When consumption encounters the concept of meta universe or a new outlet?

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consumption encounters concept meta universe

“ Meta universe ” The rise of new concepts , A new round of reform is brewing .

With foreign countries Facebook、 Companies such as Microsoft are betting on metauniverse , NetEase 、 Huawei 、 Byte beat and other domestic giants also announced their entry one after another , Yuancosmos has become the next Internet outlet , Attract more and more players to join , It seems to be related to the meta universe “ Don't take sides ” Consumer companies are also gearing up .

recently , Guangyao Wang Laoji officially met with Highstreet World signing , Announced in Highstreet World Land on the meta universe , Construction of Ji cultural base . Lin Xianfeng, director of the food business department of Wang Laoji pharmaceutical, said ,“ By using blockchain Technology , Digital products can swim on the blockchain . The unique digital asset with unique identification and ownership information owned by users , It has a lot of room for appreciation .” In his opinion , By blockchain 、 The meta universe constructed by interactive technologies such as big data , It has played an important role for Wang Laoji to touch the Cenozoic .

besides , haidilao 、 Coca Cola 、 Snow Ice City , And L'Oreal 、 Natural hall and other beauty brands have also made great efforts in yuanuniverse .

When consumption meets the meta universe , Is it a concept or a new outlet ?

The tide of the meta universe is surging

 “ The meta universe is a new concept , At present, we are following our understanding , Try to touch and hug first .” This year, 2 month 28 Japan , At the innovation and development conference of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Wanglaoji health company , Weng Shaoquan, general manager of Guangzhou wanglaojida Health Industry Co., Ltd., told 21 Century economic reporter .

same day , Wang Laoji conducted a meta universe “ Auspicious space ” Start ceremony of , Plan to apply meta universe related technologies , Bring new consumption scene experience to consumers . And before that , One theme is “ Wang Laoji applied for the trademark of Yuan universe ” My microblog has been on hot search , It has sparked a heated debate among netizens .

Weng Shaoquan said ,“ Digitization is the development direction of national strategy in the future , Wang Laoji applied for the trademark of yuanuniverse and released it ‘ Auspicious space ’, It is mainly about the layout of future business development .” He pointed out that , On the one hand, the layout of metauniverse is to promote sales , On the other hand, it is the need of future business development .

The reporter checked the data and found that , By 2022 year 3 month 30 Japan , Name contains “ Meta universe ” The total number of trademark applications has been close to 2 Ten thousand . Topics related to the meta universe , It has also quickly become the focus of public attention . According to Baidu Index , Nearly half a year “ Meta universe ” The overall average number of daily searches for this keyword is 26393 Time , rose 676%.

It's fashionable all over the world “ Meta universe ” What is it ?

Kong Rong, global technology chief of Tianfeng Securities Research Institute, once defined the meta universe as “3D Version of the Internet ”, She said ,“ If the metauniverse is a building , So network computing 、 Artificial intelligence is the core and underlying technology .”

according to the understanding of , Meta universe (Metaverse) Born in 1992 Science fiction in 《 An avalanche 》, The author depicts a three-dimensional digital space parallel to the real world . AI media consulting pointed out that , At present, the definition of meta universe refers to a virtual cosmic form constructed through a variety of technologies , That is, people can use brain computer interface 、VR Such as immersive entry of science and technology into the data world .

Issued by Tsinghua University 《2020-2021 Research Report on the development of the meta universe 》 Think ,2020 The year is the critical point of the virtualization of human society , by 2021 The year became the first year of the meta universe . On the one hand, the epidemic has accelerated social virtualization , Under the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures , The length of Internet access in the whole society has increased significantly ,“ House economy ” rapid growth ; On the other hand , Online life has changed from a short-term exception to the norm , From the supplement of the real world to the parallel world with the real world , Human real life began to migrate to the virtual world on a large scale , Human beings become reality and digital “ Amphibious species ”.

