Jay Chou's NFT was stolen by phishing websites. Why is NFT frequently stolen?

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jay chou nft stolen phishing

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The original title : Under Jay Chou NFT Stolen by phishing websites , why NFT Frequent theft ?

Shell finance news of Beijing News ( Reporter Luo Yidan )4 month 1 Friday night , Jay Chou announced on the social platform that ,“ Just got a call , My friend to help me mint Brother Huang Licheng's new project , As a result, the monkey my eldest brother gave me was stolen by a phishing website , I thought April Fool's Day was joking with me …… As a result, I went to check , It's really gone . ” And deliberately used labels “ This is not an April Fool's Day joke ”.

According to the pictures posted by Jay Chou on the social platform , The shell finance reporter of the Beijing News inquired that , Jay Chou was stolen “ monkey ” It refers to its holding called BAYC #3738 Of “ Boring ape ”NFT product . according to OpenSea data display , The NFT This year 1 This month is presented by Jay Chou's good friend Huang Licheng .

Jay Chou has at least 62 individual NFT Stolen NFT Has been linked to the trading platform

What is? NFT?NFT(Non-Fungible Token) Non homogeneous token , When a work of art is cast NFT after , This work has become a unique digital asset on the blockchain , Thus, it has the value of collection .

among , be known as BAYC Of “ Boring ape ”NFT The product is mainly made of 170 A variety of characteristics ( Including expressions 、 Headwear 、 Clothing, etc. ) Generate programmatically , With another NFT product “ Encrypted punk ” They are the two most famous in the industry NFT brand , They are frequently fired at high prices on foreign trading platforms , for example NBA Star curry once announced that he spent money 55 gold ETH( about 120.82 RMB 10,000 yuan ) Bought one “ Boring ape ”.

4 month 2 Japan , Shell finance reporter found , Jay Chou was stolen BAYC #3738 stay OpenSea The selling price and historical transaction records are not displayed on the trading platform , Suspected to have been blocked ; however , The NFT Successfully hung up LooksRare trading platform , By 4 month 2 Japan 8:28, The latest transaction price is 155ETH( about 340.49 RMB 10,000 yuan ).

however , Jay Chou doesn't seem to care too much about this , He make complaints about social networking platforms. ,“ Should we talk to big brother ( Huang Licheng ) Another one .”

in fact , Jay Chou began to contact him very early NFT. Shell finance reporter inquired about Huang Licheng's gift to Jay Chou NFT Your wallet address was found , At present, the wallet address has 62 individual NFT Collection , Many of them NTF It consists of Jay Chou's previous album cover , Include 《 Fantasy 》《 Qi li xiang 》 etc. .

Besides , Jay Chou's fashion brand PHANTACi Still this year 1 month 1 The design and production of NFT product Phanta Bear( Phantom bear ),2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , Jay Chou and Kunling couple sun out phantom bears on social platforms respectively , Jay Chou said in his essay that this is “ My first special gift ”.

NFT Theft is not a case ?

Shell financial reporter found ,NFT Theft is not a case .

At the beginning of the year , An iron ore company in Texas CEO Timothy (Timothy McKimmy) Find the number it holds #3475 Boring ape NFT Stolen , Where are the thieves OpenSea On the trading platform with 99EHT It's time to resell NFT, Timothy thus sued in the Texas federal court OpenSea The trading platform filed a lawsuit .

In the indictment ,OpenSea Accused of negligence and breach of contract ,“ The defendant did not shut down its platform to solve and correct these security problems , But continue to operate . The defendant risked his users NFT And the security risks of digital vaults , Continue to collect every transaction without interruption 2.5% The handling charge ”.

2 month 1 Japan , Foreign netizen Larry (larrylawliet.eth) Also posted on social platforms saying ,“ I just lost all my boring apes and mutant boring apes ”, And emergency help “ Did anyone buy them ? Please contact me !” In addition to asking for help from netizens , He also mentioned in the comments section NFT Online trading platform Opensea and LooksRare, Hope to get help .

Larry said at the time , His stolen collection was hacked at a low price 10 Sold at about times the price . He said , Hackers to 100 individual EHT Sold all his collections , But according to the scarcity of the collection 、 In terms of non replicability , The value of his collection should be 1000 individual ETH( about 2196.69 Ten thousand yuan ).“ The hacker wants to sell them as soon as possible , So their accounts won't be Opensea The blockade ,” Larry said .

Digital wallet application ZenGo Of CTO Tal Be’ery Introduce , According to the data they get , Larry should have mistakenly clicked from someone dAPP( Application of decentralized digital Finance ) Link to , The link actually leads to the hacker's digital wallet . It seems , Jay Chou was stolen from a phishing website this time NFT, Just like Larry's case .

Some blockchain practitioners told the reporter of shell finance , although NFT Unique and unique , But it's not untraceable . Therefore, misleading the owner , Let the other party own what he holds NFT Transferring to another wallet address is stealing NFT One of the tools .

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