new changes will there be in Boca's ecology in ?

What stage is poca in now ?

Although we tweeted in the first two issues 《2021 Annual summary of Poka ecological development : Pengfei Wanli !》 and 《 Interpret Boca's 10 Big misunderstanding : Inflation is too high , Cross chain is a pseudo demand , The economic model is not good enough ……》 in , The current situation of the development of ecological Boca is analyzed in detail , But we're talking about 2022 Before the new changes in Boca ecology in , We still want to briefly review what kind of development stage Boca is currently in .

Last week, ,Gavin Said in an exclusive interview ,“ We are entering the next stage ! At this stage , We have more freedom in Polkadot To build on , as well as Polkadot 1.0 Other technologies , And form Polkadot 2.0 The appearance of .” after 5 year , With Boca's first round 5 The successful launch of a parallel chain , Boca has officially entered the start-up stage , And confirmed 2016 The vision outlined in .

In terms of Technology , Boca's underlying architecture is different from other public chains , It's based on programming language Rust The cross chain protocol of . It's unique Substrate The framework allows developers to “ One touch hair chain ”.

meanwhile , Boca also applies the Parity Developed smart contract language ink!、XCVM Cross consensus virtual machines 、 Cross chain message transfer protocol XCMP And other advanced technologies in many blockchain fields , Together, they build Polkadot 1.0. without doubt ,“ As a technologist , Subversion is the key ” this sentence ,Gavin The doctor did .


In terms of developers , The poca ecosystem has more than 18000 Man's monthly living Developer , There are more than 1400 Full time poca ecosystem Developer , It has become the project with the most developer support in the same development time . meanwhile , Boca official Twitter More fans than 100 ten thousand , It is one of the most influential blockchain projects at present .

And in terms of money , Behind poca Web3.0 In the past three years, the foundation , Issued 330 term Grant, It has realized a win-win model of mutual benefit with relevant project parties .

meanwhile , There are about... In the Poka ecological project 350 A team has won the investment institution 、 Community and individual investors . And there are 50 A team 、 Applications and projects raised more than... In total in early financing 6.7 Billion dollars . besides , Poca Treasury is only in 2021 The annual income is 1517 m DOT( amount to 3.9 Billion dollars ).

Capital is an important link in the development of blockchain ecosystem ,2022 Years as Polkadot 2.0 In depth development of , The future of Poka ecosystem can be seen .

Six possible changes in Poka Ecology

as everyone knows , The reason why ecosystem becomes ecology lies in its complexity and systematicness . We combine the current market demand 、 Poka ecological development direction 、 The voice of the community and many other aspects , Yes 2022 A preliminary prediction has been made on the possible new changes in Poka ecology in . The point of view may not be perfect , For your reference .

1、 The technology is more mature , Slot auction is more complete

First , We think , The technology of Poka ecosystem will be more mature , The slot auction mechanism and participants will be more complete .

Any ecosystem wants to emerge from many public chain systems , Are inseparable from high-quality technical architecture . The technology is Web3 Infrastructure and hard currency of the times . And whether it's Substrate frame , still Wasm, Or consensus message format XCM、NFT standard RMRK And so on, technology is not invariable , Need constant iteration and upgrading .

stay 2022 year , Boca officials will spend more time and energy exploring the technology update of blockchain , perfect Substrate Framework and other core technologies .

And in slot auctions , There are now more than 20 A parallel chain is deployed in Kusama above , There will be more and more in the future , As part of the poca Canary network Kusama It lays a foundation for the parallel chain slot auction of poca ecosystem .

With the first batch of projects to obtain Boca parallel chain slot Acala、Moonbeam、Astar、Parallel、Clover Access to Boca ecosystem , It has brought rich community and financial resources to Poka ecosystem . With the successful operation of parallel chain , It also sets a good example for the subsequent projects participating in the Boca parallel chain slot auction .

meanwhile , With Boca's underlying Cross Chain Protocol Zenlink And Moonbeam Network integration , Take the lead in deploying on Boca network , Through cross chain liquidity sharing and DEX polymerization , The first native cross chain DEX It will provide Boca with more efficient DEX service , All this in turn helped the parallel chain slot auction .


2、 Cross chain scenes shine

Compared with 2020 The year is hot , It seems that in the past 2021 In, few people focused on the concept of cross chain , So in the past year, like Boca and Cosmos In this way, the cross chain ecology has not received extensive attention , There are even some critical views that , Cross chain is a false proposition , But in the face of the fact of ecological development , This view is not surprising .

But in 2022 year , We may see a real outbreak of cross chain Ecology , At the same time, with the improvement of the cross chain bridge function, more assets will enter the cross chain Ecology .