As people have a higher demand for interaction in the virtual world , The meta universe has ushered in a huge space for development . PwC estimates that ,2030 The market scale of Yuan universe will reach 1.5 Trillions of dollars , Bloomberg industry estimates that the market size of metauniverse will reach 2.5 Trillions of dollars ; Morgan Stanley expects , In the future, the potential market space of metauniverse will exceed 8 Trillions of dollars . More Than This , In the development of the meta universe , It will also continue to drive and expand the market scale in other fields .

Break into a pile of goods

in fact , Wang Laoji, who is trying to enter the meta universe, is just an epitome of many FMCG brands . With the metauniverse becoming a hot tuyere at present , Consumer brands are constantly cutting corners . Tianfeng Securities pointed out that , The concept of meta universe has been in existence since the fire last year , And consumption have long collided with sparks , In other words, new consumption in the meta universe has already become a trend .

3 month 30 Japan , Haidilao is pre sold in the member mall and tmall's official flagship store “ Eat with Xiao hi - Eggplant star doll series ” Blind box , And limited gifts at tmall's official flagship store 1920 Digital art collection . In the morning 10 Start pre-sale at , The limited quantity blind box with digital collection sold out instantly ,“ I opened the pre-sale page early and stared at it , I didn't expect to be killed by the second hand , Fortunately, the physical blind box is still in stock .” A consumer who didn't grab the attached digital collection style is a little unwilling .

suffer “ Meta universe ” Concept influences , Digital collections are setting off an upsurge all over the world . according to the understanding of , Digital collections are in essence specific digitized works that are uniquely identified using blockchain technology 、 Art and goods , Including but not limited to digital paintings 、 picture 、 music 、 video 、3D Models and other forms . Each digital collection is mapped to a unique serial number on a specific blockchain , No tampering 、 An integral , Nor can they replace each other .

But different from abroad , At present, most of the digital collections in China are distributed based on the alliance chain , Focus on the concept of digital collection , For example, the small hi blind box digital collection launched by Haidilao this time uses ant blockchain Technology . In all things “ Digital collection ” Under the circumstances , The boundaries of digital collections are being expanded .

2021 year 4 month , Coca Cola and digital wearable device design platform Tafi, Jointly launched NFT Digital collection ,Coca-Cola Friendship Box The works of .12 month , Naixue's tea official microblog shows “ Milk tea entered the yuan universe ” Of tag, Online sale of virtual idols NFT Blind box , Announce the official march into the meta universe .

Similarly, , Honey Snow Ice City, which focuses on the sinking market, also registered a series of meta universe trademarks last year , According to Tianyan , The registered trademarks of Michelle ice city are “ Honey snow yuan universe ”、“ Snow King universe ”、“MIXUEMETA”、“SNOWKINGMETA” etc. . This year, 2 month , McDonald's, the world's largest fast food chain, has also submitted a trademark application based on metauniverse , The new trademarks applied for include “ Run a virtual restaurant featuring real and virtual goods ” and “ Online virtual restaurant providing door-to-door delivery service ”.

besides , L 'oreal 、 Natural hall and other beauty brands have also made efforts one after another . Nature hall in 2021 Launched on the eleventh day of the ninth lunar new year “ Natural Tangka ice muscle water +NFT Ice cream water ” Collection , Took the lead in eating the first in the field of meta universe concept “ Crab ”. This year, 2 month , L'Oreal of France is a subsidiary of 17 Brands apply for virtual goods trademarks , In the application document , L'Oreal said it would “ Provide people with a virtual world to browse 、 The accumulation of 、 Buy 、 Selling and trading virtual cosmetics ”.

“ There is a saying in L'Oreal ‘ Grasp the small trend , Play the first move ’, That is, seize these trends when they first appear .” Fabry, President of L'Oreal North Asia and CEO of China, accepted 21 In an interview with Century Business Herald , Digital tools or means such as the meta universe , It can make products and services closer to consumers , And provide consumers with more personalized experience and products .

Chen Xinhan, director of L'Oreal China digital innovation, told reporters , L'Oreal began to use augmented reality a few years ago (AR) Achieve interaction with consumers , At the same time, the naked eye 3D Bring the technology to the live studio , Provide consumers with an immersive shopping experience . Tianfeng Securities pointed out that ,3D The content can enhance the consumption experience in the sense of space , The combination of virtual and reality can help consumers make satisfactory online shopping choices , So as to reduce cost and improve efficiency .

Reporters noted that , last year 12 month , L'Oreal has released seven models focusing on female artists NFT Cooperative works . according to the understanding of , At present, L'Oreal has a special team in France to research and develop content related to the meta universe , Fabry said ,“ For the meta universe , We hope to play our first chess well .”

The real layout is still hot ?

from VR Technology to virtual IP、 Virtual spokesperson, etc , Then to the evolving NFT, It's not hard to see. , Consumer brands' enthusiasm for metauniverse is expanding rapidly , But at the same time , The voice of doubt in the industry followed .

Some insiders think , Consumer brands enter the meta universe , In essence “ Old wine in new bottles ”. Many consumer brands have registered yuanuniverse trademarks, mostly for the purpose of manufacturing hot spots and improving brand awareness , To increase product sales . meanwhile , Most consumer brand companies lack IT、 Intelligent hardware team and black technology patents , In essence, it's still using NFT、 fictitious IP Marketing with virtual idols .

Chinese food industry analyst Zhu danpeng told reporters 21 Century economic reporter , Catering enterprises enter the yuan universe ,“ In fact, it's just rubbing hot spots , It doesn't make any sense ”, He pointed out that , So that's one “ Play concept 、 Play gimmicks , Who brings it up first , Who may be able to enjoy this traffic first , Just hype 、 Suction powder ”, Means to win traffic .

Reporters found , A lot of people say “ Meta universe ” Flag brand , There is no real action in the layout of the metauniverse . Perfect diary for 21 Century economic report says , Apply for registration “ The perfect diary is the universe ”、“ Pico bear meta universe ” And other Chinese and English trademarks are “ For the purpose of protecting trademarks , There is no metauniverse plan yet ”. Michelle ice city has also told the media , Metauniverse trademark is only a protective registration , In order to avoid possible counterfeiting in the future , There are no clear plans and actions in the meta universe .

In Naixue “ Milk tea entered the yuan universe ” Under the microblog entry , Some consumers also questioned ,“ Naixue's NFT You can't give away or trade , No circulation , So what is the meaning of collection ?” in fact , China NFT The trading attribute of is weakened , The supervision of virtual currency in China is very strict ,NFT At present, the scope of application is still limited to digital collections and digital works of art . And it's releasing IP After tide play , Up to now, Naixue's tea has not announced the next metauniverse plan .

Tianfeng Securities pointed out that , At present, the meta universe +Web3.0 The heat and flow brought by the concept drive more brands and IP in . brand /IP/ Platform through virtual human and NFT Targeting special consumer groups , Create virtual products and physical products . but Traffic is just virtual people and NFT The apparent value of , Its core is the community attribute behind it , For brands and platforms, it creates new consumer demand , It has also become the path of deep digitization .

The problem of new consumption development in the meta universe can not be ignored . Tianfeng securities further pointed out , At present, the development of metacosmic core technology is less than expected , Restricting the development of new consumption in metauniverse is mainly due to the immaturity of technology and cost .《2020-2021 Research Report on the development of the meta universe 》 Show , The meta universe needs to be 5G、 Artificial intelligence 、 Cloud computing 、 Blockchain 、 Number twin 、 Expand the reality (AR/VR/MR)、 The robot and brain computer interface are used as the technical base , At present, it is still far away .

Zhu danpeng said , If the brand simply hypes the concept of meta universe, it will only be a flash in the pan , It is impossible to have long-term customer stickiness . He said ,“ If no substance or new elements are added later , For the meta universe in the Cenozoic , It's just a temporary pleasure .”

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