We take the cross chain ecological project visible to the naked eye Multichain( It was originally called Anyswap) For example , After more than a year of development , By the end of last year ,Multichain In general TVL Has stabilized in 50 Around $100 million , As a third-party asset cross chain platform , It is in a leading position in the current asset cross chain track .

therefore , We can see through Multichain Find some clues , Cross chain ecology and cross chain demand are not considered useless , Those who run fast have tasted fresh fruit .

In contrast, Boca , We can also see Multichain The figure of , This is also Zenlink What you're trying to do , We have reason to believe that with XCMP The implementation of the , It will also be born and Multichain A level of cross chain assets , There will even be more room for imagination .

After all Zenlink also DEX The function of , In addition to moving assets across the chain ,Zenlink What's more, the parallel chains DEX Our liquidity converges across the chain , Cross chain scenarios will be richer .

With the improvement of asset cross chain , In the future, we will see the birth of cross chain applications , It's just that we can't predict how long it will take to transition from cross chain assets to cross chain applications , After all, this is also a very technical test “ Craft ”, But with the improvement of Boca parallel chain , Cross chain assets may be in 2022 The year ushered in a good outbreak , We are full of expectations .

3、 The new governance is more decentralized

stay 2014 year ,Gavin Wood Put forward Web3 The concept of .2021 year ,Gavin In the interview, he said :Web3 Decentralized technology is the only hope for maintaining freedom and democracy . This also proves once again ,Gavin What I have always insisted on is that I hope everyone can master their own identity 、 Assets and data , The important condition for the realization of this vision is decentralization .

The architecture of pocado chain makes it interoperable , Parallel chains can interact with data or assets , Provide cross chain services , This also provides the basis for creating a decentralized network .

2020 year 7 month , Poka enters the governance stage , Remove sudo After licensing the module , Boca becomes an unlicensed network managed by collective stakeholders , by DOT A completely decentralized network of owners to govern .

Poka's complex governance mechanism , The ultimate goal is to ensure that most stakeholders can always control the network . Like Boca's technology , Poca brand must also be managed through decentralization .

2021 year 12 month 15 Japan , Boca changed the official Logo, And this is the result of decentralized governance .2097 name DOT The holder voted on the future of Boca brand , Determined the current Logo And brand . And then Boca became the first in the world to be DOT Holders vote on their brand's global decentralization system .

Although Boca has managed the whole ecosystem in a decentralized way as far as possible , But the Council as three elements of governance ( referendum 、 Technical Committee 、 council ) One of , It is still a relatively centralized center of power . For example, the Council has the right to propose the Treasury , Therefore, it may make some proposals easier to pass .

therefore Gavin And the team is also studying solutions to these potential problems , For example, through a larger group vote, through a referendum 、 Dissolve the Council 、 Modify the voting mechanism and other measures , Maximum emphasis on decentralization in governance .

Believe in 2022 year , Poka will form a more decentralized governance , And through such governance , Decentralization is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Boca will also become a representative of a decentralized network .


4、 The parallel chain of public interest glows

There is also an important role in the development of Poka ecology that is easy to be ignored by users —— Parallel chains of public interest .

The parallel chain of public interest does not have its own pass, but uses DOT/KSM A special class of parallel chains for billing , Permanent parallel chain slots will be obtained by referendum , The functions provided are often for all DOT/KSM Beneficial functions for all holders , Like on poca Statemint and Kusama Upper Statemine This is the way you are responsible for generating and managing assets , And support pass and NFT The distribution of .

Boca is now free to vigorously develop ecology , When many new projects need to issue assets, they can be issued through the parallel chain of public interest , Some expenses in the process are in the form of DOT/KSM To charge , Without holding assets in a parallel chain .

The ecological prosperity of each public chain must be inseparable from the generation of a large number of new assets and the occurrence of trading behavior ,Statemint/Statemine Will be accompanied by Boca and Kusama Ecological development is 2022 Become a year DOT/KSM One of the important usage scenarios of .

besides , Other parallel chains of public interest are also emerging , Such as identity system chain Encointer, Perhaps in 2022 There will also be public interest parallel chains supporting smart contracts launched in , When the , Use DOT/KSM Applications will also come .

5、 Poka and Poka ecological technology have been widely popularized

Poca is now... Done 2016 Everything in the white paper , The first batch of parallel chains have also been connected to Boca , Some smart contract parallel chains also support contract development . thus , Boca has technically met the basic needs of a developer to send a chain or make an application , Boca can finally let go of his fist and foot to do Ecology .

For Boca , One of the focus of the next work , Is to make Boca's technology more widely used . Again , For the Poka ecological project , They also need to promote their technology , To develop their own Ecology . at present ,Oneblock+ Just with the official and Moonbeam Cooperate to launch corresponding technical training , A feasible path has been found .

But this year , Whether for the official or various ecological project parties , It's time to vigorously promote technology 、 The stage of ecological development . The increase in technology promotion must be seen this year .

at present , Poca is pushing a proposal , Is to create a “ Pioneer Award ” Your incentive plan , The initial appropriation is in 1800 Thousands of dollars , It aims to stimulate the realization of some arduous technological achievements in the Poka ecosystem , Such as zero knowledge proof , And further infrastructure construction . Details visible :https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/post/770.

6、 Poka ecological opportunity highlights

Boca's ecology is 2021 It took too much time to lay the foundation in . But the sharpening knife does not miss the woodcutter , Only after polishing the foundation can we better develop the ecology .

In particular, most of the projects of Poka ecology belong to Layer1 Parallel chains of , stay 2022 After successively accessing Boca in , Several parallel chains will be the main theme of this year , Each parallel chain can develop its own Ecology , It can be predicted that the ecological development speed of Poka will far exceed that of other public chains .

For example Acala、Moonbeam、Astar The parallel contract is the representative of the smart chain , It can be through compatibility EVM, Will the existing mature DeFi and DApp Quickly introduce ecological , While attracting well-known projects , It can also bring fans and influence into Boca Ecology ; And it can attract many people in EVM Developers in the ecosystem , Use what they are familiar with Solidity Language to Boca to do new projects ; We can also learn from the way the public chain broke out last year , Launch the public chain incentive plan , Quick cold start , Boost the development of Ecology .

Another example is Zenlink、RMRK Distributed blockchain network applications represented by , Can be deployed on each parallel chain , And can connect the data between parallel chains , In fact, this can be seen as a direct implementation on Boca DEX and NFT market , Those who criticize that there is no smart contract in Boca relay chain , It must be that you haven't studied these projects carefully .

Development , There are incentives , In addition to direct participation, you can get dividends as a member of economic activities , The value of these projects will also be greatly improved with the development of Poka Ecology .

I have witnessed 2021 Changes that will occur after the outbreak of multiple public chains in , In fact, the dividends that Poka ecological development will bring have been verified in many public chains , Let's just briefly list one or two , If you are interested, you might as well make a lot of replies about the dividends generated when some public chains broke out last year .


Boca common data tools

In order to facilitate you to better observe and understand the current situation of Poka and its ecology , We sorted out some common information and data websites .

Boca and Kusama A governance platform for discussion and voting :


Check out the official Grant situation :


View based on Substrate situation :


( Because the technology is open source , Some use silently Substrate Framework development team , It may not be counted )

Check Boca and Kusama Data of treasury operation :


Check the situation of Poka ecological project :


( Because many data are filled in by the project party , It's not a real-time update , Therefore, some data may be outdated , Some of the projects mentioned may also be suspended .)

The official discussion community :


Risk warning

This paper mainly introduces the possible changes of Poka Ecology , For reference only , No investment advice , You must understand one thing , Technology and ecology will develop step by step , It will also usher in the dividend of ecological development .

But we need to understand that the alpha of the industry is one thing , The macro beta attribute is the real excess alpha of market sentiment . In the current environment, on the one hand, we should be full of confidence in the development of blockchain industry , But at the same time, we must not ignore the impact of macro-economy on the whole industry .

Especially at present, US inflation is serious , Interest rate hikes are on the line and have to be made , At that time, the liquidity of global funds will tighten ,Crypto The industry is not immune . Don't have “ This time is different from the previous one ” Such a fluke , Do a good job in cyclical investment strategy , Good risk control can win the double benefits of cycle beta and industry alpha .


In the near future , As the first batch of parallel chain projects of Boca are gradually launched , Poka ecology has finally taken shape , Especially the power behind these parallel chains , Whether it's Moonbeam still Astar, It seems to show us the vitality of Poka Ecology , Instead of the previous concept hype , This is also an important step taken by Boca towards cross chain Ecology .

Of course , Among the many changes we mentioned above , Some are only based on what we see now , Some technical problems may continue to haunt Boca , But compared with technology and business , Technology will eventually be solved , It's just a matter of time .

2022 The year is still full of uncertainty , But from the development of Technology , It doesn't stop , Because long termists have made bets and “ Fight a long war ” To prepare , After all, the highlight of history will come , We've been on the road .

*Polkadot The information provided by the Institute of ecology does not imply any investment , The published articles only represent personal views , For reference only , In view of the fact that China has not yet issued policies and regulations related to digital assets , Please Chinese mainland users pay attention Crypto The development of .

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